Andrew Cuomo Gets Crushed by Republican Challenger in Fundraising Battle

Republican Representative Lee Zeldin announced that he has raised more than $4 million in fundraising since the launch of his gubernatorial campaign, surpassing the roughly $2.5 million that the Democratic Gov. owner Andrew Cuomo raised.

Zeldin raised his money in just three months while Cuomo raised his fund in the first six months of the year, according to Fox News.

“Since announcing our campaign, we’ve been going full throttle, cycling to metal every day, visiting every borough in New York, and the best part is that this is the lowest gear we’ve ever owned. yes,” said the Republican congressman.

“We won’t slow down until Election Day 2022, when we end Andrew Cuomo’s reign and restore New York to glory.”


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Zeldin kicked off his campaign on April 8 during an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” and raised $1 million on his first day as a candidate.

He is a four-term lawmaker and a supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Zeldin’s Campaign reported Thursday that Zeldin has received donations from more than 9,000 New Yorkers from all 62 counties.

Do you think a Republican would be able to win this blue state?

Of the 12,500 donations, 94 percent were $250 or less.

“New Yorkers are passionate and passionate about saving our State, and they are taking action,” Zeldin said in a statement.

“Over the past 3 months, together, we have built a foundation of grassroots support from every corner of our state, filled with New Yorkers who believe we have what it takes to fight fires. Andrew Cuomo in 2022.”

He added, “Now, we have more support than ever to prove it.”

Despite being overtaken this year, Cuomo’s campaign reported Thursday that it has $18.5 million in hand.


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The Democratic governor faces a state investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and a federal investigation into COVID-19 deaths in a nursing home.

Cuomo continued maintain he’s “nothing wrong.”

A poll from Siena . College Research Institute released earlier this month showed that 23% poll respondents said that Cuomo should resign immediately and 39% said he should end his term but not run for re-election.

Cuomo’s office has yet to officially announce that the Democratic governor is seeking another term, but he said in May 2019 that he wants to run for a fourth term.

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Erin Coates was the editor of The Western Journal for more than two years before becoming a news journalist. She grew up in San Diego, California, went on to attend the University of Oregon and graduated with honors with a degree in journalism. During her time in Oregon, Erin was an editorial associate for Ethos Magazine and a freelance writer for Eugene Magazine. She has conducted research on data journalism, which has been published in the book “Data journalism: Past, Present, and Future”. Erin is an avid athlete with a heart for encouraging young girls and has served as a coach for Girls on the Run. As a writer and editor, Erin strives to foster social dialogue and tell the stories of those around her.

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Andrew Cuomo Gets Crushed by Republican Challenger in Fundraising Battle

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