Anna Sorokin became a lover of the art world by literally recording

On the Lower East Side of New York City last night, “Free Anna Delvey! Free Anna Delvey! ‘ cried a stampede crowd. Many i-Phone cameras, local TV staff, and some documentary videographers will cycle around chanting. In the center of it, holding up a phone with the prison communication app “Getting Out” installed, was art curator Alfredo Martinez. This is a four-hour scene from an art exhibit dedicated to convicted artist Anna “Delvey” Sorokin.

During a call from Sorokin to Martinez that took place around 9 p.m., Sorokin, speaking from the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, NY, told partygoers over the phone that she was “so grateful” for the service. their support and her number one wish for 2022 is “get out of jail! ”

“Zdank you, Thyank you. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening! ‘ said Sorokin, an invisible man with a hoarse voice and an incomprehensible voice.

Sorokin is the subject of the hugely popular Netflix series Invented Anna and has become something of the “Tiger King” of the post-Covid era. Sorokin is currently in custody and is resisting deportation to Germany. Five of her drawings/cartoons, in collaboration with the artist and convicted forger Martinez, were included in the viewing. The images show her “manipulating the world,” noted Martinez.

The group show — taking place March 24 at 176 Delancey Street and also featuring a live caged guinea pig named “Manafort,” along with other art and installations — is “really helping Anna” in her fight against deportation, said Ira Meyerowitz, a New York attorney who said he was working as her general counsel. Her legal team is seeking an O-1 visa waiver for “advertising.” According to U.S. Customs, these are issued to someone “who has been shown to have an exceptional record in the film or television industry and has achieved national or international recognition.”

This reporter had a chance to talk briefly with Sorokin, and now she seems quite serious and attached to the arts. “I’m working right now on my personal program,” she said. It has been working. She also noted “I’m looking forward to seeing the photos and videos” of the group’s event.

Untitled, by Anna Delvey and Alfredo Martinez 2022, $10,000

Alexandra Peers

Sadly, the noise of all this really freaks the hamster out. As co-curator Julia Morrison carefully shreds the paper to create an extra cover for him, Daily Beast author, artist and writer, Anthony Haden-Guest, shouted from the back garden in front of the band’s house: I come from PETA.”

The crowd grew until it was a side slide through the Delancey Street space. Not only was no one wearing a mask, no one was wiping the cannabis pipes that were being carried around. Morrison said she wanted to help Sorokin “enter the art world” because her mother was also jailed for immigration issues.

Sorokin was charged in 2017 with fleeing New York City’s high society, bankers, luxury hotels and restaurants by posing as a German heiress.. She was found guilty of petty theft in 2019 and sentenced to four years in prison. She was released in 2021 for good behavior and was scheduled to be deported earlier this week but had a plane crash, according to her immigration attorney.

“We’re here for you, it’s okay, I have a bottle of tequila for when you’re out.”

– Banqueter

The crowd featured a number of sweaty young adults who still looked like they were using their parents’ Netflix accounts, but fashion and art buffs also attended. Much-published street photographer Ruben Natal-San Miguel – dressed in “Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Converse” – surprised the number of “double Anna Delvey” at the party. Some 20-year-old girls wear miniskirts, boots, and sometimes chunky Celine-style glasses.

One of these continues to take the phone and comfort Sorokin. “We’re here for you, it’ll be fine, I have a bottle of tequila for when you’re out.”

How did this person know her, the reporter asked. “I never met her but I do,” she said, brandishing a bottle, “tequila!”

“You have a lot of famous people here,” says Charlene M. Stevens, a writer and manager. She opened her own pop-up art gallery at 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn earlier this month and made the comment as people took selfies on the toilet sculpture in the middle of the room. (“It’s Duchampian!”)


Anna on ICE, by Anna Delvey and Alfredo Martinez 2022, $10,000

Alexandra Peers

A quarter of the proceeds from the group show are pledged to Sorokin’s legal fees (the total amount is not yet available.) She may need the money. “There’s a lot of lawyers, a lot of people around who think they’re going to get paid,” explains Morrison. Meyerowitz said he’s not worried about that with the temperament of a man who hopes to be able to buy Gstaad.

When the event ended, the crowd started running to the nearby 99 cent Valencia Pizza. At the counter, we encountered Natal-San Miguel again. Did he come home to watch “Inventing Anna”? He said: “No, no, no, she is a scammer. I’m watching [Netflix’s new series] ‘Andy Warhol’s Diary.’ He is a good artist. “ Anna Sorokin became a lover of the art world by literally recording

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