Apex Legends Wraith Portal Crash Is Back

Players discovered that a glitch in Apex Legends related to Wraith’s portal was reactivated, allowing the player to equip weapons while still in the Void.

Apex Legends Wraith Portal Crash Is Back

Believe it or not, Apex Legends turn three years old next month. While players enjoyed many aspects of battle royale during those years, they faced many glitches and nasty exploits along the way. One of the Legends that has suffered some bugs in previous seasons is Wraith.

As one of the original characters introduced when Apex Legends launch, Wraith is known for her portal allows the player to safely reposition the map. Unfortunately, this ability has been bugged in previous seasons, such as in Season 4. Back then, players who were knocked out could take portals and walk around at normal speed after exiting. While Respawn fixed that issue, it appears the glitch re-emerged in a slightly different form in 2022.


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Recently, players discovered that a glitch related to Wraith’s portal returned in Season 11 of Apex Legends. In a recent YouTube video, RossBobSquirrel explained how this error works. According to the Youtuber, it was done using her Ultimate, Dimensional Rift, followed by her Tactic, Into the Void. This issue allows players to draw their weapons while still being phased. While it seems that the player cannot damage an opponent in this state, they can gain an advantage by reducing the required firing time after leaving the skill. RossBobSquirrel reveals that the glitch can occur on both PC and console version of Apex Legends.

In addition, the Youtuber has broken down the necessary steps to perform the glitch in Apex Legends. According to RossBobSquirrel, players need to start by activating their Ultimate ability. They are then asked to run around until about 5% of the portal’s length remains and then activate their Tactic. If done properly, they will remain in the Void even after completing their portal, allowing them to draw their weapons.

While RossBobSquirrel demonstrates how to perform the move in-game, they warn others against trying it in an actual match. They note that Respawn Entertainment has recently taken stricter actions against players using various exploits, such as strengthening punch, and this Wraith crash may result in a halt. Furthermore, they say the timing for the move is a challenge to perform.

This isn’t the only glitch players have encountered regarding Wraith’s Dimensional Rift. Also, the player reported the problem to her Disappears when near walls at the Harvester location on World’s Edge. These bugs are obviously annoying because they threaten to damage the competitive integrity of the game. It will be interesting to see how Respawn Entertainment addresses these issues in the coming days. Hope the developer can fix the problem so players can continue playing Apex Legends the way it was intended to be played.

Apex Legends Currently available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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