Apex Legends: Best settings to improve FPS

Although Apex Legends may not look graphically intensive from afar, PC started to heat up when more than 50 people started jumping off the plane. The map of Top It’s also more detailed than one would expect.

Even the strongest Hardware in the market it can be difficult to keep up in terms of framerates as there are too many elements to display in battle royale games. Professional players like Imperial Hall PCs with jacks prefer to keep their settings to the lowest aspect ratio to get stable frames and avoid dropouts during the most stressful times.

Although you won’t be able to witness the true beauty of Topof the map, lowering your settings will also give you a competitive edge over your opponents. You will be less distracted by the fascinating details of the game when using it screen of maximum refresh rate and faster response.

We tinkered with the settings of Top and the following set of tweaks you can make to increase your FPS.

Video settings

Adjust graphics via Apex’s settings always yield the most FPS per throttling. Lowering most of the following settings will partially offload your GPU and allow it to produce higher frames while keeping them more stable.

We also recommend turning off anything running in the background while playing a game, as having resource-hungry tabs or programs on can also steal your frames.

  • Display mode: Full screen
    • Fullscreen rendering mode allows your system to focus only on rendering Top and nothing else. In addition to trying to show your desktop and other tabs, the windowing options introduce some input lag, which can be the plague of competitive games.
  • Aspect Ratio: Nature
  • Resolution: Nature
    • If your system is running hot and you want to squeeze out a few more frames, you might consider lowering your resolution. This reduces the number of displayed pixels and increases the FPS by a good distance. However, it comes at the expense of a longer viewing experience.
  • Brightness: This setting has no effect on the overall FPS, so choose whatever suits your eyes.
  • View: 90
    • Most experts prefer to set their field of view to 110 as it allows them to have a wider field of view. This also increases the number of frames that need to be rendered and makes it difficult for your FPS to redeem. Ninety FoV offers the best of both worlds but we recommend tinkering with it to get more FPS or to see how much more FoV your PC can handle while making a profit. competitive position.
  • Sprint View Shake: Minimum
    • Continuous motion requires new objects to be rendered in or out. The judder effect that occurs while running can give the game a realistic feel, but it also slightly affects performance when an additional source of motion is included. Keeping this setting to normal also makes it harder to stop enemies while running.
  • V-Sync: Handicapped
    • V-Sync has no effect on your frames, but enabling V-Sync will result in input lag. In competitive games like Top, even milliseconds can make a difference, so we recommend turning off V-Sync.
  • FPS target with adaptive resolution: 0
    • This setting is most beneficial for anyone who wants to keep their FPS high. However, it does it in a disturbing way. The setting automatically reduces your display resolution during play so you can play with your targeted FPS. Although it technically increases your FPS, it helps to play Top a lot less exciting due to constant adjustments and pastel-like graphics.
  • Anti-aliased: Not available
  • Texture streaming budget: Not available
    • This setting sets the amount of VRAM Top can use. While limiting it can be beneficial if you’re streaming, we recommend letting the game run free for the highest FPS possible.
  • Texture Filtering: Anisotropy 2x
    • If you don’t have a decade GPU in yours game console, this setting should have minimal impact on your FPS. Turning it on gives the player a competitive edge as it removes some of the blur around objects. But you can try turning it off as a last resort to gain more FPS.
  • Ambient quality: Handicapped
    • While you should obviously be able to tell the difference between turning this setting on and off, we recommend disabling it to get more FPS. Set to handle light reflected from or on objects scattered around the map.
  • Shade cover: Short
  • Sun Shadow details: Short
  • Spot Shadow details: Handicapped
    • Although shadows tend to be useful when locating enemies, TopOur busy nature makes it impossible for us to take advantage of them. Shadows are one of the more graphics-taxing settings, which doesn’t help their case, so we recommend disabling them to increase FPS.
  • Detailed model: Short
  • Effect details: Short
  • Impact signs: Handicapped
  • Ragdolls: Handicapped
    • This setting adjusts how character models behave after taking deadly damage. While it allows them to die quite realistically, it can cause some FPS drops if you’re taking down a team.

Other methods to increase your FPS in Top

If you have a header calculator and still experiencing the FPS drop, the problem may be related to something else. The first offenders are usually overheating or CPU/GPU bottlenecks. Fixing those errors usually requires replacing the problematic park in your rig. We recommend working with a professional if you don’t have your tools on hand.

Also, the second line of defense of FPS problems are mostly driver problems and other software problems that are easier to fix than replacing your CPU.

Optimize your graphics card settings

Both AMD and Nvidia allow users to change the way the graphics card behaves when playing games. These adjustments can be made through a control panel that players can access by right-clicking on an empty space in their desktop.

If you’ve never made any changes to your graphics card’s control panel, you should check out the written or visual performance guide for your GPU manufacturer, Nvidia or AMD. These instructions will guide you through all the settings and help you tune your graphics card for best performance.

With the right settings, your GPU will begin to prioritize performance over quality. Visual differences don’t tend to be noticeable, and the competitive advantage you’ll get by having more frames is more valuable.

Always keep your graphics card drivers up to date

All new Top The patch comes with new skins, balance changes and sometimes a new character. While it may not be mentioned in the patch notes, the developers can also tweak how the game interacts with your GPU. If these changes require newer drivers, you may notice some FPS drops.

Upgrading GPU drivers is an easy process for both NVIDIA and AMD card owners. After locating the right drivers for your hardware, the setup file takes care of the rest, and the whole process usually takes about five minutes.

Run Origins and Apex Legends in admin mode

While that is a rarer case, the user limitations that Windows enforces can cause Top to fight. This usually happens in PC offered by schools and corporations that give their users limited permissions.

The easy solution to this is to run both Origin and Top in admin mode let the game run freely without any hiccups. If you can’t seem to change the settings displayed, you may need to contact your device administrator and ask them for help with this.

Remover Topframe cover of

Most of our guides are geared towards players who have trouble pushing their frames to Apex’s native cap, 144. If you have calculator that potentially goes beyond that, you can just get more frames by removing the FPS limit.

Top does not allow players to set custom FPS limits in game. You have to navigate to Origins and go to My Game Library. Right click on Top then select Game Properties. Go to the Advanced Launch Options tab, enter “+ unlimited fps_max” and click Save. Apex Legends: Best settings to improve FPS


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