Apex Legends Bug Has Players Following Ash’s Final Stage ‘Back to the Lobby’

An Apex Legends player calls attention to a unique bug where using Ash’s Ultimate caused the game to kick players out of the match.

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As fun as live service games like Apex Legends and their regular updates may be, they also come with a price. On the other hand, regular updates mean that content is constantly new and interesting. Otherwise, it’s all but impossible for game developers, even Respawn Entertainmentour experience to make sure everything works perfectly with every update. The latest example of this involves the recently launched character Ash and a unique bug with her Ultimate ability that sends the player “back to the lobby”.

Before Ash players start panicking, it seems like this particular bug only occurs when casting her ultimate in a very specific place on the map. Most players will never come across it unless they are looking for it. For the people Apex Legends the player who stumbles upon it, however, is a match finisher. It forces the player to return Apex Legends Lobbying to start a new match. As such, it’s a serious problem worth prioritizing a fix for Respawn, but given its rarity, it’s also a pretty funny problem.


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This is how Ash’s last bug works. Ash’s Ultimate is named Phase Breach and it allows her to teleport to a targeted location on a one-way trip, with no return as Wraith’s Ultimate allows. When this Ultimate is used in a specific location, in this case a crane directly north of Location World’s Edge’s Lava Siphon, the match will collapse when Ash reaches her final goal on the crane.

There is no obvious reason for Apex Legends to break this way. In a video shared on Reddit, Player Ash disconnects before her Ultimate completes the teleport. As a result, the player believes the problem has something to do with Ash being teleported to something she shouldn’t be. As in, Ash is gripping the crane’s material and the game is kicking her out of the match because of a situation it doesn’t know how to handle. One Redditor joked that players were simply “going back to the lobby.”

Although the exact nature of the problem is unclear, the fix is. No need to worry about what caused the player Ash to crash, Respawn can simply do it so that Ash can’t teleport to a dangerous location in the first place. That’s probably the actual problem, anyway. Ash’s Ultimate capable of not confirming impassable terrain.

With that said, these things take time, as Respawn may have bigger issues to deal with in the future. Apex Legends. However, that could change quickly because Apex Legends player start searching the topography of the map for areas that will break the game, just for fun.

Apex Legends Available now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, with plans to support mobile devices in 2022.

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