Are Pokemon games getting too easy?

Pokemon As a franchise that has been going strong for over 25 years, things have not always been rosy for the series. Sword Pokemon and Shield marks the release of Generation 8 in 2019 and this year Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls released 15 years after its original release. Both Sword and Shield and Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls sharing the elements makes them easier than it was before, and there’s an ongoing debate in the community about this trend that is struggling.


One could argue that Pokemon games have become easier over time as that is the general trend of video games in general where early releases from many years ago seem much more difficult than their modern counterparts . In this particular case, some people believe that Pokemon The game has focused more on changing the visual style to make it more appealing with its 3D models instead of doubling down on gameplay mechanics and difficulty. A good example of this logic is in Pokemon Sun and Moon, features multiple cutscenes and a varied area with lots of combos and great Pokemon, but with gameplay often considered weaker than in previous titles.

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Easier Pokemon Games and Their Features

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That Pokemon The game just got easier with Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! Unsurprisingly, those titles were conceived to introduce the series to new fans and younger audiences. This in itself is good as players may be looking for a more relaxed and carefree experience away from the competitive scene, and others may be drawn to the series because of an easier starting point. . Other entries in this series have tackled the scalability problem in a different way.

Some are particularly annoyed with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls easier than the original Gen 4 releases. For example, gaining experience is common to all Pokemon on a team, regardless of whether they are present in battle or not, and this is not an optional feature. Things can also get easier in the main story and Gym because Grand Underground there are creatures at a much higher level than the ones the average player might encounter on the surface, making things more of an imbalance.

What makes Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls even easier in the eyes of many people is that they have the same affection system as other modern games. While affection and friendship have been an important part of the series since Generation 2, more recently Pokemon games take that concept to the next level, making some Pokemon resistant to powerful kills and moves, or knocking down critical hits more often because they love their Trainers. This can break the game in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shining pearls, because the players have to face Elite Four and the Champion have likely leveled up, and then uphill battles could be trivial if their Pokemon survive any odds.

Sword Pokemon and Shield was also criticized for being too permissive. Some players feel received much Rare candy Each time the Raid’s battle experience improves dramatically, and the main story runs into the problem that there aren’t many puzzles or discoveries to do throughout Galar’s various routes. Even breeding competitive Pokemon becomes a much easier task thanks to all the tools provided to the player, from being able to change the Nature of a Pokemon to getting a certain number of spawns. the item with the best EV possible through Raid. These are all not necessarily bad things, and there are advantages to having all of this in one Pokemon game. However, when combined, they can make the experience look shallower than in previous releases.

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Difficulty perception and easier Pokemon release

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So there are several reasons why one could argue that Pokemon the game has become easier than before. However, there’s another factor that needs to be considered before deciding if that’s good: the players’ experience and the older fan base. Although it is true that some features were introduced recently Pokemon Games have made them easier to an extent, players who have been through older titles can now be more mature and their experience with video games in general has also changed.

Some players may find modern Pokemon the game is easier because they have explored other franchises and there are a lot of titles that are so difficult that some titles are extremely successful because of that difficulty. Pokemon games are also often developed with a coming of age theme in mind, with younger Trainers proving themselves worthy of being Champions – although Black Pokemon and White challenged this to a degree with their more mature story. However, back to modern Pokemon Adult titles can feel different for all of these reasons, and the game seems easier because there’s no more pressure than it used to be.

In general, some aspects of Pokemon The game just got easier over time and players have become better at video games or simply expect more of them, which changes the perception of modern titles. However, the future Pokemon a release that could make things better by giving players more control over what they want in the gameplay and what they don’t, possibly with a difficulty selection menu. Hard games can appeal to some players as well as easier titles can attract new fans and that’s perfectly fine as long as everyone gets the desired experience from a turn.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls now available on Nintendo Switch.

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