Apex Legends rank-list characters are based on the ‘common ways’ they die

Apex Legends is a constantly changing game. This year alone has new maps, new legends, New items like Heat Shield, new weapons and more. However, one thing that remains constant — or so it seems — is how often certain characters play. It’s all a bit hilarious, but there are always jokes about TTV Wraith leaving the team, getting killed instantly, and leaving the team.

Of course, that’s not how people play Wraith in Apex Legends, but it was a funny joke in the community. Now, TheKingofHats007 has posted a “tier list” that ranks characters based on the usual ways they see them die. He’s posted this before, but this season 11 edition captures some of the funniest aspects of the current meta.


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The “run in, 1v3’d, knock and walk away” category goes to Wraith and Octane, which matches the kind of rush and death fans may have seen from randoms online. Again, it’s not always true Apex Legends, but it’s pretty hilarious nonetheless. The second floor is described as “betrayed by their tactics,” and it includes Pathfinder, Bangalore, and Valkyrie. Indeed, there were many times Bangalore used her smoke to her dismay, against opponents who can counter it, while flying bombs when Valkyrie leaves her open for a good R-301 beam.

“Betrayed by their Ultimate” belongs to Ash and Bloodhound, with the former projecting himself into bad situations and Bloodhound’s ultimate, while useful, can still be heard from a mile away. Apex Legends characters die because they “believe too much” [tactical and ultimate] including Mirage, Revenant, Fuse, Seer and Horizon.

The “Caught in the Wide, Open Field” tier is mostly characters that should never be in an outdoor scenario: Caustic, Wattson, Rampart, and Loba. For the three defensive legends, the open fields essentially destroyed their abilities, while one could argue that Loba was also betrayed by her tactics. After she reappears, the smart player can lock her and take her out. “Abandoned by their team + died alone” belongs to Crypto and Lifeline, as the latter may not play Lifeline the best, and The ability of cryptocurrency often separates him from the team.

Last, but certainly not least is the “fake thicc” class for Gibraltar, whose large size is often countered by his gun shield. But, at any other angle, and he has an easy angle hitbox in Apex Legends. All in all, this is all a bit of fun, but a lot of this makes sense for the casual experience.

Apex Legends Currently available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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