All You Need To Know About Mountain Bikes

John Stevenson, in his article “8 reasons why your next bike should be a mountain bike”  gave practical reasons for owning a mountain bike. First, it is fun, though sometimes you can get dirty for sliding off (and that is what makes it fun, right?). Second, it is a great way to avoid traffic, especially in peak hours. Instead of riding on the roads, they go through the hills. Not all places have lanes for bikes. Third, it boosts your bike-handling skills. Fourth, it allows you to explore places in nature that you do not usually go to. Fifth, you can have cardio exercise and endurance training. Sixth, you can go night riding, or anytime, for that matter. Seventh, it is a bonding experience with your children. Lastly, you can purchase your gears.

Generally, mountain biking is convenient for travel, good for your health, and a lot of fun. If you are a first-timer, you need to know what you should look for in a mountain bike. There are always individual preferences, so you need to find one that is right down your alley.

Things to Consider for Bikers

Before looking into the qualities of mountain bikes you need to explore, there are things to consider first. Determine first your level of biking expertise. Are you a beginner? Are you a professional biker? There are bikes which will suit your level of skill. The second thing to consider is your weight and stature. Bikes are made to suit particular frames and heights. Think about the mass of your bike, if you want it to be lightweight or heavy. What matters is you choose the one you can handily manage even in bumpy trails and hurdles. The bike you must choose must also depend on the areas you will be using it. If you will be biking in rough terrain, then you would buy a heavyweight mountain bike or a full-suspension one with a sturdy body. The frequency of your biking should also be put into consideration. If you will bike as frequently and in several kilometers. In this aspect, you need to choose one with the right wheels and saddle position. Lastly, consider your budget. There will always be ones that would fit your budget but do not sacrifice the quality. You just need to be wise in buying and buying from reputable stores.

What is a Good Mountain Bike?

In choosing the qualities of your soon-to-be bike, here are the things you need to look into.

1. Reputable manufacturer. The manufacturer does not need to be popular as long as it was known to produce high-quality MTB.

2. Trusted brands of bike components. Some household names for trusted brands are RockShox, WTB, and SR Suntour.

3. Modifiable. You can customize the bike’s parts and change them to bigger or smaller. Make sure that it can be easily upgraded.

4. Presentable. Make sure your bike is modern and stylish so that it is presentable enough to ride in public.

5. Dropper Seatpost is necessary so you can adjust the height of the seat according to your preference.

6. Adequate cushioning. For comfort while riding the bicycle in obstacles and challenging terrains.

7. Sturdy Build for long-lasting use and to guarantee that it won’t break easily, especially in humps and bumps.

8. Scratch and Rust-resistant. That is for durability’s sake.

9. Right for Its Price. Its qualities and components must be at par with its cost.

10. Warranty. Warranty is a must in case of untoward incidences or possible damage.

11. Easy to Assemble. The manufacturer must have a manual that gives clear instructions on how to assemble the MTB.

12. Easy to Maintain. One thing to avoid is the hassle of maintaining the bike.

13. Highly Recommended. Do your research and go for a bike with a good reputation and highly recommended by others.

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