Animal Crossing: New Horizons – The strangest request in Happy Home Paradise

Animal Crossing: New Horizons just released its first paid DLC: Happy Home Paradise. Fans of the series may have played Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on the 3DS, which is a standalone game from which the new DLC draws much of its inspiration. In Happy Home Paradise, the player is put to work for Lottie, the owner of the motel company Paradise Planning.

In this DLC, the player is responsible for finding customers and design their dream vacation home. Customers are villagers – who can either move to the player’s island or spawn on Nook Miles. Each client has a unique request that they want their home themed around, complete with a title and three must-have furniture pieces. Some of the requests are troublesome, such as “My shabby home” or “A place to work.” However, some themes are much more strange and unexpected.


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A house half built

nintendo acnh conversion strange request of the villagers

For players who take on quests in the house of the gorilla villager Cesar, they will be happy to know that they only have to do half the job. Cesar’s request was, “I want an unfinished place…” Given the requirement for cones, safety barriers and cement mixers, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gorilla isn’t kidding – apparently, his dream home is one that’s under construction forever.

Hideout in the toilet

nintendo acnh conversion strange request of the villagers

Lionel the lion village requested a bathroom themed house, explaining, “You can never have too many toilets when the company ends“His request was not one, but two different toilets and a simple sink. Lionel clearly knows his friends (and their bathroom needs).

The place to light the fire

nintendo acnh conversion strange request of the villagers

Phoebe is not afraid of fire. In fact, the people of this ostrich village would love to be surrounded by it. She said, “My house has to match my burning drive! I’m heating up!” This isn’t a metaphor, as her home needs a stage burner, bonfire, and campfire, so designers might be wise to include a fire extinguisher in their plans.

Calorie Castle Come-and-Go

nintendo acnh conversion strange request of the villagers

A lot of villagers ask for food or gym themed houses, but Villagers exclusive card Sanrio amiibo Marty wants both. “I wanted a place to eat and then immediately start sweating,” he says, ordering Pompompurin pudding, a yoga mat and a can of milk. Apparently, this bear has calorie counting – it counts calories up, then switches to counting calories burned instantly.

My Messy Manor

nintendo acnh conversion strange request of the villagers

Players can polish furniture in Happy Home Paradise until it shines, but hippo Harry doesn’t care about that service. He wants everything messy, requires a sink and a sloppy sofa. Harry really wanted to be comfortable in his own home, as he explained: “Give me a place where I can be as messy as I want!”

Room with smoke

nintendo acnh conversion strange request of the villagers

Smoke inhalation is extremely dangerous and can be deadly, but apparently not for hamsters. The villagers of Hamphrey couldn’t get enough, saying, “I want to relax in a place with a strong smoky scent. Mmm!” Fire safety experts don’t recommend keeping smokers and fireplaces indoors, but Phoebe and Hamphrey should visit each other; Looks like they might get along.

These villagers know what they want, and they are not afraid to ask for it. The best designers in Happy Home Paradise non-judgmental and always offer, upgrade to Famous Designer position. Whether a villager needs a nook for simple reading or a fully involved excavation site, they can count on Paradise Planning.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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