Apex Best Character Releases Ranking of 2021

This year has been a memorable year for Apex Legends. The game has reached peaks in terms of Twitch player base and viewership that it hasn’t seen since the days of the halcyon release. A new permanent mode has been added to the game in the form of Arena. The latest battle royale map is also out this year. And, of course, as with every new season of Top, there were new legends.

The past 12 months have brought to the game four new playable characters, and each character has a makeover Apex Legends in their own way. But what character releases broke the hype gauge, and which releases were dumb? Fear not, intrepid readers: this is the legendary release of 2021, ranked.

4) Valkyrie

This seems like an odd thing to put in the end, as Valkyrie is arguably one of the most successful new characters in terms of balance-wise when it comes to being added to the game. She doesn’t feel overwhelmed upon arrival but still makes for a niche in the meta and is a fun character to play. Her emancipation itself simply felt a bit overwhelming, though, all things considered.

Valkyrie’s introduction has been overshadowed by the introduction of the Arenas game mode. That is quite understandable. Arena is the first new game mode Top added to the game on a permanent basis, and not simply a slight alteration of the battle royale base game that will only be available for a few weeks. It still However, it looks like Valkyrie could get more love in her intro. Most of the legends introduced to the game receive some kind of in-game advertisement that the player can interact with. There’s the random appearance of Octane’s Jump Pad, the player activating Horizon’s gravity lift, and Loba’s teasers even end with the game briefly teleporting the player from a vault cleared at World’s Edge to the Revenant simulacrum facility below Kings Canyon.

Valkyrie has a few posts on Instagram.

Yes, there is a great Story from the Outlands about her and her unique place in Apex Legends and Titanfall legend. But every character has interesting intro videos. The in-game trailer we got for the final nine is for Arenas, featuring a trailer for another future legend in Ash and an easter egg for another legend in Seer, with a picture graffiti the conspicuous moth on the wall in the Arenas teaser. Combine this with the insignificant server issues when season nine came out and you’ve got yourself a lackluster character debut.

3) Seer

Seer’s debut is a good thing, but it’s not without flaws, and most of those flaws are limited to the character itself. The developers brought his character into the game, introducing trailers of his heart chamber players that can be found on Olympus and the micro drones that then form the Seer’s trademark moth logo. The game even throws in a gun charm that can be unlocked if the player finds a heart chamber in three different locations. Add this to some amazing animations for both Seer’s Story from the Outlands, as well as the social media intro videos, and it’s clear that a lot of care and effort has been put in. made to get players excited with Seer’s appearance in the game.

There’s only one problem: Seer is a bankrupt character. The infamous “viewer meta,” which lasted a full week or two at the start of season 10, had the right players. Sure, Seer is fun to play, in that it’s often fun to play a character stronger than the others. The combination of his heart rate sensor reveals distant enemies and his tactical ability, Focus of Attention, gives the player the ability to scan, enemy health bar information, damage 10, the stun, silence, and ability to interrupt enemies revived teammates and used health items turned out to be a bit too powerful to do with just one skill. And it wasn’t even his last.

Strong characters are fun to play, but they’re also characters that become frustrating to play with quickly. Seer is definitely great. The game ensures in every possible way that he’s very, very cool, and right from the start of the season he’s been a hugely popular pick. But he must be nerfed quickly, and when he does, the hype around him dies pretty quickly. A good release is destroyed by some poor balances.

2) Fuse

You then! That’s your ex-mate Fusey, coming in at #2 on the best character releases of 2021. That seems a bit odd, because Fuse simply isn’t an over-the-top character. brilliant or even famous to play at the end of the eighth season when he was released. In fact, the number of people playing him only recently surpassed any other legend released this year, thanks to a massive drop in Seer player numbers.

So why does Fuse rank this high on the list? Pretty simple, really: style.

The whole paradigm of Fuse was obvious from the start: his name was Fuse. He likes to blow things up. Every decision about him Top The developers made it out of that simple fact, and the entire character release evolved into the eighties action movie theme for season eight. Fuse is attitude, look and style for the whole season. The gameplay trailer for the season is so good that it almost makes players forget that much of the season will take place on Kings Canyon.

Even then, the trailers and videos for Fuse went a step further. While Fuse is not a character like Valkyrie or Ash, both characters are fully invested in Titanfall plot, everything about Fuse is steeped in lore that makes sense to everyone in the game. In-game teasers, which include balloons, fireworks, and in the final round of unranked matches, randomly generate Fuse ultimatums, conveying the lore of the planet Salvo joining the Syndicate . The player then learns of this which paved the way for Fuse to join the game. In Fuse’s Stories from the Outlands, the player first sees Mad Maggie and her lifelong friendship with Fuse. However, this relationship doesn’t just exist in Tales from the Suburbs. Maggie returns when the season opens, and it is explained that she is responsible for destroying much of the northern parts of Kings Canyon. Once again, players find themselves chasing and being chased by Maggie during the season’s mission.

Every bit of information revealed and teased about Fuse during his pre-release has become the plot the game explores and the plot for why certain things happen in the story. story of the game. Fuse may not have been the strongest character in the game when he was introduced, but his release is top notch.

1) Tro

Well, well, if that’s not the character Top was teased in one form or another for a year and a half before actually getting her into the game. Ash always holds the number 1 spot here. It’s hard to imagine any universe in which Respawn wouldn’t yield an icon Titanfall Her antagonist is due — and boy, she has made her due.

Already a character with more history than any other character in Apex Legends aside from Kuben Blisk, Ash’s build is a slow burn for the times. Players actually rebuilt her in The Broken Ghost, which is both a gameplay intro to the missions and a trailer for another map: Olympus. The player is then reunited with Ash, interacting with Pathfinder and Kuben Blisk in season six, while some players receive hints about the character design of a certain famous doctor from the Horizon storyline. Arenas season eight teasers once again featured Ash, until the final teaser of the season revealed Ash as the host of the Arenas competition. She shows up again in season nine’s Legacy Antigen quest, interacting with Horizon and dropping somehow even more hints until, in the end, almost everything the player doubts about Ash. was confirmed with the teasers featured in season 10 and Ash’s Stories from the Outlands: Ash was in fact Dr. Ashleigh Reid at one point, and she’s coming to Apex Games.

We don’t want to endorse this, but it’s all a matter of repetition: Ash feels, in many ways, like the climax of an act. Most character trailers are short, simple, and to the point. Ash’s introduction to the game is a Greek epic: the rise and fall of Ashleigh Reid, the forging, breaking, and re-forging of Ash, the triumphs and poignant tragedy of her story. Well, it’s all in there.

And more than that, Ash is the lens that so many Top story has been told. While not even a character you can play in the game, she has influenced and actively changed the storylines of several characters.

The smooth release of season 11 and Ash being a fun but not all-powerful character only helps reinforce the notion that Ash’s release is simply the best legendary release of 2021. From tradition theories and teasers to quests and gameplay, Top was waiting for Ash. Now, here she is, and the whole game feels like it’s hit both a climax and something of a spoiler. Now, the character that seems most destined to become a legend is already in TopWhere does the game go from here? What does 2022 hold for players and characters?

If the last year of Apex Legends taught us anything, that is to be ready for anything, and anyone.

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