Aragorn’s Backstory And The History Of The Númenóreans

In The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Éowyn asks Aragorn his age and is shocked to study that he’s truly 87 regardless of trying no older than 40. However it’s revealed that Aragorn is among the Dúnedain—a descendant of Númenor—blessed with lengthy life. Éowyn is in disbelief as a result of it’s stated that Aragorn’s race had handed into legend. Aragorn says there are only a few Númenóreans left by the point of the Struggle of the Ring.

In The Lord of the Rings, the Númenóreans had been descendants of the Edain, which was a bunch of Males that was thought of the noblest of any group within the race of Males within the First Age. From the beginning of the Second Age, the Edain had been gifted the island of Númenor by the Valar. The Edain got this present as a reward for helping within the Struggle of Wrath. Along with being given an island to name residence, the Edain had been additionally given lengthy life, higher peak, and extra intelligence. On common, this race would stay to be at the very least 300. As soon as on the island, Elrond’s brother grew to become the primary king of Edain.

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Elrond and his brother had been half-elf, so that they got the selection to be mortal Males or immortal Elves. Elrond selected to be Elf, however his brother selected to be a Man. Not like a standard Man, the Númenóreans aged very slowly. And as a substitute of dying from illness and in ache, once they felt their lives were nearing the end, the Númenóreans had been merely in a position to lie down and peacefully drift away. Within the Second Age, the king of Númenor was seduced by Sauron into attacking the Timeless Lands. As a divine punishment, Eru Ilúvatar (also called The One, who was the singular creator of all in existence) utterly and totally destroyed the island. The king’s actions led to the deaths of just about everybody on the island.

Hugo Weaving as Elrond in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings

A fantastic wave washed away town and devoured its individuals. 9 ships had been in a position to make a getaway, carrying the remaining Dúnedain to northern Center Earth the place they based Gondor and Arnor. Gondor was a metropolis based by Isildur and Anárion. It was a really highly effective metropolis with an awesome and huge navy, however due to civil battle between the individuals within the metropolis mixed with assaults from Sauron’s allies and a lethal plague, the city of Gondor slowly declined over the years till Aragorn was topped king within the Third Age after Sauron’s defeat. With Aragorn ruling over Gondor, town’s energy grew to become sturdy once more, and the sister kingdom of Arnor joined forces beneath one chief with a brand new banner that claimed the land now be known as Reunited Kingdom.

Aragorn II Elessar was the final descendant of Anárion. The road of kings of Gondor all got here from Anárion, whereas the road of kings for Arnor had been descendants of Isildur. When Aragorn was an toddler of two years outdated, his father was killed by Orcs. Aragorn’s mom feared Aragorn can be killed (similar to each his father and grandfather) if anybody had been to seek out out who he was or that he was an Inheritor of Isildur, so she asked Elrond to take care of Aragorn in Rivendell and preserve his lineage a secret. Elrond gave Aragorn a brand new identification by calling him Estel. It wasn’t till Aragorn was twenty years outdated when Elrond lastly revealed his identification to him and informed him of his ancestry. Presently, Elrond additionally gave Aragorn the Shards of Narsil in addition to the Ring of Barahir—the ring with two serpents and eyes made from inexperienced jewels that Gríma Wormtongue spoke of in The Two Towers.

Aragorn and Arwen in Lord of the Rings

Round this time (age twenty), Aragorn additionally met and fell in love with Arwen. Arwen had been in Lothlórien, which was her mom’s unique homeland, visiting her grandmother—Galadriel. Someday after this, Aragorn left Rivendell to stay within the wild amongst his remaining individuals known as the Rangers of the North. Aragorn was in his twenties when he met Gandalf the Grey, and the pair rapidly grew to become good mates. Gandalf stated Aragorn ought to monitor The Shire and the Hobbits that lived there, and he stayed simply outdoors the borders and have become often called Strider. Throughout his time as a Ranger, Aragorn would offer morale to the armies of the West in an try to assist preserve the rising risk of Sauron at bay. However he maintained a low profile, utilizing the title Thorongil and gaining abilities as a fighter that he would use within the Struggle of the Ring.

Aragorn was nearly fifty years outdated when he as soon as once more met with Arwen in Lothlórien the place he gave to her the Ring of Barahir. After this, Arwen vowed to marry Aragorn while also rejecting her Elvish lineage. As a result of she was half Elf like her father, Arwen selected to just accept the Reward of Males—the present being mortality and dying. A while handed, and Aragorn went East. Throughout the Struggle of the Ring, an Elf named Gildor Inglorion warned Aragorn the Ringwraiths had been in search of him and that Gandalf was lacking. Aragorn adopted the Hobbits after they met Tom Bombadil and ended up in Bree, which is proven in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

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