Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Kapp’n Tours will give players more control

Mule is a series about collecting things as well as a chance to live a second life among the cute animal villagers. Animal Crossing: New Horizons enhance this gathering aspect by using more interior items as outdoor decorations and setting up a DIY system using materials collected around one’s island. The game’s Version 2.0 update and Happy Home Paradise DLC takes things a step further by more items like the fan-favorite Froggy Chair. Version 2.0 also makes it easier for players to fill their museum.

Blathers’ Museum has been a mainstay of the Mule since the beginning, acts as a hub for players to donate fossils, artwork, as well as fish and bugs that rotate each season. New horizons‘museum is the largest museum and has only been expanded over time. An art wing was added along with Redd’s dubious shop in April 2020, and Version 2.0 includes Brewster’s cafe. Last month’s update also showed a regular way to meet Redd on Harv Island, and multi-season access to bug-catching and fishing through Kapp’n . boat tours.


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When Kapp’n’s tours were first announced during Animal Crossing Direct in September 2021, it was said that he would take players to places only he knew – such as the the island has “mysterious flora”, either set to a different season or time of day. It’s immediately obvious Kapp’n aims to make it easier to collect bugs and fish, like Harv Island benefits the arts. In practice, however, the service would be more powerful if players had a little more control over where Kapp’n takes them.

New Horizons boat tour basics

kappn choose error catching fish nintendo switch

Kapp’n settles at each island’s pier after players bring their island to a three-star rating and unlock KK Slider concerts. It’s similar to mystery tours accessible via Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘Dodo Airlines – except open only once per day for 1,000 Miles, instead of whenever a player has a Mile Ticket (each leg is worth 2,000 Miles).

Dodo Airlines tours are useful for finding new villagers when an open space and there are rare islands that help grind Bells or get some fish or bugs. However, Kapp’n offers an entirely different set of benefits. Each player who visits the island via a boat tour has a Gyroid Shard and doing this is necessary to find Brewster and open his coffee shop. Kapp’n’s set of rare islands is also more specific, with the aforementioned seasonal variations offering everything from a summer paradise filled with Seashells to a snow-covered island. The player can also go to the Star Fragment islands to supply ingredients that would otherwise be locked up after Celeste’s meteor shower.

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How to rebalance Kapp’n . boat tours

kappn choose error catching fish nintendo switch

The arrival of Kapp’n boat tours is well-timed, as it gives new and veteran players a chance to grab seasonal items they might have missed before Version 2.0. removed. However, it’s a more useful system for hopeful players collect the gyros more for those who want to fill their museum. Players will mainly find “normal” islands, islands with vegetables or islands covered with moss and vines. There is only about a three percent chance of seeing any of the rare islands.

It makes sense that Nintendo would avoid letting players choose where they want to visit as this would take away the pleasant surprise of receiving a rare island and potentially make the museum – a long-term project – too easy to complete. However, it would be nice if Kapp’n gave players a bit more agency to contrast with the still-random Dodo Airlines tours. Maybe he could ask Which season do you want to watch more? as a means of weighing the odds, as each will likely fall short of more collections from time to time.

The way boat tours are designed also balances this power. There’s only one tour per day which means providing a wider selection of what to look for won’t go completely awry New horizons‘ economy. Rare mysterious islands can still be random occurrences regardless of the season, such as Star Fragment islands or islands dedicated to specific materials such as mushrooms. Either way, it would be a good bone to throw away the itchy players who collect all of the museum’s framed posters.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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