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Turning a minion into a march can be an excellent idea when you find yourself in one of these three situations:

  1. Your vassal has strong military ideas
  2. Your minion’s geography includes mountains, hills, and other defensive terrain
  3. Your vassal stands alongside a powerful rival

Each of these things will affect the value of marches in their two purposes: to attack and to defend. So marches can be worthwhile, but in general in certain situations – and we’ll cover them in this guide.

Marches: Brief Pros and Cons

advantages Disadvantages
  • Marches receive various military modifiers.
  • They can raise and maintain larger forces than your regular vassals.
  • They contribute 20% of their power limit to your own.
  • They pay you no vassal fees.
  • You must not annex them. You can only do this by turning them back into a minion, which penalizes you with -1 stability and -50 opinion.

Tip: The Diplomatic Idea Group removes the stability penalty and drastically reduces the opinion hit to fair -10.

purposes of a march

#1: For offense

Minions with strong army ideas excel even more if you make them march. You essentially hone their strengths and use them as spearheads against your enemies.

Subject Interactions for Marches / Europa Universalis IV
Subject interactions for marches

Being controlled by the AI, Marches allow less micromanagement on your part.

Some examples are:

  • In the Provinces UI, you can mark enemy provinces as targets of your march. If possible, they will give priority to these vacancies.
  • You can customize theirs on the Subject Interaction tab military focus, which dictated their behavior during the war. You can focus on sieging provinces or hunting down enemy armies.

Note: This type of march loses its usefulness if it takes too long to reach your enemies. If it takes them more than a year to complete an objective, consider turning them back into a minion instead.

#2: In defense

Marches with difficult terrain are ideal buffer states.

They can act like sponges, absorbing your enemy’s time and manpower.

A great example would be the Georgian Orthodox nations around the Caucasus. They have these properties:

  1. Their incipient national traditions strengthen their fortress defenses
  2. Its geography consists mainly of mountains
  3. Your region is a natural bottleneck
  4. They are surrounded by great warring countries

If you have the opportunity to subjugate one of them, turn it into a march and provide it with provinces.

They will be useful against the Ottomans, the Russians and everyone else in this region.

Almost everyone here has great defensive ideas / EU4
Almost everyone here has great defensive ideas Are marches worth it? – Fandom Spot


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