American McGee’s Third Alice Game Is Still In Proposal, But Looks Great

It’s been 21 years since Alice of Mcgee America premieres, showing a twist of Alice’s story from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where a girl with a previously innocent imagination is now haunted by how her family died in a fire. Suffering from PTSD and survivor guilt, Alice’s Wonderland has become a hostile place rife with unsettling monsters and a ruthless environment. In 2011, McGee released Alice: Madness is back, which continues Alice’s story but goes back and forth between the real world and Wonderland.

About 10 years later, fans are still waiting for a third game, as McGee himself mentioned that he always envisions series as a trilogy. Recommend a third game, now called Alice: Asylum, was recently shared publicly by McGee in August 2021. The game has a lot of great concepts in terms of enemies, gameplay, costumes, weapons, characters, locations, and overall premise. McGee has hit a lot of roadblocks for this third game, and nothing has been promised yet, but the proposal sounds like what fans of the game have long wanted.


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Suggested premise

Alice: The Art of Proposing Asylum.

Originally, McGee had planned a third game as a prequel to the series, but that idea was scrapped and Alice: Asylum currently being planned take place later An angry return. The most recent scenario that McGee shared publicly featured Alice suffering from amnesia following the events of the previous game. With this in mind, Alice: Asylum can answer unanswered question last time, such as why did Wonderland and London combine at the end? What is the fate of Pris Witless and Wilton Radcliffe? Also, what happened to the other kids in Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth?

For the discovery of Wonderland, McGee came up with the idea of ​​domain names based on period of grief, especially the Kubler-Ross model that goes from shock to denial, anger, bargaining, depression, experimentation, and then acceptance. A rough sketch of these regions is the shock that would occur to the shape of the Liddell house during the fire that killed Alice’s family. To be rejected, McGee proposes an amusement park and, to anger, the Queen’s Castle. The Hatter’s domain will be the bargain, the Vale of Tears will be the downfall, and the Land of Fire and Brimstone will be the testing phase.

Recommended characters

The Red King and Queen and a circus poster of the twins.

Characters both old and new are included in McGee’s latest draft. New characters include Dark Alice, Radcliffe’s young daughter, and the Red King and Queen. The King and Queen, in some artistic concepts, look like Alice’s deceased parents. It also seems that there is also a companion rabbit doll that will follow Alice throughout the story.

However, since this will be the last Alice game, there are more familiar faces than new ones. The Tweedle twins have a lot of concept art about them in Amusement park domain idea. There is also a lot of concept art about Queen of Hearts, who was present in the previous two games. The concept art that McGee shared also includes Jabberwock, Mad Hatter, Chesire Cat, Bumby, and Radcliffe.

Recommended gameplay

Alice in the hospital bed and Alice in the tea trolley.

The gameplay McGee has planned so far looks quite similar to previous titles with lots of action games, puzzles, and mini-games. As usual, it looks like Alice will use toys as weapons with McGee sharing many of his Patreon ideas like a stuffed flamingo, an ice shaver, a chestnut cake, throwable cards, and a cake. Power-ups were also thought of, such as extra HP cakes.

McGee also mentioned the goal of making the first playthrough of the game about 10 to 12 hours to beat. He wanted the game to be high quality with a strong pacing and has no plans to sacrifice that quality for a longer game. However, he did say that DLC is out of the question. What’s out of the question are loot boxes and microtransactions. As for multiplayer, he remains neutral and mentions focusing only on single player at the moment.

How is the development going?

Separation image of Alice in the castle corridor and Alice with the injured flamingo.

Over the past 10 years, game development has been a slow slog. Fans petitioned EA twice about letting McGee make his final Alice game with thousands of signatures. EA hit a rough patch, as Spicy Horse was an indie developer who had worked under them on the previous two games and disbanded after that. An angry return. So McGee lost his former developers and EA didn’t work well with him. It requires a demo that McGee cannot purchase on its own, and EA does not accept any demos made by crowdfunding.

McGee has been quite active on Patreon in his updates and has collected money to make the game a reality. His goal is to develop a design and production plan, get it approved by EA, and raise funds to develop the game. A crowdfunding campaign is likely underway, until then fans are eagerly awaiting all of McGee’s. Update Patreon.

American McGee’s Alice available to play on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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