Arceus’ beginner has the ability to have Hisuian form with specific types

After release Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearlsand consider that there is currently no information regarding Pokemon Gen 9 game, the next big hit of the series will be Pokemon Legend: Arceus. The game will explore the region of Sinnoh in the past, when it was called Hisui, and players will be the first Trainers to work on the Pokedex and gather information about Pokemon in the region by directly interacting with them – or get knocked down trying. Pokemon Legend: Arceus will also introduce a range of beginner options, as it will Cyndaquil, Oshawott and Rowlet.


None of these Pokemon are actually available in Diamond Pokemon and Pearl, with Cyndaquil being the only one of them introduced in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, instead of, replace. This always leaves players wondering what could happen to these creatures between games, and Pokemon Legend: Arceus could explain it by introducing them to new legends and new developments of the Hisuians. In fact, there have been a lot of clues and leaks regarding possible developments of the trio in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, and one of the biggest hints was provided by the game’s trailer itself, which never showed any starters in development.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Hisuian Starter Evolutions


Currently, a source is considered reliable in Pokemon community is “The Riddler”, also known as Riddler_Khu on Twitter and they have correctly predicted a lot of things to modern times Pokemon Game. Recent quiz about Pokemon Legend: Arceus question what kind of developments Hisuian might have for those starting the game, leading to Typhlosion is Fire/Ghost, Samurott is Water/Darkness, and Decidueye is Grass/Fight. It’s all based on puzzles and leaks so far, and while it’s not guaranteed that they’ll make it to the game, there are plenty of potential customers that make it at least believable.

Besides the reasoning behind each of the 12 quizzes shared with the community, one of the most convincing things about type for Typhlosion, Samurott and Decidueye the fact is that there is an ongoing trend for beginners to have a double advantage over other types of beginners. An example comes from Pokemon X and Y, with three starters of Fire/Psychedelic, Water/Darkness, and Grass/Fight, which is eerily similar to the Hisuian starters’ situation. Fire is strong against Grass, and Psychic is strong against Combat, while Grass is strong against Water, and Combat is strong against Shadows, etc.

The exception to Hisuian beginners is the rumored Fire/Ghost Typhlosion, which will break the cycle with Ghost-Type moves that are ineffective against Battle Pokemon. However, Fighting-Type moves have no effect on Pokemon Ghost, which makes sense and makes it work in a different way. To add credibility to leaks and puzzles, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls includes a trailer for Pokemon Legend: Arceus about Qwilfish.

In fact, there is a new book in the library of the City of Canalave in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, about an ancient Qwilfish with giant spikes – something the current version of Qwilfish in the game lacks. There was an image of a thorny cactus among the puzzles and many players guessed it was about Qwilfish even before its release. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls. Thus, there are many possibilities Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘beginners will get Hisuian forms with the aforementioned types, though fans should still wait for official confirmation in the coming weeks, as the game will launch in less than two months.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus will release for Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.

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