An 82-year-old man went to the hospital to pick up a turkey after the ATV gang ousted him

An 82-year-old man who survived a brutal attack by an ATV gang described the experience as a “nightmare”.

“He was about to pick up a turkey. That’s all he’s doing. A simple 7:30 p.m. chore,” his daughter said in an interview with WCVB-TV.

“You wouldn’t think it would be a dangerous moment if someone had to go out.”

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying members of a group of 30 to 40 ATVs and ATVs who caused the incident in Boston on Nov.


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The attack began near Boston’s iconic Fenway Park, WCVB reported. The victim’s car was forced to the side of the road, where some of the riders started banging on the windows. The victim then drove over the Bowker Overpass to Storm Drive. He is heading to a police station. The ATV gangs followed.

According to police, the driver continued onto Soldiers Field Road in an attempt to “drive away from suspects.” The victim was stopped in traffic on the Cambridge Street ramp in the Allston neighborhood. According to investigators, one of the riders attacked the man as he rolled down the window to beg motorists in another car to call 911.

In the end, the victim was also not allowed to join the traffic and drove his dilapidated car to a gas station. According to the WCVB report, he got out of the car and collapsed. Boston EMS then arrived on the scene and took the man to St. Elizabeth.

He just had a heart surgery.

Do you think this would happen if the victim was armed?

“The only thing he can do is protect his heart,” the daughter told reporters. “That’s why he has such a big bruise on his arm.”

“He did nothing wrong,” said the daughter. “He was simply traveling somewhere and then he was attacked, and it’s heartbreaking for us to learn that it’s not safe for our 82-year-old father to go out alone.”

The daughter says that she is, “It is generally discouraging for humanity to learn that someone – or more than someone – can rally and defeat a defenseless elderly man.”

It is more than discouraging. Really angry.

The question, “Who does it?” has become too popular. I got it stories like this almost every day, it seems, and wonder if they are being accepted as normal.


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When Police station destroyed and violent crime freely placed, a civilization based on law, order and respect for human dignity – Western civilization – is in grave danger.

Then the question becomes, “Who will stand up for what is right?” Who will protect the elderly from violent thugs?

Who will stand up to protect women from being raped?

As Breitbart reported, an illegal alien in Pennsylvania was charged raping a woman on a train on October 13. Passengers on the train recorded the rape on their mobile phones instead of intervening.

Who does that?

Is different for example to be too much to document here.

“Who did that?” has become the defining question of our time. What happened to our society? What happened to the long tradition of fighting for truth, justice and human dignity?

How many humans have abandoned humanity? How many people have abandoned God? Seems like too much.

Author Robert E. Heinlein wrote in his novel “Beyond This Horizon”: “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when a person may have to back up his behavior with his life. “

What if the elderly Boston victim was armed? What if the woman on the train in Pennsylvania had a gun? Cowards have been known to run away when faced with their crimes.

If no one stands up to defend human dignity, shouldn’t men and women defend it themselves? The Second Amendment suggests much of the same.

The right to self-defense is possibly the most basic civil right. It is a God-given right protected by the United States Constitution.

Dignity must be protected at all costs. An 82-year-old man went to the hospital to pick up a turkey after the ATV gang ousted him

Huynh Nguyen

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