Are the MCU’s post-credits scenes becoming more engaging than their own movies?

At this point, the post-credits scenes have become a phenomenon in the MCU. Most of the movies go black and start to roll the credits and the audience gets up from their seats, picks up their trash (if they’re the kind of people who like to watch decent movies) and gets out of the theater, probably already. started discussing their thoughts on filming with anyone they came with. When the credits for an MCU movie start rolling out, fans just need to sit back in their seats and know there’s more to come.

The post-credits scenes started out as a way to include fun mini-scenes and easter eggs that aren’t necessary for enjoying the movie or the MCU in general and are just a treat for fans who have read out of name in the credits. However, they quickly evolved into an essential part of the MCU, even inspiring numerous other films that began to include scenes and trailers after their attribution. Now, the MCU between and Post-credits scenes often give big hints looks forward to future MCU projects, and is always meant to be a big surprise for fans at the end of the movie. But is this approach beginning to take up too much of its own life?


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The discussion surrounding this topic has been sparked by the recent events surrounding the eternal press screening, where one critic took to Twitter to spoil the film’s end credits scene. After that, the spoiler was picked up and covered by major news agencies, making it inevitable for anyone even a little bit online. Fans were outraged by this, because reveal is something huge That would be fun to watch in theaters for the first time without even knowing it, and that’s clearly the effect Marvel intended. It’s understandable that fans have been annoyed by this early reveal, because post-credits scene surprises are part of the fun of watching Marvel movies, but there’s been plenty of negative reactions. to the point of questioning whether the MCU’s post-credits scenes have become a bit too popular for their surprises.

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In some ways, it seems like the post-credits scenes and hints about the future of the MCU are a bigger draw than the actual stories of these Marvel movies. People were (exactly) angry about the eternal spoiler, but it doesn’t even spoil any the main plot points of the actual movie, and is just an intro to an extra scene unrelated to the rest of the story. It’s fun to feel the excitement as a spectator while you wait for the post-credits scenes to begin, but at some point the mere possibility of a hint of the future isn’t. part of a movie people are most excited to see.

This ties in with the MCU’s problem of focusing too much on building futuristic stories and expanding the world as much as possible at the expense of the current story they’re trying to tell. It seems like every new MCU property has to showcase as much as possible about the sequels while still trying to tell its own story. At this point, easter eggs have become a staple of the MCU, and they’re fun when used in moderation, but they’re starting to outdo the actual stories themselves. In the specific case, it seems that many fans are more excited about references to previous Spider-Man movies in the near future There is no way home than any actual development of Peter Parker’s character or story.

The post-credits scenes are the perfect way to deliver these Easter eggs in a way that doesn’t interrupt the story, which is why Marvel uses them for this purpose so much. It really is a great system, but it’s starting to get to the point where people are expecting too much from the one-minute scene in the middle of the credits. Some fans will complain about being “disappointed” by the post-credits scenes because they are not interesting enough, which is an extravagant statement to make when their point is that they are supposed to be little moments of fun or hints for something new, not something that really affects the story (unless the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, where the first post-credits scene is really hugely important to the story, in retrospect it was a shocking move for Marvel).

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The post-credits scenes are fun, but they shouldn’t be so important that one has to expect overshadowed expectations for actual movies. When fans get to the point where they consider the bonus post-credits scenes for their storytelling or excitement factor, it’s possible that the post-credits scenes are doing a bit more work than they should. It’s going to be tough for them to do that after setting such a precedent, but it’ll almost certainly be nice to see Marvel scale back the shots a bit, like in the early days of the MCU, where post-credits scenes Use only light. hints or unnecessary (but hilarious) scenes that make the audience laugh. Some recent Marvel movies have done this, but lots of Phase 4 post-credits scenes is all about setting the future. Marvel needs to focus more on the present and tell the stories they had while in it.

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