Apple’s rumored game console will have a big hill to climb

There was a time when the video game industry was rife with cross-platform competition. Home consoles battle arcade machines for supremacy, and handhelds are cropped up in every way. Today, things couldn’t be more different. Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo line of consoles all dominate the world of console gaming. These three devices have established themselves as the official gaming device group. However, there are rumors that the tech giant Apple wanted to challenge that necking. According to an industry insider, Apple may be in the process of developing its own game console.


Apple certainly has more than enough wealth and technology expertise to try to develop a gaming console, given the massive success of the iPhone and the Mac line of computers. However, Apple’s experience and resources may not be enough to break into the industry. If rumors about Apple’s console are true, then Apple would be just the latest in a long line of tech companies that have tried to break into the gaming console market and struggled to find one. An Apple console would need some serious technological advancement or compelling exclusive games to attract users, but considering how far Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have come, creating those features would be no small feat.

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Recent attempts on game consoles

Departure cloud game streaming service

In the last few years, several major technology companies have gone to great lengths to become members of the video game industry. In 2019, Google tried to find a foothold in the gaming market with its cloud gaming device known as the Google Stadia, but Stadia received some mixed reviews at launch and has since failed. attracted as much support as Xbox or PlayStation. Amazon has also struggled with the game. The Amazon Luna cloud gaming service is not attracting much attention from consumers and Amazon Game Studios has faced difficulties in an effort to support games like Crucible and New world.

Amazon and Google have made revolutionary impacts about the world’s relationship to technology, but even so, it somehow doesn’t translate into a sudden rise to the top of the gaming industry. Video game fans have proven comfortable with their Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch consoles. These users have little reason to switch to Stadia or Luna, especially considering how Microsoft and Sony have expanded into the realm of cloud gaming. If Apple wants to avoid a repeat of the lukewarm reception of Stadia and Luna, they need to somehow make their own console special, but exactly what they should do is unclear. .

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How can an Apple dashboard stand out?

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There are many ways that Apple could try to create a truly distinctive console, but none of them seem to be entirely reliable ways to become competitive with console developers. main control. Apple could try to make a control panel beyond the boundaries of VR, cloud gaming, haptic feedback technology, rendering power, etc., but other console developers have been exploring these areas and more, meaning consoles Apple’s controls won’t be as unique as it should be. Apple can also try to make cool exclusive games, but it will need a lot of outside help to avoid Amazon’s difficulties. Even if Apple tries to buy famous game developers, studios may not be interested in betting their future on Apple console exclusivity.

If there’s anything that could give Apple’s console an edge, it’s Apple’s close relationship with play mobile games through the App Store. It’s possible that Apple will develop a handheld console with special support for mobile games, but even then it might be difficult to convince mobile game fans to start using a console. specific controls for their game instead of the iOS device they already have. In the end, although Apple and their peers are big companies, history has proven that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have completely dominated the console market. They are too ingrained in consumers’ minds to be easily changed. If Apple has a working dashboard, it will be interesting to see how Apple tries to differentiate its products.

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