Apple Arcade now has 220 games to play on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV


Apple Arcade has added actually a whole lot of recent video games since its 2019 launch.

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Apple Arcade now consists of 220 video games in its $5 (£5, AU$8) month-to-month gaming subscription catalog. Since its 2019 launch, the service has steadily constructed up a catalog of authentic, unique video games, in addition to remastered favorites and classics already out there within the App Retailer. The video games already within the App Retailer will not have adverts or in-app purchases on Apple Arcade — any add-ons come unlocked. And there is more still to come, with new releases every week.

In the event you’re taken with attempting Apple Arcade, you may get a three-month free trial with the acquisition of a brand new machine, or one month at no cost in the event you’re signing up for the primary time. Open the App Retailer and faucet the little joystick icon on the backside of the display screen to launch the service. 

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Listed below are all of the video games now out there to play on Apple Arcade. We replace this story every time new video games are launched. 

Agent Intercept
Developer: PikPok Video games

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
Developer: Ustwo Video games

All of You
Developer: Alike Studio

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City
Developer: Snowman


Alto’s Odyssey: The Misplaced Metropolis presents conventional gameplay, or a soothing zen mode.


Angry Birds Reloaded
Developer: Rovio

Asphalt 8: Airborne
Developer: Gameloft

Assemble With Care
Developer: UsTwo Video games

Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree
Developer: Wildboy Studios

Developer: Adikus

Developer: Frogmind

Baldo: The Guardian Owls
Developer: Naps Staff

Ballistic Baseball
Developer: Gameloft

Battle Sky Brigade: Harpooner
Developer: BattleBrew

Beyond a Steel Sky
Developer: Revolution Software program

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Beyond Blue
Developer: E-Line Media 


Past Blue from E-line Media.

Past Blue/Twitter

Learn extraBeyond Blue game from Apple Arcade takes a deep dive into the mysteries of the ocean

Big Time Sports
Developer: Frosty Pop

Bleak Sword
Builders: Devolver and Luis Moreno Jimenez

Developer: Kunabi Brother

The Bradwell Conspiracy
Builders: Bossa Studios and A Courageous Plan

Butter Royale 
Developer: Mighty Bear Video games


Butter Royale from Mighty Bear Video games.


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Card of Darkness
Developer: Zach Gage

Builders: Versus Evil and Gambrinos

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls
Developer: Konami Digital Leisure

Cat Quest II 
Developer: Gentlebros Video games

Chameleon Run
Developer: Noodlecake

Charrua Soccer
Developer: Batovi Video games Studio

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Checkers Royal
Developer: Gamma Play Restricted


ChuChu Rocket! Universe
Builders: Universe and Sega

Clap Hanz Golf
Developer: Claphanz

The Collage Atlas
Developer: John Evelyn

Cozy Grove
Developer: Spry Fox

Crayola Create and Play
Developer: Purple Video games

Developer: Amanita Design


Creaks is a mysterious and creepy hand-painted puzzle platformer. 


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Cricket Through the Ages
Builders: Devolver and Free Lives

Crossy Road
Developer: Hipster Whale

Crossy Road Castle
Developer: Hipster Whale

Learn extra: Crossy Road Castle reimagines Super Mario Bros. as a multiplayer extravaganza on Apple Arcade

Cut the Rope Remastered
Developer: Paladin Studios

Dead End Job
Developer: Headup Video games

Dear Reader
Developer: Native No. 12

Developer: Efecto Studios

Detonation Racing
Developer: Electrical Sq. 

Developer: Shifty Eye

Dodo Peak
Developer: Shifting Items Interactive 

DoDonPachi Resurrection HD
Developer: Cave Co.

Don’t Bug Me
Developer: Frosty Pop

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition
Developer: Klei

Doodle God Universe
Developer: Joybits


Mix completely different components to construct a world in Doodle God Universe. 


Doomsday Vault
Developer: Flightless

Down in Bermuda
Developer: Yak & Co

Dread Nautical
Developer: Zen Studios

Builders: Shifty Eye Video games and Cleaversoft

The Enchanted World 
Developer: Noodlecake

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Now taking part in:
Watch this:

Apple Arcade unique preview: The Enchanted World


Exit the Gungeon
Developer: Devolver

Developer: weRplay

Fallen Knight
Writer: Truthful Play Studios

Developer: Mistwalker

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Farm It!
Developer: Tummy Video games

Learn extraApple Arcade gets new games: Lifelike, Yaga and more

Fledgling Heroes
Developer: Refined Growth

FlipFlop Solitaire
Developer: Zach Gage

A Fold Apart
Developer: Lightning Rod Video games 

Learn extra: Apple Arcade’s newest game tackles the emotions that come with long-distance relationships

Frenzic: Overtime
Developer: The Iconfactory

Frogger in Toy Town
Developer: Konami

Fruit Ninja Classic
Developer: Halfbrick Studios

Game Dev Story
Developer: Kairosoft Co.

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows
Developer: Devolver Digital

The Get Out Kids
Developer: Frosty Pop

Good Sudoku
Developer: Zach Gage

Developer: Capybara Video games


Grindstone from Capybara Video games.

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Writer: Sirvo Studios

Hexaflip: the Action Puzzler
Developer: Rogue Video games

Developer: Versus Evil

Developer: Bossa Studios

Hot Lava
Developer: Klei Leisure


Sizzling Lava from Klei Leisure.


HyperBrawl Tournament 
Developer: Milky Tea Restricted

Developer: State of Play Video games

Builders: Hidden Layer Video games and Chucklefish Video games

Jenny LeClue
Builders: Joe Russ and Ben Tillett

Jetpack Joyride
Developer: Halfbrick Studio

Jumper Jon
Builders: Joe Russ and Ben Tillett

King’s League II
Developer: Kurechii

Kings of the Castle
Developer: Frosty Pop


The Final Campfire from Whats up Video games.

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

The Last Campfire
Developer: Whats up Video games

Layton’s Mystery Journey
Developer: Stage 5

Learn extra: Apple Arcade’s The Last Campfire game carries a message of light and hope during the pandemic

Legends of Kingdom Rush
Developer: Ironhide

Legend of the Skyfish 2
Builders: Crescent Moon Video games and Mom Gaia Studio

Learn extra: Apple Arcade launches new RPG Legend of the Skyfish 2

Lego Builder’s Journey
Developer: Mild Brick

Learn extra: Lego Builder’s Journey now available exclusively on Apple Arcade

Lego Brawls
Builders: Lego and Purple Video games


Lego Brawls from Lego and Purple Video games.

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Lego Star Wars Battles
Developer: TT Video games

Leo’s Fortune
Developer: 1337 & Senri

Developer: Kunabi Brother

Developer: Dreamteck

Little Orpheus
Developer: The Chinese language Room

Learn extraApple Arcade’s Little Orpheus game is a new take on the space race

Loud House: Outta Control
Developer: Nickelodeon

Learn extra: Apple Arcade’s Loud House: Outta Control game is chaotic family fun

Developer: Lykke

Mahjong Titan
Developer: Kristanix Video games

Marble It Up: Mayhem!
Writer: Marble It Up

Marble Knights
Developer: WayForward

Masterchef: Let’s Cook!
Developer: Tilting Level Video games


Masterchef: Let’s Cook dinner on Apple Arcade. 


Mind Symphony
Developer: Rogue Video games

Mini Metro
Developer: Dinosaur Polo Membership

Mini Motorways
Developer: Dinosaur Polo Membership

Developer: Picomy

Monster Hunter Stories
Developer: Capcom

Monument Valley Plus
Developer: UsTwo Video games

Manifold Garden
Developer: William Chyr


Manifold Backyard from William Chyr.

Manifold Backyard/Twitter

A Monster’s Expedition
Developer: Draknek Restricted 

The Mosaic
Developer: Krillbite Studio

Murder Mystery Machine
Developer: Blazing Griffin

Developer: Die Gute Fabrik

NBA 2K21
Developer: 2K

NBA 2K22
Developer: 2K

Learn extra: NBA 2K21 heads to Apple Arcade with new special edition

Developer: Route 59


Necrobarista from Route 59 Video games.

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Learn extra: Necrobarista serves up coffee, death and feelings on Apple Arcade

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector
Developer: Hit-Level Co.

Neo Cab
Developer: Likelihood Company

Developer: Serenity Forge

Learn extra: Apple Arcade’s new Neversong game was inspired by developer’s near death experience

Next Stop Nowhere
Developer: Evening Faculty Studio

Nightmare Farm
Developer: Hit-point Co.

No Way Home
Developer: SMG Studio

Learn extra: No Way Home brings space exploration to Apple Arcade

Developer: Noodlecake

Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon
Developer: Cornfox & Bros.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm
Developer: Cornfox & Bros.


Oceanhorn 2 from Cornfox & Bros.

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Learn extra: Oceanhorn 2 new Golden Edition update launches on Apple Arcade

Operator 41
Developer: Shifty Eye Video games

Oregon Trail
Developer: Gameloft

The Otherside
Developer: Barbacube

Learn extra: Apple Arcade’s new action survival game makes all the best parts of board games digital

Developer: Pomelo Video games

Over the Alps
Developer: Stave Studios

Developer: Finji

Pac-Man Party Royale
Developer: Bandai Namco

Painty Mob
Developer: Devolver

The Pathless
Builders: Annapurna Interactive and Big Squid


The Pathless from Annapurna Interactive.


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Developer: Borderleap

Developer: Amanita Design

Populus Run
Developer: FiftyTwo

Builders: Noodlecake and Lucid Labs

Pinball Wizard
Developer: Frosty Pop

Projection: First Light
Builders: Blowfish Studios and Shadowplay Studios

Punch Planet
Developer: Block Zero

Rayman Mini
Developer: Ubisoft


Rayman Mini from Ubisoft.

Apple Arcade

Really Bad Chess
Developer: Zach Gage

Red Reign
Developer: Ninja Kiwi Video games

Redout: Space Assault
Developer: 34 Massive Issues

Reigns Plus
Developer: Devolver Digital

Reigns: Beyond
Developer: Devolver Digital

Developer: Wonderbelly Video games

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The Room Two
Developer: Fireproof Studios

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time
Developer: Grownup Swim

Learn extra: Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time releases on Apple Arcade


Sayonara WIld Hearts from Annapurna Interactive.

Annapurna Interactive

Sayonara Wild Hearts
Builders: Annapurna Interactive and Simogo

Learn extra: Sayonara Wild Hearts named Apple Arcade Game of the Year

Developer: Q-Video games

Learn extraApple Arcade’s Scrappers game has futuristic trash collectors, robots and turf wars

Secret Oops!
Developer: MixedBag

Learn extra: Apple Arcade’s ‘Secret Oops!’ is a new AR game for silly spies

Shantae and the Seven Sirens
Developer: WayForward

Shinsekai Into the Depths
Developer: Capcom


Shinsekai Into the Depths from Capcom.

Capcom/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Learn extraShinsekai Into the Depths delivers Apple Arcade’s most console-like game

Developer: Stainless Video games

Simon’s Cat: Story Time
Developer: Tactile Video games Restricted

Skate City
Builders: Snowman and Agens

Slash Quest!
Developer: Noodlecake

Sneaky Sasquatch
Developer: RAC7

Sociable Soccer 2020
Writer: Rogue Video games

Developer: MobilityWare

Solitaire Stories
Developer: Purple Video games

SongPop Party
Developer: Gameloft

Sonic Racing
Builders: Sega and HardLight

South of the Circle
Developer: State of Play

Learn extra: Apple Arcade’s South of the Circle redefines the adventure game


South of the Circle from State of Play.

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Developer: Tortuga Staff

Speed Demons
Developer: Radian Video games

Developer: RAC7 Video games

Developer: Free Vary Video games

Developer: Zach Gage

Developer: WayForward

Developer: SMG Studios

Spire Blast
Developer: Orbital Knight


Spongebob Patty Pursuit from Nickelodeon.


Spongebob: Patty Pursuit
Developer: Nickelodeon

Learn extra: SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is the ultimate new Apple Arcade game for fans

Developer: Sumo Digital

Learn extra: Save the world as a tech-savvy spider in Apple Arcade’s new game

Star Fetched
Writer: Crescent Moon Video games

Star Trek: Legends
Developer: Tilting Level

Writer: Skybox Labs

Stellar Commanders
Developer: Blindflug Studios

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light
Builders: Cartoon Community and Rebecca Sugar

Learn extraSteven Universe: Unleash the Light game comes to Apple Arcade

Stranded Sails
Developer: Shift Eye Video games


Stranded Sails on Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade

Sudoku Simple
Developer: MobilityWare

Super Impossible Road
Developer: Rogue Video games

Super Leap Day
Developer: Noodlecake

Super Mega Mini Party
Writer: Purple Mini Video games

Super Stickman Golf 3
Developer: Nitrome

Survival Z
Developer: Ember Leisure

The Survivalists
Developer: Team17

Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat
Developer: Bandai Namco

Learn extra: The Survivalists on Apple Arcade lets you test your skills on a deserted island

Takeshi & Hiroshi
Writer: Oink Video games

Tales of Memo
Writer: Ten Days

Tangle Tower
Developer: SFB Video games

Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure
Developer: Imangi Studios

Tetris Beat
Developer: N3twork Inc.

Learn extraTetris Beat gives the classic ’80s game a new soundtrack on Apple Arcade

Things That Go Bump
Developer: Tinybop

Developer: Sirvo 

Thumper: Pocket Edition
Developer: Drool LLC

Developer: Lykke Studios


Towaga: Amongst Shadows from Noodlecake.

Sunnyside Video games

Tiny Crossword Plus
Developer: Play Easy Video games

Tiny Wings
Developer: Andreas Illiger

Towaga: Among Shadows
Builders: Noodlecake and Sunnyside Video games

Towers of Everland
Developer: Cobra Cell

Ultimate Rivals: The Rink
Developer: Bit Fry

Learn extraHands-on with Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, Apple Arcade’s new retro-style mashup sports game

Ultimate Rivals: The Court
Developer: Bit Fry

UFO on Tape: First Contact
Developer: Revolutionary Ideas

Learn extraApple Arcade hits 100 games with UFO on Tape: First Contact and more

Various Daylife
Developer: Sq. Enix

Warp Drive
Developer: Supergonk

Way of the Turtle
Developer: Phantasm Labs 

What the Golf?
Developer: Triband

Where Cards Fall
Builders: Snowman and The Sport Band


The place Playing cards Fall from Snowman.

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Learn extra: Where Cards Fall lets you rethink your life path in a unique Apple Arcade game

Winding Worlds
Developer: Ko_op

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker
Developer: Aquiris

Learn extra: Apple Arcade finally releases Fantasian and Wonderbox

Word Laces
Developer: Minimega

World’s End Club
Developer: IzanagiGames

World of Demons
Developer: Platinum Video games

Builders: Aran Koning and Adriaan de Jongh

Builders: Versus Evil and Breadcrumbs Interactive

Zen Pinball Party
Developer: Kiterestu

Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes
Developer: Firefly Video games

Zookeeper World
Developer: Kiteretsu

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