Arizona Senate nominee Blake Masters’ views on gay marriage may surprise his political master Peter Thiel

Republican senator candidate Blake Masters enjoys the financial and political backing of longtime friend, mentor, and billionaire business partner Peter Thiel, who is gay. But Masters, who attended Thiel’s wedding, also apparently believes Thiel’s marriage should be illegal.

“It’s not just Disney, you know — ‘Follow your heart,'” Masters said at a campaign event earlier this year. “It has a purpose.”

That “point,” he said, is to make children. And since there is no procreation in same-sex marriages, Masters argued, there is no point in these unions — and should therefore be banned.

Masters, 34, shared this perspective with an audience in February at a Republican Women’s Club event in San Tan Valley, Arizona, where he is running for Senate. The Supreme Court’s 2015 decision legalizing gay marriage, he told this group, was tantamount to “cross-eying and inventing so-called constitutional rights.”

“The Supreme Court should not rule on gay marriage. If this country wanted to legalize or recognize gay marriage, they would have to change the constitution. It’s supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to be hard for a reason,” he said. “Honestly, the Supreme Court just screwed up their eyes and invented so-called rights in the Constitution — the right to privacy that applied to abortion, the right to gay marriage — I don’t agree with that.”

Masters then turned to Thiel’s wedding for a real-world example, saying, “I wish him the best,” while in the next breath declaring that Thiel’s marriage should be against the law.

“My, you know, former boss and mentor Peter Thiel is gay. I went to his wedding, you know, I’m – it was great, I wish him the best. I don’t think the Supreme Court should rule this case that way,” Masters said. He added that while he doesn’t think gay marriage is “the current issue,” he does believe that “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

While same-sex marriage may not have been a “living issue” at the time of this event, it certainly became one three months later as the public got a preview of what became the Supreme Court’s momentous decision last week Roe v. calf.

This controversial decision was conditional on due process, and the court eventually returned the decision to the individual states. but roe is not the only precedent set for these reasons; other important decisions have a similar legal structure, including Obergefell v. Hodgesthe case that secured gay people the right to marry.

The implications were not lost on the court. The court’s three liberal justices – Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor – cautioned in their disagreement about this upper skin could be next, along with protections for contraceptives and sexual activity in general.

While the majority of SCOTUS Conservatives parried these concerns, Judge Clarence Thomas’ opinion clearly stated that the court should “reconsider” all similar due process precedents and called for it to do so upper skin by name.

Masters also named the case, saying that while he had “a lot of issues” with Chief Justice John Roberts, he “joined Roberts’ ‘pretty good disagreement’.”

That’s because, according to Masters, marriage “has a purpose.”

“Marriage is an institution that dates back thousands of years and it has a purpose. The point is procreation and creating children,” said Masters.

Thiel’s marriage doesn’t seem to make sense, according to Masters.

It’s unclear how this aligns with the “big” wedding masters that Thiel and now-husband Matt Danzeisen attended.

Thiel, PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor, was arrested afterwards upper skin, although the longtime couple did not hold the ceremony in the United States. Instead, as part of the venture capitalist’s 50th birthday celebrations, they invited guests to Vienna and surprised them with the wedding. (Location didn’t matter; there was no loophole overseas when it came to expanded federal rights upper skin.)

At that time, Masters was CFO of Thiel Capital Management and thus not only a colleague of Thiel, but also of Danzeisen, who worked there as a portfolio manager. Thiel took Masters under his wing a decade ago and last year donated $10 million to support his protégé’s candidacy – who often campaigned with his then-boss’ technology.

Masters eventually resigned from Thiel Capital this spring for ethical reasons. Earlier this month, he received confirmation from former President Donald Trump.

But even if Trump is not in office, LGBTQ rights will be attacked by conservatives across the country. Since Democrats control the legislature and executive branch at the federal level, action is limited to the state level — something Masters would like to change.

So far this year, more than 250 anti-LGBTQ laws have been introduced in 37 states, according to legislation tracker run by Freedom For All Americans and the Human Rights Campaign.

Anti-transgender extremism has escalated to the point where parents of transgender children fear for their safety, and the resurgence of archaic homophobic rhetoric about “groomers” and pedophiles — fueled by Republican leaders and conservative media — has caused concern in the LGBTQ community aroused by an impending threat of politically motivated violence.

Days before the release of the Roe decision, the Texas Republican Party launched a radically conservative political platform that denounced gay marriage as violating the “natural order” and vowed to protect minors before the “predatory” drag queen Story Hour to protect”.

In November, GOP leaders torched Republican National Committee chair Ronna Romney McDaniel for expressing support for gay Republicans and even calling for her resignation at a Mar-a-Lago gala.

Critics say these developments, like Masters’ comments, show the Republican Party is turning back the clock. When it comes to gay marriage, however, the GOP’s clock stopped in 2016 when the official party platform defined “natural marriage” as between “a man and a woman.”

Since the GOP declined to write a new platform in 2020, the current platform that will see through at least the 2024 election is identical to that of 2016 – the year after upper skin.

The libertarian Thiel actually spoke at the 2016 convention just minutes before Trump took the stage, declaring, “I’m proud to be gay.”

“We were told that the big debate is about who gets to use which bathroom,” Thiel said, citing a controversy over new anti-transgender laws brewing in conservative states.

“It’s a distraction from our real problems,” he said. “Who cares?” Arizona Senate nominee Blake Masters’ views on gay marriage may surprise his political master Peter Thiel


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