Arcane finally fills in the missing pieces in League of Legends Lore

After three weeks the number of episodes decreased, Arcane: League of Legends ends with a bang. From start to finish, the show seeks to bring the story of Piltover and Zaun to fans new and old with incredible animation and a unique flair that makes Arcane a great video game adaptation without knowing the game itself. While many of the characters seen in League of Legends had their own history and story, Arcane try to butcher them. As a result, the show ended up answering lingering questions fans had wondered about for years.

Riot Games gave fans Side stories and tons of lore information through updates League of Legends and its champions, have even seen a complete retooling of the worlds that make up Runeterra to create more consistency. On these updates, there are a lot of holes and gaps that need to be filled with theories, and Arcane provide context for some of them. Spoilers for Arcane: League of Legends front.


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Origins of Hextech and Shimmer


Much League of Legends Fans should be familiar with concept of Hextech and Shimmer. Hextech has been the recurring theme of many champions, the source of power for magical weapons. Besides, Shimmer was a drug used to amplify the user’s abilities, but the price was that they had to suffer severe side effects. While these two concepts have been League over the years, and has been associated with several champions, barely any backstory to talk about.

Arcane takes these concepts and gives fans an insight into how they work by making them key plot elements – including learning how they’re made. League of Legends champion Jayce and Viktor are the creators of Hextech, and a Zaun champion known as Singed created Shimmer. While the information presented in Arcane finally expands on these two parts of League of Legends lore, it may just apply to the world seen in the series, as it changes a fair bit about the game’s established lore – specifically Jayce and Viktor’s relationship.

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Jinx’s “Chemical Change” Status


As one of the big stars of Arcane: League of Legends, Jinx is quite focused. Even though it’s one of Tournament of most famous character, Jinx has always had a few holes in her lore and backstory. The part of Jinx lore that hasn’t been explained is the fan theory that Jinx is a Shimmer addict. One of her in-game lines refers to her calling herself “chemically altered” and the series has never detailed what that means until now. hour.

In Arcane: League of Legends Act 3, Jinx was nearly killed in battle with Ekko, and she was brought to Singed by her adoptive father. Singed gives Jinx an operation similar to a blood transfusion, specifically injecting Shimmer into her veins. The trick saves Jinx’s life, but also has lasting effects on her, thus giving her the “chemically altered” condition she refers to, as well as floating purple eyes turn on her.

League of Legends ‘Vi and Jinx are sisters


Arcane answers other questions about what happened to Jinx beyond how she got her eye color and powers. One of the biggest plot points on the show deals with the story of another champion, Vi, and her sister Powder. The first episodes were about them trying to survive in Zaun as children, but a bomb that Powder created caused the sisters to part. When Vi reunited with Powder, she matured to become the Jinx. Not only did this give Jinx a name before she became the gun-loving horror many fans have known, but it also finally confirms a fan theory that’s been around since Jinx was a fan. first person be added League of Legends.

When Jinx gets teased, she has graffiti all over the official champion websites for Vi and Caitlyn, mocking them and their abilities. Several lines between the three imply that they all know each other without specifying how, and the two lines tease that Vi and Jinx could be sisters if not to say that they are sisters. Riot Games seems to know how long fans have been waiting for their brotherhood to be confirmed, as part of RiotX Arcane event saw two stories added Legend of Runeterra card game featuring Jinx and Vi. It shows the two talking candidly about being sisters, sharing that close relationship appropriately League of Legends game.

Arcane definitely filled more empty space in League of Legends’ History with more fun tidbits for fans to capture. Where it answered questions, however, it also helped raise new questions as fans analyzed and speculated with what the show had to offer them. Nine episodes remain open to interpretation, which invites viewers to do what they’re going to do.

That works in League of Legends’ favor, like Arcane added to certain lore and changed it in various ways. Though it matters if these facts apply to the game’s world, things like Vi and Jinx New Legend of Runeterra stories definitely confirm some of them. For now, exactly what has been achieved is up to the fans, which invites them to question and hypothesize again.

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