Answers Wordle 213 for January 18, 2022

Today’s Sermon for Tuesday, January 18, is not easy; Here are some tips and solutions for word puzzles.

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Simple but challenging word guessing game named Wordle took over the Internet like a hurricane by the end of this year. The game can be accessed through an internet browser on a phone or computer, making it very simple for anyone to start playing. The way it all works is that every 24 hours a new word appears on Wordle websites and people just have a number trying to guess what the five letter word is. After each guess from the player, the color of the tiles will change to show which tile is right or wrong.


If the Wordle box is grayed out, it means that the selected letter is not in the word at all. If the cell turns yellow, it means the letter is in the wrong place, but it exists in Wordle Riddle. And finally, if a brick turns green, the letter is in the right place.

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Correct the answer to Wordle 213 is below for players to see, but for those who don’t want to cheat right away, there are some helpful hints below to help. These suggestions won’t give a complete answer but will keep players on track for today’s challenging Wordle. And since Wordle currently no ads or microtransactions, players can spend all day today solving it without interruption. However, this puzzle will disappear once the next one comes online, which resets every 24 hours.

Wordle 213 Hints

  • Wordle today there are two vowels in it
  • Wordle today has three consonants
  • Today’s Wordle begins with the letter “P”
  • Wordle today ends with the letter “Y”
  • Wordle today starts with “PRO”
  • No letter appears more than once

Answers Wordle 213 for January 18, 2022

Vocabulary answer January 18, 2022

The the answer to Wordle puzzle number 213 for January 18, 2022, is PROXY. For those who don’t know, the word proxy is a noun whose definition is: “Authority to represent others, especially in voting.” An example of Authority used in a sentence that could be something like: “The man couldn’t vote in the current election, so he nominated someone else to do Authority. “

Those who have found the word for Today’s conundrum should be proud of. Although proxy is not the most common word in the English language, it is not used very often in everyday conversations.

Wordle Playable on PC and mobile devices here.

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