Arceus offers more strategy than a cool change

Pokemon Legend: Arceus will release in less than two weeks, and there’s a lot of hype surrounding the game. It has open world style gameplay where large segments of the map will show up at different times and some Newly introduced Pokemon Hisuian will accompany the Trainers on their journey across the region on water, on land or in the sky. One of the most interesting aspects of Pokemon Legend: Arceus is that it happens differently than any other Pokemon game, as the player must engage in battles or capture efforts with more strategy.


Strategy is not absent from the main games, where players can build their own team by choosing wisely among the combinations currently available. However, Pokemon Legend: Arceus seems to delve deeper into strategy through stealth and dodging, resource management, and alternating between Aggressive and Aggressive Styles in battle. These changes are not only great for Pokemon Legend: Arceus, but could be the catalyst for a major revolution in Pokemon in general, perhaps start right after 9th Generation Games.

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Strategy is more important in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Legendary pokemon arceus plays the flute

Main Line Pokemon The game is known for its turn-based combat, where Speed ​​is an essential stat that determines who goes first. While this key element makes for more balanced games, where the player and their opponent both have a fair chance of dealing some damage, Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘the approach has the potential to be even better. While battles are still turn-based, the turns themselves can also be influenced by other factors and player decisions.

For example, the player can start Pokemon battle against wild Pokemon by surprising it, which means sneaking behind it and then launching their own Pokemon to give them an extra turn – or at least a chance to go first. The player can use strategy to settle a difficult war by all means necessary, although enemy Pokemon can often outperform the Trainer. More importantly, players can actively exercise their autonomy through choosing either an Aggressive Style or an Aggressive Style based on their needs, with the former providing the active Pokemon a chance to go. first or even take another action before the opponent and the latter add extra speed for damage.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus will be more similar to real-time strategy games, as players have the freedom to steer their Pokemon faster or stronger if they need to. From recently The game trailer is 13 minutes long for Pokemon Legend: Arceus, it’s clear that players will also be able to use Agility Styles to move states, for example, making them a useful tool when combined with strategic thinking. Strong Style moves, on the other hand, consume more PP when used, but the trailer shows just how powerful they can be – with a regular move dealing around 30-35 percent of the Pokemon’s health to the opponent. Strong Style method and move consumes the remainder of its possession.

This means that prioritizing speed is not always the most profitable course of action one can take. Pokemon Legend: Arceus, but the game allows players to decide for themselves what they want their Pokemon to do. Overall, the game’s strategic approach can be extremely rewarding as players learn to master it, and it’s not impossible. Pokemon the game will see a change in how they tackle turn-based combat dependent Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘ receive.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus will release January 28, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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