Anthony Fauci tells Anti-Vaxxers to sit down and STFU as COVID cases spike

One of the most frustrating aspects of many conservatives refusing to heed the advice of medical experts when it comes to COVID-19 is that they don’t want to wear masks or social distance, they demand life. back to normal, and they won’t do the most important thing when it comes to the pandemic behind our backs, i.e. get the damn vaccines. So you’ll have to make excuses Anthony Faucice (and the rest of Joe Biden administration) if they are at the end of their rope with what we would never dare call, but someone might mock a little, these selfish king-mother idiots.

Appear on CNN on Saturday — a day after Biden to speak Social media companies like Facebook are “killing” people by allowing the spread of misinformation about vaccines, his later critique clarify by saying that he meant that about a dozen Facebook user are killing people with misinformation — Fauci says if the world has to deal with these anti-scientific expert in previous years, it would never have made it into existence. Request by Jim Acosta If he thinks “we could have defeated measles or eliminated polio if you had Fox News, night after night, warning people about vaccine problems is just trivial,” Fauci replied, “We will probably still get smallpox, and we might still have polio in this country if we have the kind of misinformation that is being spread now. “

Fauci, of course, has been a sworn enemy since the pandemic began, thanks to the fact that he stands for all the things they despise (science, many degrees), and not just telling people what to do in the middle of a global health crisis, but showing a degree of disrespect by blindly disagreeing with everything Donald Trump talk about viruses, never Once told reporters, “Actually, I think injecting bleach into your veins is a great idea and personally I’m going to try it tonight.” It would all be just another day in the crazy town of the GOP if it weren’t for the fact that literally lives are at stake. Of course, they are.

In an analysis published in Monday, washington articles suggests that the coronavirus is on the rise among the unvaccinated, especially in places where the “more contagious, stronger” delta variant has gained a foothold.

Adjusted rates in some states suggest that the pandemic is spreading rapidly among the unvaccinated as happened during the winter spike. Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Nevada and Louisiana all had spikes in coronavirus infections among unvaccinated people, with adjusted rates doubling or tripling the national adjusted rate.

“We are on an exponential curve,” says Mark Williams, Fay W. Boozman, Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Arkansas for Health Sciences. “The plain variant is an animal that is different from wild animals [original] variant. It is more contagious and much more toxic. Williams expects case rates among unvaccinated people to be higher than during the winter spike. “I don’t know how we can avoid it at the moment,” he said. .

Like the deaths, hospitalizations from COVID-19 are almost exclusively confined to unvaccinated patients. When current hospital use is applied only to the unvaccinated population, Nevada, Missouri, Arkansas, and Florida have rates that range from double to triple the national adjusted rate. “Ninety-eight percent of people hospitalized with COVID in Arkansas have not been immunized,” Williams said. Although treatments are better than they are initially, a large portion of patients end up in intensive care, and mortality among these patients remains high, experts say. | Anthony Fauci tells Anti-Vaxxers to sit down and STFU as COVID cases spike


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