Anos Voldigoad’s strongest abilities, ranking

The outsider of the Demon King Academy is a fantasy series that focuses on the exploits of the demon king Anos Voldigoad after his reincarnation in a relatively peaceful era. Two thousand years ago, in his original lifetime, Anos was referred to as the demon king of tyranny and feared by many as one of the strongest beings in existence. He sacrificed himself to end a conflict between species that had no end in sight, effectively leading to the current era of peace where demons are significantly weaker than in the past.

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Among the most overpowered characters in anime, Anos Voldigoad is definitely one of the strongest. He possesses several superhuman attributes and immense magical power to back it up. In addition, he is nearly invulnerable and possesses powers that can shame even gods. Here are some of the strongest abilities Anos has displayed or is known to possess.


10 Beno Leven

After the war two thousand years ago, from the current timeline of history, the Beno Leven Wall was built to separate the different species. It is an absurdly robust construct that could not be penetrated by any force that would tear it down, not even the gods themselves.

The barrier was originally created with the combined power of Anos and a few other prominent figures. It was primarily designed to keep gods and other enormously powerful beings away. Despite the nature of its initial use, it can now be used by Anos alone to protect itself and even has offensive abilities.

9 Magic Eyes of Destruction

In general, magic eyes allow for a better understanding of the structure and flow of magic, meaning they allow individuals to learn complex magic with relative ease. However, stronger magic eyes exist in the Outsiders of the Demon King Academy Series. These are special types that grant unique abilities to their wielder, and one of these special types are the powerful magical eyes of destruction.

These eyes, as their name suggests, possess the ability to destroy multiple things in their user’s field of vision. This includes people, objects, and even other spells. They are also capable of rendering people unconscious for long periods of time. Being a being possessed of a pair of these eyes, Anos is easily capable of all these feats.

8th besd

This spell allows its caster to interact with a person’s source. A person’s source, also called core, is the origin on which his existence is based. It is something that is inherently invisible to the naked eye and cannot be manipulated.

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However, with the Bebesd spell, the core of a person becomes tangible to the caster. In this state, the core appears in a spherical shape and is easily damaged or even destroyed. Additionally, when a person’s core is aggressively manipulated, the possessor must experience excruciating pain incomparable to that of any other type of injury.

7 Jio Graze

Jio Graze is high-class fire magic, originally thought to be the strongest of its class. It was first used by Sasha Necron in her teamfight against Anos, but was easily countered. Anos, the supreme being that he is, later showed the true potential of this spell during the inter-academy trials.

He summoned a large mass of energy, possessing a small fraction of the power of the sun, and dropped it onto a lake, causing all the water in the area to evaporate. It’s also worth noting that when Sasha cast this spell, she enlisted the help of several other students, while Anos cast it effortlessly on her own.

6 Aviastan Jiara

Created by the Wizard King Bomiras himself, this spell was fire magic even stronger than Jio Graze. Unfortunately, it had a side effect of causing its user to burst into flames while casting. However, Anos demonstrated his superior understanding of magic and modified the spell and can now cast it without igniting himself.

Anos primarily uses the ability to coat his own body, meaning anyone or anything he touches would be subject to the effects of the spell. It’s often used in conjunction with other spells like Bebesd, meaning it can significantly damage a core by touching it, making it a really impressive ability.

5 Incredible strength and speed

Anos has been shown to possess ridiculous strength when the situation calls for it, as seen when he casually lifted Sasha Necron’s team burg and rotated her with a single finger, consequently throwing her a considerable distance. On another occasion, he effortlessly moved the moon with his hands and stated that he would have no trouble doing the same with a star.

It’s also incredibly overpowered when it comes to speed. He is able to move much faster than the speed of light and once caught a spear aimed at him, ignoring all laws of distance and even defying the laws of space-time.

4 Magic eyes of chaotic destruction

These magical eyes possess the power to alter various laws and concepts that govern the universe. In the mythical age, before the reincarnation of Anos, they served as the original magical eyes of Anos. Just by using these eyes there is nothing that cannot be destroyed. They are capable of wreaking havoc on a universal level, ultimately leading to the end of the world.

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Additionally, they protect their user from other law-changing abilities, as demonstrated when they disabled the Beld Rase Femblem, an ability that could predetermine their target’s fate.

3 Gilieriam Naviem

Said to have the power to destroy the world multiple times, this ability is one of the strongest magics Anos has ever wielded. It manifests over seven steps, with Anos’ powers growing exponentially with each step. It can be used to level various magics to a level that allows them to perform feats they were originally unable to do.

Without even taking a single step after activating Gilieriam Naviem, Anos was able to obliterate the Gear Sword Vertexfemblem, an extremely powerful sword that had previously damaged his arm. Then, after taking six more steps, he completely defeated the God of Gears Eques.

2 Egil Gröne Angdroa

Egil Grone Angdroa takes the form of flames which, if left unchecked, will lead to the destruction of the universe and potentially expand to thousands of other universes. It draws on the power of both the god of creation and the god of destruction, along with that of Anos himself.

There is no limit to what this magic can destroy and has been declared extremely difficult to control as it is a form of origin magic. Although it can take the form of uncontrollable flames, it is actually composed of properties very different from fire.

1 Demon Sword Venuzdonoa

The Demon Sword Venuzdona is a sword created by Anos himself, capable of infinite destruction. No matter what plane, reality, law, or concept the target is aimed at, Venudzona is capable of erasing them all from existence. It is known as a sword that defies reason, as it can also change laws that stand in the way of its purpose.

The main limitation of this power is that it cannot be used while Anos is far from the Demon King Castle Delsgade. This is not a major limitation, however, as Anos can summon the castle from anywhere in the world, although its summoning consumes a considerable amount of magical power.

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