Anya Taylor-Joy played the perfect villain in this sci-fi thriller

Anya Taylor-Joy may be known for her breakout role on the hit Netflix series, Queen’s Gambit, as well as starring in Witch and most recently Last night in Soho. However, Anya portrayed a villain in the 2016 horror film, Morgan. Anya portrays the main character, who is revealed to be an artificial intelligence project known as L-9. Morgan looks and acts like a human, but is very intelligent and strong.

In this Science Fiction Morgan’s features and appearance resembles that of a teenager, but the biological body is actually 5 years old, proving that it can walk, talk and learn other activities much faster than a human for a short period of time. short time. While Morgan can sometimes communicate emotions with doctors and scientists (many of whom consider “her” as their own), the humanoid can easily become upset and violent about her. physically, especially when provoked or denied access to go outside the lab site (where she is largely isolated to ensure the safety of all personnel working there).


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Morgan originally started like an intense psychological thriller in which all the characters are briefly introduced, including the main character Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), a risk management specialist of a company called SynSect, who has come to the lab site to investigate and analyze Morgan’s conduct, as well as the cause of Morgan’s stabbing. one of her doctors, Kathy Grieff (Jennifer Jason Leigh), in the eye.

Weathers meets all of the instructors who work at the lab, and looks nice and agreeable, but is actually a cold character because she doesn’t trust anyone, not even Morgan (who Weathers calls him. is the “it” and not the “most” she) of the time). Mara is as precise and tough as Weathers, but her character is challenging to appreciate because her affections are non-existent (referred to at the end).

The rest of the cast, including Michelle Yeoh, Toby Jones (Captain America: The First Avenger), and Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones), are greatly admired and affectionately invested for their passionate roles as doctors and researchers. However, they didn’t have enough screen time to establish depth on the film’s psychological premise, which was partially broken when the feature turned into a violent bloodbath that resulted in the characters being destroyed. kill them one by one (like a low-rent version of Alien, Carnivores, or Thing).


Along with Mara and Leslie’s portrayals of Weathers and Dr. Amy Menser, respectively, Anya Taylor-Joy delivers the best performance as Morgan because she effectively portrays the character’s violent and emotional behaviors. When Morgan was first introduced to Weathers by the doctor’s family, she was kind and courteous (albeit in a closed room), but her violent urges took over. best feelings.

The trailer also shows camera footage of Morgan’s erratic outburst towards Dr. Grieff as she stabs herself in the eye after being told she can’t get out. By showing the attack through a surveillance camera, it reflects on how Morgan is still primarily a test subject rather than a patient, which is why she’s angry. Morgan believes that she is a human being from a mother, and wants the freedom to conduct her own activities.

One of the film’s best moments involves Morgan having an unsettling conversation with a psychologist named Dr.portrayed by Paul Giamatti in a short but well acted scene). Shapiro does a mental assessment of Morgan in an attempt to understand her mental state (what makes her happy and sad, how she must react to difficult situations, etc.). Morgan was initially calm and honest when answering questions, but when Shapiro pressured her by asking what would happen if her privileges were taken away, Morgan yelled, biting Shapiro like a vampire, causing him to bleed to death.

After this interrogation scene, the film surpasses the first and turns into a violent thriller, with Morgan kills almost everyone with her superhuman strength like the Terminator. Regardless, Anya’s role of Morgan is the perfect villain as she’s a misunderstood character who desperately wants to be like a normal person but will always be seen as a monster. uncontrollable (reminiscent of Frankenstein). Morgan and Weathers have a few physical combat sequences, showcasing the power of two “women” who know how to hurt others and defend themselves. Morgan also has a few intimate moments with Dr. Menser, which have the effect of showing Morgan’s love and appreciation for nature and spending time outdoors (although there is a sad moment when Morgan looks a deer on the ground and free it from its misery.


Morgan not a perfect picture (especially given the cold and brutal nature of the characters and heavy bloody violence), but it is a sci-fi thriller with a promising premise that raises the psychological question of whether genetically engineered organisms can co-exist with humans (similar to Keanu Reeves’ sci-fi film). Copy in which a man revives his family by transforming their memories into human-like androids). Can creatures with artificial intelligence become more than just tough and intelligent objects? Could biological mechanisms be able to function more like humans and connect with others on an emotional level? Two things are for sure: the women in this film are intense, and Anya Taylor-Joy should take on more complicated villains like Morgan.

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