Arceus’ way to evolve a commercial-exclusive Pokemon that will become a franchise staple

Pokemon Legend: Arceus arguably one of the most creative ways Pokemon game for a long time because it dares to revolutionize a well-tested formula that spans over 25 years now and it also challenges it in many ways. Pokemon fans have encountered wild creatures in the tall grass, hiding there to catch Pokemon in the underworld, all while managing limited resources and trying to survive in the wilds of the Hisui region. . Pokemon Legend: Arceus lacks core features like kept items, breeding, and abilitiesand it still manages to introduce new ones that make the play loop engaging and quite refreshing.


The item is still available in Pokemon Legend: ArceusEven so, and players can find a lot of different types – from crafting materials to regular potions and Poke Balls, including many evolutionary items. Speaking of evolution items, Pokemon Legend: Arceus players can evolve Haunter into Gengar completely solo if they want to, and the same goes for all the other trade-exclusive developments in the game – including Pokemon like Porygon Z, Steelix, Alakazam, etc. In fact, those items are usually supposed to be awarded. for Pokemon and then traded to evolve them can now be used directly on those creatures, evolving them instantly. Best of all, Pokemon that used to only evolve through trades and no items to keep can now be evolved with a rare item: Links.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus ‘Solo Evolutions Perfecting the Experience

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Pokemon Legend: Arceus was designed as a solo experience, and while online trading and networking remain available throughout the game, the title was conceived to be completely solo playable. The game’s theme of Pokemon trainers being scarce because people are afraid of these creatures is a recurring theme throughout the various acts that create Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘the story and therefore it makes sense for the player to rely solely on himself to complete the Pokedex by catching them all – this time for real.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls need non-commercial developments to disappear and players are very unhappy with this as many creatures cannot take any given turn unless they are traded with other trainers. This approach has been around since Generation 1, back when players needed a physical link cord to connect their console and trade to take place, so it’s useful and very smart to use one. item called the Link String to evolve commercially exclusive creatures this time around.

The main problem with non-commercial evolutions is that they prevent players from achieving the team composition they want, forcing them to choose different Pokemon that they may be less likely to like. Making certain Pokemon evolve through trading as a mechanic shouldn’t be removed from the series entirely, but players should have alternatives – which Pokemon Legend: Arceus provided. Having Pokemon like Magmar and Electabuzz have the ability to evolve simply using the respective evolution items on them is a great change and it also stimulates the player to really put in the effort to catch different species of Pokemon and look for rare items.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘Link wire will become a staple of the franchise going forward and starting with Generation 9 Pokemon the game will allow players more options to evolve their beloved pocket monsters. One could argue that having a commercial-exclusive Pokemon will boost sales of different versions of any given release as much as trying to build a branching community, but many Pokemon Fans end up playing their own way because they like it that way and they shouldn’t be forced to change that. There’s the ability to evolve any given Pokemon, changing it entirely on its own and enhancing the experience, and removing that from future games would be a huge step backwards.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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