Anacrosis – Regular and Special Weapons Guide

You will need to destroy countless hostile aliens in Anacrosis. Unfortunately, even though you have some pretty powerful packed weapons, the game’s equipment still lacks variety. In any case, here’s our guide to getting you the best of the best conventional and special weapons in the game Anacrosis.

Note: For more information, see guide and central feature because the Anacrosis. Likewise, please note that this guide is based on the Early Access version of the game.

Anacrosis Weapons guide – Regular and special weapons for your character

Conventional Weapons

Anacrosis There are three main weapons. These can be picked up while you are in the cabin before the start of the level, and you can also find additional bonuses as you explore. The main weapon’s ammo can be recharged by interacting with a device that charges the weapon. Furthermore, there is always a pistol to use.


The pistol is quite weak as it takes several shots before taking down an enemy. However, it has infinite ammo, and it can be used to attack if you are in a collapsed state.

Ancrs Ea Wep Gd 4


This is your good submachine gun. It has a fast rate of fire, but is only viable at close range.

Ancrs Ea Wep Gd 1


Speaking of close-range skirmishes, the Blaster (i.e. the shotgun) is generally expected to hit the mob. Unfortunately, it has a very slow fire rate and a limited clip will cause you to reload often. Also, for some odd reason, it’s as if it lacks the “power” of what you’d expect from FPS “boomsticks”.

Ancrs Ea Wep Gd 3

Plasma Rifle

In my opinion, the Plasma Rifle is the best conventional weapon in Anacrosis. It is suitable in short to medium range skirmishes and it is useful if you want to stay away from aggressive enemies.

Ancrs Ea Wep Gd 2

Special Weapons

Anacrosis There are three special weapons that can only be picked up as you progress through the levels. They are rather limited due to use or ammo clamping and they are not rechargeable.

Arc . Rifle

This is a powerful gun that can knock down enemies. A single hit will kill most regular aliens, and it also has a chain lightning effect.

Guide to Weapons Anacrusis Special Weapons Best Weapons Laser Rifles Arc Automatic Rifle Turret 2

Laser rifle

Inner Laser Rifle Anacrosis needs to be held for a second before firing its beam. The constant fire target can easily take down powerful enemies.

Anacrusis Weapons Guide Special Weapons Best Weapons Laser Rifles Arc Rifles Automatic Turrets 1

Automatic Turret

This device may be dropped in one location but cannot be picked up again. Once deployed, it scans in a forward cone and shoots enemies it detects. The targeting seems to be a bit delayed.

Note: Since we discussed weapons in Anacrosis, Be sure to review ours grenade/explosive guide and privileged guide.

Guide to Weapons Anacrosis Special Weapons Best Weapons Laser Rifles Arc Automatic Rifle Turret 3

Anacrosis available through Sauna, the Epic game store, and Xbox Game Pass. For more information, see guide and central feature. Anacrosis – Regular and Special Weapons Guide


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