Another Studio Should Make Star Wars Battlefront 3 If EA Doesn’t Want It

EA hasn’t shown any rush to develop a third Star Wars Battlefront, and it may be time for another developer to take the helm.

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The Star Wars The gaming license has been in EA’s hands for almost ten years now, and in those ten years gamers have suffered some incredibly low lows, sometimes satisfying highs. Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the volume of Star Wars games that have launched under EA’s management, especially considering they’re largely in the same genre. Games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order proved to be pleasant surprises, but one of the biggest flaws was EA’s handling of Star Wars franchise and its recent oblivion of a potential Star Wars Battlefront 3.


It’s no secret to most gamers that EA’s Star Wars matrix joint ventures in general did not go well. The first reboot of the series lacked many of the same features as the original, and then it seemed Star Wars Battlefront 2 able to expand the series to new heights, a development system based on microtransactions and lootboxes lifted the game’s reputation out of the gate. In recent months, it has been revealed that EA has no intention of creating a Star Wars Battlefront 3 anytime soon, and with the exclusive deal coming to an end, the franchise could be better off in the hands of another studio.

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Preserving the Legacy of Star Wars Battlefront

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If EA is not willing to provide Star Wars Battlefront 3 an opportunity, it is imperative that the franchise is not allowed to go dormant again. A lot of Star Wars fans are all too familiar with the heartbreaking story of the original cancellation Star Wars Battlefront 3 after LucasArts was dissolved, and the franchise’s return was, to begin with, a miracle. matrix has become one of the pillars of Star Wars gaming history since first joining, offers a unique sci-fi shooter experience that chronicles the long history of a galaxy far, far away. To lose that again would be a blow to the franchise’s legacy.

Developers can make Star Wars Battlefront 3

One of the brightest news for Star Wars fans don’t like the right to use EA’s assets because many other developers have been working on new Star Wars the projects. Ubisoft’s Open World Star Wars position became known to the public in the better part of this year and Quantic Dream recently revealed Star Wars Eclipse at The Game Awards 2021. With so many developers now poised for EA’s contract to end, that opens the door for EA to transfer responsibility to another studio so fans can still get some Front 3 that they had hoped for.

There are a number of different developers that can lead Star Wars Battlefront 3 similar in size to Front 2. Consider Ubisoft has developed its own single player Star Wars game, it can flex its multiplayer muscles by introducing its own spin into a new game matrix entrance. Bungie would also be an excellent candidate given its experience on Halo and Life, but that may be wishful thinking given the commitment Bungie has made in expansion Fate 2 become one of the biggest live service games on the market.

EA is not willing to approach a Star Wars was a disappointing blow to fans who have stuck with the franchise from the start. When EA’s contract for the asset eventually ends, this decision will more than likely represent the company’s larger relationship with Star Wars. With all the potential that allows EA and all gamers to be satisfied with innovative new titles, EA has instead decided to end its contract with its broken reputation and chance of being disqualified. miss.

THAN: Star Wars Eclipse may not come out until 2027

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