Any references to Final Fantasy 4 in Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker Expansion

Players have flocked to Square Enix’s hit MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 since the release of the latest expansion, Endwalker. The expansion has received rave reviews for its story and how it wraps up a story that began in 2013 with A realm of rebirth. Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker There are plenty of surprises in store for fans of the previous installment of the franchise, and Final Fantasy 4 Players will be particularly pleased with the number of recalls to its characters, songs, locations, and themes.


Before the expansion was released, players were attacked with various types Final Fantasy 4 minions and mounts. Players who have pre-ordered Endwalker The collector’s version receives a minion of Palom and Porom, based on the lovable twin magicians to accompany Final Fantasy 4Cecil’s main character. The moon whale that carried Cecil and his companions to the moon in the game’s finale was Final Fantasy 14be the first mount can hold eight players instead of the standard twoavailable on Final Fantasy 14 pre-release online store Endwalker. Rydia, Rosa and Edge’s minions were also up for sale in the previous months Endwalker.

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Tower of Zot and Tower of Babil

Alphinaud inside the core of the Tower of Zot

The first two dungeons the player encounters in Endwalker named after places in Final Fantasy 4: Tower of Zot and Tower of Babil. The Tower of Zot is guarded by the shaman sisters, Minduruva, Sanduruva and Cinduruva, who Final Fantasy 4 (and Final Fantasy 10) fans will recognize Mindy, Sandy and Cindy. The trio will use their signature delta attack, where Minduruva and Sanduruva will reflect their magic off Cinduruva.

In the level 83 dungeon, Tower of Babil, the player will encounter Final Fantasy 4 boss Barnabas and Dr. Lugae. Bosses operate differently in Final Fantasy 14, but their spirit is still there. Dr. Lugae’s battle will require the player to suffer from an illness to avoid his attacks, just like his Final Fantasy 4 partner, who will exert a status influence on the group. The dungeon ends with another iconic enemy and summon word Final Fantasy 10: Anima.


last-imaginary-14-moon surface

When the player reaches the moon in Final Fantasy 4, they will find that it is barren with only a few points of interest. At this point in Final Fantasy 4of the story, the player has reason to doubt Cecil is not like him, as an earlier encounter with rival Golbez early in the game resulted in Cecil being spared a certain amount of doom. In the moon crystal palace, Cecil meets a Lunarian named FuSoYa, who reveals that Cecil is the son of a Lunarian and Golbez’s brother. The same, similar, Final Fantasy 14 The player is met by an ancient creature living in the moon’s crystal palace, who provides revelations about the past and insight into Hydaelyn’s plans.

Other points of interest of the moon Final Fantasy 14 is Bestways Burrow. Here the player is introduced to another familiar face in the form of Spirits, known in Final Fantasy 4 like Hummingways. Their pension for money seems to have been steadily decreasing since then Final Fantasy 4was released, with the exception of some missions that allowed the player to hum their signature tune. While their debut in the franchise is Final Fantasy 4the Spirit is actually a reference to an old Japanese folk tale.

Cecil encounters a Hummingway during his journey, originally known as Namingway. However, every time he is caught, Namingway will change his name to coincide with his new job function. Souls in Final Fantasy 14 monitor Namingway’s legacy, with each named after their assigned role. The soundtrack in Bestways Burrows is also an arrangement of Final Fantasy 4 “Welcome to Our Town” and battle music are changed to Final Fantasy 4Random encounter theme.

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References to the end and subsections


Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker ends with the player confronting the Endsinger, which is a manifestation of the collective despair and hopelessness of the universe. In Final Fantasy 4, The final villain is Zeromus, the manifestation of an individual’s hatred for humanity. In both encounters, prayers from the companion characters will energize the party when all seems lost. In Final Fantasy 4characters the player encounters gather in Mysidia to pray for Cecil and his party, and in Final Fantasy 14, the prayer comes when Endsinger prepares her finishing blow after the player will have exhausted their limit break 3 to survive a final attack. At this point, the player has a cutscene featuring their teammates gathering to pray to save the player’s character and provide stat bonuses.

Some less notable references to Final Fantasy 4 In the form of Kokkol, the blacksmith Lalafell is found in one of the Endwalkerthe new area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLabyrinthos. Kokkol shares the name of the dwarf blacksmith found in the underworld, and in both games Kokkol will need the scarce adamantite ore. Offer Kokkol with adamantite in Final Fantasy 4 which led to him creating Excalibur, a powerful weapon used by Cecil, and Final Fantasy 14Kokkol will use adamantite ore to help fuel the star ship Ragnarok, which also shares the same name as Cecil’s most powerful weapon.

Equipment that players can get after completing Endwalker The main story is modeled after the costumes of Cecil and his gang. Bakers can buy garments from powerful summoner Rydia, while the ranged physics classes will wear the costume of Prince Edward of Damcyan. One final reference that might have fans dodging is the transformation of the iconic light warrior from Final Fantasy 14Cinematic Trailer of a Dark Knight in Shadowbringers for a knight in Endwalker.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Currently releasing on PC, PS4, and PS5 and will be available for purchase again on January 25.

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