Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0

There’s a lot to experience with the huge 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, from brand new locations to new and back characters. Those interested in KK Slider songs will surely be pleased to know that the free update also adds 12 new tracks for players to listen to as they enjoy their island life.

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As with most of the other tracks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they all have their own unique sound and are inspired by different musical styles. With this in mind, certain fans prefer certain tracks over others, even so, having some new music to listen to almost two years on from the game’s first release. Play is great.


Updated January 18, 2022, by Tom Bowen: Along with Tom Nook and Isabelle, KK Slider is one of the most popular characters in the Animal Crossing series. Music Mutant was live inspired by Kazumi Totoka – who is responsible for creating the iconic soundtracks of the series – and has appeared in every Animal Crossing game in the mainstream to date. New Horizons’ 2.0 update brings the total number of KK Slider tracks in the game to an impressive 110, making it the most musically diverse title in the series. For those who like to collect them in the game, here is a list of 12 New KK Slider song in update 2.0 as well as information on how players can get them.

All new KK Slider songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Concert Animal Crossing KK Slider

12 new KK Slider songs have been added 2.0 Animal Crossing: New Horizons update We:

  • Chillwave
  • KK Bashment
  • KK Break
  • KK Chorinho
  • KK Dub
  • KK Fugue
  • KK Hop
  • KK Khoomei
  • KK lovers
  • KK Polka
  • KK Robot Synth
  • KK Slack-Key

These new songs join 98 other songs KK Slider Songs players can join Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once acquired, tracks can be played on any music player. This includes the new music boxes that were added along with the 12 songs above in the 2.0 update.

How to get new KK slide songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing KK Slider Playing

There are two ways to refresh KK Slider follow in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

  • Buy them from the Nook stop inside the Service Residence building
  • Request them from KK Slider while he’s performing on the island

The Nook stop will have a new, randomly selected song for purchase each day; each one costs 3,200 yen bell. This grouping also includes all the original tracks, though, so with 103 songs to pull from, it’s probably better to request the tracks directly from the musician to quickly get them all. all new KK songs in 2.0 update.

How to request a song from KK Slider

Animal Crossing New Horizons kk Slider before residential services

Iconic animal musicians come to the player’s island every Saturday after KK .’s first show. From 6pm to 12am local time, the player can request a specific song from him. To do this, they will need to enter the exact name of the song they want to get, which will make KK play it. Once the performance is over, KK will give the player a copy of the first song they ask to keep.

This means that players will have to wait 12 weeks to receive all of the new KK Slider songs by claiming them, although technically they can time travel to get their hands on a little earlier. However, they will need to be careful if they decide to go this route, as perishable items like radishes will go bad if the game detects that the player has gone back in time.

Every KK slide song in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As mentioned above, the addition of 12 new songs brings the total KK Slider follow in Animal Crossing: New Horizons up to an impressive 110. However, it is worth noting that three of these songs (Hazure01, Hazure02 and Hazure03) are not available to the player, while the other three songs (Drivin’, Animal City and Hazure03) are not available to the player. Farewell) can only be obtained if the player requests it. On the other hand, they are directly from KKKK Birthday, cannot be claimed and are only available on the player’s birthday.

  1. Agent KK
  2. Hello KK
  3. Animal City
  4. Bubblegum KK
  5. Coffee KK
  6. Comrade KK
  7. DJ KK
  8. Driven’
  9. Goodbye
  10. Forest life
  11. Go KK Rider
  12. Hypno KK
  13. I love you
  14. Imperial KK
  15. KK Adventure
  16. KK Aria
  17. KK Ballad
  18. KK Bazaar
  19. KK .’s birthday
  20. KK Blues
  21. KK Bossa
  22. KK Calypso
  23. KK Casbah
  24. KK Chorale
  25. KK Condor
  26. Country KK
  27. KK Cruises’
  28. KK D&B
  29. KK Dirge
  30. KK Disco
  31. KK Dixie
  32. KK Etude
  33. KK Faire
  34. KK Flamenco
  35. KK folk
  36. KK Fusion
  37. KK Groove
  38. KK Gumbo
  39. KK House
  40. KK . Island
  41. KK Jazz
  42. KK Jongara
  43. KK lamented
  44. KK Love Song
  45. KK Lullaby
  46. KK Mambo
  47. KK Marathon
  48. KK in March
  49. KK Mariachi
  50. Metal KK
  51. KK Milonga
  52. KK Moody
  53. KK Oasis
  54. KK parade
  55. KK Ragtime
  56. KK Rally
  57. KK Reggae
  58. KK Rock
  59. KK Rockabilly
  60. KK Safari
  61. KK Salsa
  62. KK Samba
  63. KK Ska
  64. KK Sonata
  65. KK Song
  66. KK Soul
  67. KK . steppe
  68. KK Stroll
  69. KK Swing
  70. KK Synth
  71. KK Tango
  72. KK Technopop
  73. KK Waltz
  74. KK Western
  75. King KK
  76. Lucky KK
  77. Marine Song 2001
  78. Song on the mountain
  79. UK KK
  80. My space
  81. Neapolitan
  82. Only me
  83. Think
  84. Rockin ‘KK
  85. KK has a soul
  86. KK . space
  87. spring flowers
  88. Small cake
  89. Steep hill
  90. Surfing KK
  91. K. Funk
  92. Take beside
  93. Two days ago
  94. Wandering
  95. Welcome horizon
  96. Chillwave
  97. KK Bashment
  98. KK Break
  99. KK Chorinho
  100. KK Dub
  101. KK Fugue
  102. KK Hop
  103. KK Khoomei
  104. KK lovers
  105. KK Polka
  106. KK Robot Synth
  107. KK Slack-Key
  108. Hazure01
  109. Hazure02
  110. Hazure03

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now out for Nintendo Switch.

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