AOC tries to attack Supreme Court on abortion case Accidents and burns as Biden accuser walks in

For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it must have been an easy attack.

The New York congresswoman, de facto “team leader” and one of the most jarring voices of the most shrill faction of the Democratic Party, decided to weigh in on Wednesday about whether the Supreme Court considers consider a restrictive abortion laws by attacking Justice Brett Kavanaugh with repeated accusations.

But she doesn’t trust Tara Reade.

In her Twitter post commenting on Wednesday’s high court arguments in the Dobb Women’s Health Foundation v. Jackson, the AOC attempted to reinstate the baseless libel that the left wing has made. used to try to derail Kavanaugh’s wheels confirm with the court in 2018.

“A reminder that Brett Kavanaugh *still* remains credibly accused of sexual assault on multiple accounts with corroborated details and this year the FBI admitted it never fully investigated,” Ocasio-Cortez writes.


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“However, the court is leaving him to decide whether forced childbirth should be legalized in the US. Do not refuse”.

The actual post is a marvel of dishonesty.

Not only was it untrue, but Kavanaugh was “still credibly accused of sexual assault”, in the first place he was never “credibly accused”. No honest man or woman who is not blinded by partisan fury can look at the accusations against Kavanaugh with anything but profound suspicion.

Do you think the Brett Kavanaugh case has destroyed the credibility of the media?

One philanthropic observer might think something might have happened that prompted Christine Blasey Ford to publicize the vague story of an alleged attack somewhere in Maryland, sometime in the early 1980s. But that’s a far cry from ever seriously considering that Brett Kavanaugh was the culprit.

Even reviewing the shameless concealment that accompanies Kavanaugh’s plot to assassinate Kavanaugh’s character with his unscrupulous left hand is extremely infuriating. Remember Julie Swetnick and her improbable stories of gang rape at the parties she attended – more and more?

Remember now imprisoned, the lawyer is now disgraced Michael Avenatti’s role in promoting against Kavanaugh blood lust?

These are just a few items. A lot more. Not a single politician or political party has participated worthy of a minute’s trust from an American. Every participating media – and that is the vast majority of the mainstream – is willing to sacrifice what little credibility they hold to try to hit the Kavanaugh torpedo’s chance.


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It’s a mess about American politics and what was once a respectable semi-journalism will last for generations.

The AOC’s completely dishonest tweet brought about more than justifiable criticism.

But a post from Tara Read made it clear how stupid AOC’s comment really was.

Reade, who in 2019 accused now President Joe Biden is sexual assault of her in 1993, when she was an aide in his Senate office, pointed out that almost everything the AOC bitterly stated about Kavanaugh could be said about Biden – with differences Biden in particular has been given permission by his government, the media and his politics. party.

“Agree @AOC,” Reade wrote. “Remember that Biden *still* remains credibly accused of sexual assault (by me) and sexual harassment on multiple accounts (8) with corroborated details and he was never investigated but he is a POTUS. Thank you for trusting all survivors regardless of political affiliation

It is important to clarify that this does not mean Reade’s accusations are true. It’s entirely possible that only Read and Biden really knew if anything happened between them in 1993 (and honestly, it’s even more likely that Biden won’t miss it if it did).

It is important that Reade is pointing out the hypocrisy.

In 2018, the mainstream media, the Democrats, and Hollywood’s culture commissioners disgraced themselves and their countries by publicly supporting baseless allegations against Kavanaugh for his own purposes. their own political goals.

They believe – or pretend to believe – ludicrous stories about a man who has served the public for decades without a single blemish to his reputation – even if the stories go far beyond absurdity.

Meanwhile, when a woman accusing Biden surfaced, then completely removed by the mainstream media.

Unlike Blasey Ford, Reade can at least remember the year and location of the alleged sexual assault she claims took place. There’s even evidence that she and Biden actually know each other. Blasey Ford can’t even scratch that minimal factor to give credibility to his own story.

None of those events are likely to sway the pro-abortion camp of the Democratic Party. The fact that Kavanaugh is a potential vote to overturn Roe and Wade’s constitutional monstrosity is what they really fear about him, not some sort of fantasy story about a sexual assault. no one remembers but the alleged victim – and her memory is constantly changing.

What’s important here is that Reade’s post makes it clear how brutal, cruel and dishonest the modern left really is – as personified by the photogenic AOC, her liberal comrades and the mainstream media worked with them to try to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

For the AOC, a tweet smearing Kavanaugh once again may seem like an easy attack to rally advocates for the non-constitutional abortion “right” created by the Supreme Court. previously high.

Instead, she just exposes herself to be proven a dishonest fool. And so are all of her supporters.

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