AOC Won’t Want the Country to See This Powerful Video of a Cuban Man Walking Into an American Supermarket for the First Time

New York Democrat Socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has made a name for herself promoting the glories of socialism while ignoring its demise.

While those with even a brief understanding of world history in the last century are often amazed that there is so much ignorance surrounding how socialism has always existed – alwaystakes place when applied to countries like Russia, Venezuela and Cuba, Foundation of AOC sở were not known for their economic understanding but rather, the sin of greed of ancient, ancient man led millions to believe that the state could buy them something it did not have: to provide and amenities.

Of course, authoritarianism and poverty are the things that Marxist governments are most adept at establishing, because again, history shows us blatantly.

Just 91 miles away from the southernmost tip of Florida, the island nation of Cuba has been a living example of the failures of communism for decades, and yet when AOC and her ilk not completely ignoring the suffering of the Cuban people, they are blaming the United States for their desperate poverty.

Ocasio-Cortez ironically just come food insecurity in the United States to support her economically destructive policies, but she certainly doesn’t want you to know that what equality really looks like in Cuba is universal and certainly equality desperate poverty.


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A pair of YouTubers including a Cuban-American woman and a Cuban man who recently arrived in the United States are certainly rocking AOC’s worldview with touching videos about life in their ancestral homeland. them, “Cubita linda”, bounty and lots of old people clapped here in the land of the free.

Yoel and Mari uploaded a video earlier this year showing Cubans Yoel’s first trip to a grocery store in the United States, and it was a model that was both business… and heartbreaking.

The couple opened up their video in Cuba itself, where Mari attempted to film it surreptitiously inside a Cuban grocery store.

She showed us the bare shelves, crazy price Among the many non-perishables and long lines outside can be forced to wait longer during a power outage in the grocery store.

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However, when she and Yoel arrived in Miami, she was eager to show him the abundance of supermarkets in America, but it was an incredibly poignant experience for the two of them.

Upon entering a local Aldi, Yoel joked and joked at first, excitedly grabbing a flyer at the front of the store before they entered the inner sanctuary.

He excitedly picked up the lemons – “There are lemons!” he claimed in Spanish – as well as giant onions, which he commented were the size of a “pelota. “

However, as he began to absorb the sheer volume of food packed on shelves and in the fridge, he gradually became more moody and clearly his emotions were running high.

Como or carne – y queso! ” he commented – “How much meat and cheese!”


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He seems quite emotional and grief-stricken at the reality his countrymen face back home and how this experience contrasts with his own throughout his life in communist country.

Yoel slowly picked up large packages of food, frozen pizzas and pieces of meat, seeming both terrified and deeply saddened.

At one point, he asked Mari about the avocado refrigerator, lined with various tubs, sticks, and blocks of butter.

The Cuban man was clearly taken aback when she explained that they were simply different types of butter.

Tipo… de manteqilla …” He said, mocking in stunned silence, for there were so many varieties of butter to choose from.

He explained that the whole experience made him sad, because there are so many things to buy here while at home, there simply aren’t.

No hay,” he said, “No. “

He explained it was too much to take in, and the pair decided he probably needed a break from all the colors, lights and overwhelming reality that, just 91 miles north of Poor Cuba, food is provided freely and widely because his own people are starving.

A few days later, Yoel was back to his happy normal when Mari took him to Safeway so he could see a bigger supermarket.

“OH!” he said as he entered the fully stocked store.

Large pieces of fish immediately caught his eye, as he loudly wondered what to buy.

He commented on the cuteness of the row of colorful fresh fruit neatly cut on the refrigerator shelves.

“What color are they,” he said in Spanish.

At the milk cooler, he marveled at the variety of milk, noting that all his life he had known only two types of milk: from cows and from flour.

Mari explains in a voiceover that the experience has made her appreciate what we can easily take for granted here at home, and that you have to have an iron heart to not feel that way.

When the AOC hit our country, where even the lowest income families could find a supermarket stocked with bread, cheese, meat, milk and various varieties above, she Has he considered any alternatives?

It’s also the rhetoric she uses about the evils of the rich and the glory of so-called “fairness” that led to the Cuban revolution, and decades of poverty and economic instability across the globe. island that the Cuban people are now loudly protesting against – but the dictatorship will make you believe, like the AOC, that this is the fault of the United States.

It’s American style capitalism, plain and simple, that has created more wealth and abundance than the world has ever known, and it is socialism that has resulted in a Cuban population so deprived of basic needs that, abundance which we consider excessive. Yoel to even handle.

The AOC must rely on ignorance to sustain her claim – because if the American people knew what Cuba really is, they would never accept her support of its ideology even though just a second. | AOC Won’t Want the Country to See This Powerful Video of a Cuban Man Walking Into an American Supermarket for the First Time

Huynh Nguyen

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