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The Prototype Series is a collection of craftable weapons unlocked in Mondstadt. These include Prototype Rancour, Prototype Archaic, Prototype Starglitter, Prototype Crescent, and Prototype Amber.

Each prototype weapon has a different set of stats and passives, but in general they are all good weapons. Still, some prototype weapons are definitely better than others.

Here’s a more detailed list of their synergies with all currently playable characters.

  • Big means it works well with the character and can be one of their best 4 star weapon options.
  • Good means it works well with the character, but there are better options – usually 4 star gacha weapons.
  • Respectable means it is working on the character, but there are other far better options – usually other craftable, free, or 3-star weapons.
  • Not recommended means it doesn’t work well with the character or there are just significantly better weapon options.

prototype rancor

Prototype Rancor / Genshin Impact
prototype rancor

Prototype Rancor is primarily a physical DPS unit weapon.

This is mainly due to its physical damage bonus stat. So it works with any sword user that you want to play as a physical DPS.

And since physical DPS units spend a lot of field time performing basic and charged attacks, they can easily trigger Rancour’s passive – which is a free damage bonus.

Another notable user of Rancor is Bennett. Despite being a support and not a physical DPS, he benefits greatly from Rancour’s high base ATK.

Bennett’s ATK buffs scale entirely from his base ATK – which is only affected by the character’s and weapon’s base ATK.

He doesn’t benefit from Rancour’s secondary and passive stats, but he’s generally not meant to deal damage anyway.

Prototype Archaic

Prototype Archaic / Genshin Impact
Prototype Archaic

Prototype Archaic is a good weapon that often competes with several other claymores.

Due to its passivity, Archaic is most useful for characters on the field who can deal the extra damage consistently.

Razor is the most notable character that has Archaic as his best F2P weapon.

Archaic also works on off-field DPS units, but it’s simply considered an ATK stat stick – since the wielder doesn’t trigger its passive.

So it will play well with any Claymore user with ATK scaling.

Prototype Star Glitter

Prototype Star Glitter / Genshin Impact
Prototype Star Glitter

Prototype Starglitter is a decent weapon but is often outshone by Favonius Lance.

In any scenario where Starglitter works, Favonius Lance is simply better. That’s because Favonius Lance has a significantly better passive.

Also, there is currently no character that can fully benefit from Starglitter’s passive.

So it’s generally seen as just an Energy Recharge Stat Stick or an alternative to Favonius Lance.

Prototype Crescent

Prototype Crescent / Genshin Impact
Prototype Crescent

Prototype Crescent is a really powerful weapon due to its passivity.

It can outperform multiple weapons – sometimes even 5-stars – with higher refinements. However, this only works against enemies with a weak spot and if you can hit that weak spot.

Otherwise, Crescent is only considered an ATK stat stick.

Crescent is mainly recommended for units with a charged attacking playstyle – like Ganyu and DPS Amber – as this passive ability is very easy for them to trigger.

But Crescent also works great with any ATK scaling bow user as long as you can trigger his passive. It’s generally less convenient, but definitely workable.

For example, you can perform a quick charged attack against an opponent’s weak spot before using Fischl’s ability.

It takes a bit more time and practice with aiming, but she will effectively benefit from the passive’s ATK buff.

This also works for units like Tartaglia, Aloy, Tighnari, and Yoimiya.

Prototype Amber

Prototype Amber / Genshin Impact
Prototype Amber

Prototype Amber is a great weapon with a unique passive.

After the wielder’s elemental blast is cast, it regenerates energy and HP for the entire party. This is independent of the wearer’s actual equipment and role.

This allows you to turn any catalyst user into a healer and supporter – which is a really nice option.

For example, using Prototype Amber on Sucrose in a Double Geo Xiao team allows you to run a team without dedicated healers to maximize damage.

But thanks to Prototype Amber, Sucrose can still provide microheals to the entire team.

This also works with any other team that uses a support catalyst user – like Mona for Freeze teams, Heizou for Taser teams, and many more.

Still, Prototype Amber is not recommended for DPS builds with ATK scaling characters.

Kokomi is currently the only character who can fully benefit from Prototype Amber in both a DPS and Support build. Are prototype weapons good? (Best Character Pairings) – FandomSpot


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