‘Annie Live!’ Is The Last Dead Breath Of Emotions TV

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I think, perhaps, we’ve reached the climax of “it’s nice to watch something good” on television.

For a while, this was a holiday treat. ONE devil deranged The sound of music? A Christmas gift. One unhinged Peter Pan? A winter hug. That Hairspray live performance? Well… it’s really brilliant and I refuse to cover it up.

But in the past two years (we now add an “s” to “year” when talking about Our COVID reality) the things that we consume from a graceful point of view because they are cheerful and well-intentioned are not just annual treats. They are constants.

Haunted everyday beasts

Everything we can’t stop loving, hating, and thinking about this week in pop culture.

We’ve spent these years — again — giving thanks for the healthy antidotes that diverted our cynical, nihilistic existence. Quality doesn’t matter when public service is essential: make us happy though [gestures at the world] all this.

And yet, everything has a breaking point.

Annie Live! is a good version of the musical Annie. That’s not a compliment.

We may convene a salon to discuss the questions this program raises from a 2021 perspective. What is Annie, if not government propaganda? Why do we give praise? Hamilton when Annie pioneered the idea of ​​Cabinet meetings as some music? Who would be brave enough to give Daddy Warbucks a haircut? And, mainly, how did we think for ourselves Annie a good musical?

This is where the stress lies. I can explore so many aspects of Thursday night Annie Live! aired on NBC, but those were problems with the material itself and, for the most part, unrelated to the healthy enthusiasm with which the production was mounted. And, on this cold December night, it’s nice to snuggle up under my blanket with a glass of wine and do what I want: Support Megan Hilty’s cause in any way, in any form.

It is rewarding to see that “watching hate” has evolved into “watching grudgingly.” Live versions of The sound of music and Peter Pan is Patient Zero and One of those “hate-watching” phenomena, where people tune in with a frenzied playfulness to ridicule and insult.

As a lover of the musical theater and wishing every day I was talented enough to do it, it was a pleasure to broadcast these musicals live, for the whole family and for gay men to enjoy. Drunk and lonely on their couch. When I scrolled through Twitter on Thursday night, I saw people poking fun, sure. But mostly in the spirit of “are we unlucky that this even exists to make fun of?”

However, the question remains as to how long we can feel lucky and not feel indebted. Like owe something good. Or do we have to say “Wow, it’s nice to see something cool”, when something like Annie Live! on air, because everything else about our lives is just so horrible.

I don’t like confronting the paralyzed demon of my sleep – Harry Connick Jr. in a cap – on this not-so-fun Thursday night. I don’t have to reflexively clap (from my couch?) after the most talented choir members in the industry sing a protest song about Herbert Hoover. I didn’t have to watch Mrs. Pugh lose her dream because Oliver Warbucks would work through dinner thinking, “I want to know her story.”

And yet, I cried. Yes, I cried while watching Annie Live!. I have become an imitation of myself.

Celina Smith, the young girl cast as Annie, is amazing. The beauty of her performance though isn’t just the natural tightening to “Maybe” and “Tomorrow”—but, to continue my point about this being a worse musical than they are. As far as I remember, both take place within the first 10 minutes of the show – it’s in terms of emotional shock and the things she brings to the scenes in the book. Annie has a terrible infamous scenario. This is an award-deserving achievement.

We are all lucky that Nicole Scherzinger gets to perform for us. At some point, we’ll all have to accept the fact that Nicole Scherzinger is the greatest entertainer of our generation. That she’s not given the suits she deserves is a Hollywood-only shame, but at least she gets a meal out of the money she gets. Do yourself a favor and seek out her performance as Maureen in To rent on Youtube. Google “Nicole Scherzinger” and “Phantom of the Opera” and prepare you to lose weight. I don’t have a conscience to advise anyone to watch the musical’s TV version of Dirty Dancing, but know this: She was in it, and gave the performance of her life.

“We are all lucky that Nicole Scherzinger gets to perform for us. At some point, we’ll all have to accept the fact that Nicole Scherzinger is the greatest entertainer of our generation.”

I was struck by the many different characters that Taraji P. Henson played on Thursday night. I’m not sure it was Miss Hannigan, but she was happy and so was I. Annie, “Easy Street” slaps, so we were lucky enough to see it performed by Henson, Tituss Burgess, and Hilty. Megan Hilty, forever flawless. (Is there a role in the world more exciting than Lily St. Regis?)

The kids are great. This is 2021 Annie. Early awareness and being able to get along are not enough. Now we are flipping. We are doing aerials. We’re turning “Never Full Dressed Without a Smile” into such a fun song that Kevin gets up and dances to them.

There’s a song about New York City called “NYC” that features tap dancers, a former contestant of So you think you can dance, and who I can only assume is a Tisch who recently buckled her seat belt for her life. It was a riot. That is insanity. I’ll be singing it in my head every time I leave my apartment for the next two weeks.

These are all… nice. But Annie Live! too bad. And I hate myself for saying it. I feel like I don’t allow to say it.

We’re still in this space where we have to appreciate the effort and intent of anything like this. Everything is dark, and here are some talented people trying to bring some light.

Well, if they’re so talented then why aren’t the lights a little brighter?

This is a messy review as I don’t even really get around the show. I really loved all three hours of watching Annie Live! on Thursday night. When can you cancel all plans because you’re about to watch Nicole Scherzinger merrily whisper “we’ve got Annie” and Taraji P. Henson live her life while making a messy cartoon about her Hannigan?

I’m just more curious about when we’ll allow ourselves to have standards again. I’ve been appreciating good things for a while. But at some point, Sunset sale not a fun pastime, it really is the worst show on television. Emily in Paris not escapism; it’s total rubbish made to make you forget you’re watching while scrolling through your phone. And Annie Live! not just a holiday event, but something as worthy of a trial as television.

Then again, the bastard will write “That Annie Was it bad what they did on NBC for families to watch together? I guess, at this point, it’s me. ‘Annie Live!’ Is The Last Dead Breath Of Emotions TV


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