Arceus and future generations should abolish commercial developments

One of the most fascinating aspects of Pokemon gameplay has always been the fact that the player can choose which creature to use based on which creatures they prefer or which one performs better in battle. Whatever the reason, the simple fact that players can plan their team in advance or even take on things as they come in is great, especially if one Pokemon the game has many options thanks to the expanded Pokedex, as in Sword Pokemon and Shield. With Pokemon Legend: Arceus, players are still unable to plan their team in advance due to a lack of information regarding all possible Pokemon in the game, especially considering there will be new forms and developments.


However, there are limitations to this logic that stem from two problems: Most of the time, a good portion of Pokemon is locked into post-game content. Second, there are also some evolutions that are only available when traded with other players. This is very noticeable in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, for example, where players can only get seventeen exclusive Pokemon from trading them for other players, including very popular creatures. Not sure if Pokemon Legend: Arceus would highlight transactions between players, but if there were, there wouldn’t be any commercial-specific developments in there, and the same is true for Pokemon Generation 9 games.

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Why exclusive developments shouldn’t be in future games

Trading Pokemon in the first few Generations was a far cry from now. A link cable is required for this process, meaning players must have friends to physically connect their devices together. It’s part of the experience and popularity Pokemon the game already has words Red Pokemon and Blue, it’s not too difficult Pokemon fans can find someone to play and trade with. Back then, it was even used as a way to drive sales for link cables and get all versions of the game, considering the tagline for Pokemon the game is always “Gotta catch ’em all”, which many players really want to do.

Thus, Generation 1 has four Pokemon that only evolve through trade, with them being Haunter/Gengar, Machoke/Machamp, Kadabra/Alakazam, and Graveler/Golem. The trend has changed with 2nd generation, where Pokemon also need to hold a special item in order to evolve into their new form, so more popular Pokemon like Steelix and Scizor have been given commercially exclusive evolution steps. This never stops happening and every new mainstream Pokemon The end game consists of commercially exclusive evolutions, be it new Pokemon or those from the Old Generation, which never breaks the cycle.

Not included Trade monopoly developments is an important choice in the future, and the reasons for it are twofold. For starters, the way society has evolved in the world makes playing games online the ultimate experience, compared to playing in person as it was over 20 years ago, which means that players are more likely to play alone or with people they know rather than playing with. strangers. Furthermore, Pokemon trading can often require trust between two players, for reasons ranging from one’s love of Pokemon to the fact that creatures can be bred and bred for competition, players can You may want them back after the transaction.

Another reason is shiny Pokemon, and having to trade off a shiny Pokemon to make it evolve can result in the player catching one without evolving any Pokemon at all. Furthermore, Generation 4 – and thus Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls – is a prime example of the fact that trade-based developments can be an option, not a rule.

Feebas, a Pokemon that evolves into Milotic by one of two ways: The first way is by trading when equipped with Prism Scale, but the second way is by leveling up after the player has raised the Beauty attribute to maximum through Poffins. This means that trade developments could still be an issue in the future, but they’re not the only way any Pokemon evolves, giving players options to unlock multiple pools. and allows anyone to get the creature they want on their team.

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How Legends: Arceus and Gen 9 were able to avoid the commercial developments


The reason why Pokemon Legend: Arceus could be a game that doesn’t have Pokemon evolving through trading since it’s set in the Hisui region, where the relationship between humans and Pokemon begins. There weren’t many Trainers at the time, which, according to the game’s lore, meant it only made sense for Pokemon Legend: Arceus absolutely no option to trade with others.

This is especially since there is only a single release coming out and there will be no exclusive versions. However, this is likely the exception to the rule, rather than a really good mold-breaking game, meaning future remakes (possibly those made for Black Pokemon and White) and Generation 9 Pokemon Game should follow.

Sword Pokemon and Shield is a step in the right direction in this sense, since no new Generation 8 Pokemon need to be traded in order to evolve. However, thanks to the Wild Area being expanded at a very high level, many players can end up getting fan favorite Pokemon like Gengar even while playing solo, as they will spawn in different locations. specific areas and at specific times of the day. A similar approach could be very beneficial in the future with Pokemon game, also includes different options for each trade evolution so that solo player can get them at any time.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus will release for Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.

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