All Wilhelm-7 Collected Message Locations for ‘Richest Man Alive’ Victory in Destiny 2

Fate 2Grasp of Avarice has a bunch of secrets. The Gjallarhorn Catalyst is locked behind three mini-bosses, and the player can also trace 12 audio recordings from Wilhelm-7 to obtain an extraordinary Gjallarhorn ornament in the process. More than just a decoration, however, the 12 recordings further elaborate on how Wilhelm-7 slowly became driven mad by his greed — all with a few sarcastic sentences that broke the second wall. private.

Here is the location of all the Wilhelm-7 messages for the “Richest in Life” Win Fate 2, whether you’re here for lore, completeness, or just want to decorate the Gjallarhorn.

Login One: Crystal Corridor Early to Dungeon

After you disable the crystal at the dungeon entrance, go inside and look to your left to spot this collection in the first crystal-filled tunnel. Like all the other collectibles, this one is shaped like a message in a bottle, which further enhances the pirate overtones in the dungeon.

Diary Two: Still at the top of the dungeon

Right after you defeat Hive in the cave and walk across the crystal bridge, look out for a small crack in the crystal wall to your left where you’ll find this message.

Diary Three: The Door Trapped by Booby in Gangplank Rusted

Once you’re in the Rusted Gangplank, go into the first room with the pressure plates. Before turning the lever to open the first floodgate, look up and to your left to spot the top vent and the third audio recording from the Wilhelm-7.

Diary 4: Inside the spike plates in Gangplank Rusted

After you activate the platforms and go to one of the six open flooded slots, you will come out into an area with arrows pointing to the pressure disc and with hatches that can drop you into deadly spikes. Stand next to the pressure plate, then look behind you to see a hole leading to another audio recording.

Diary of the year: By the window in a dance puzzle

When you get to the part where you have to open the door to continue, you will eventually come across a room with a window. Look to the right of the window to spot the next crawl and log gaps.

The sixth diary: In a dead end in the office

When you get to the office-like area with the stack of boxes, go inside the door with a pressure plate. Although the room seems like a dead end, you will find a crawl space behind some debris. Inside is the sixth log.

Seventh Diary: After the Goblin Escape

After you defeat the first boss, go through the newly opened door and find a very discreet tube. The seventh collection is located inside the tube. This is before the Sparrow chase area, so don’t drop down there if you’re missing this log.

Eighth Diary: On the right cheekbone of the skull

After the Sparrow chase, deactivate the last mine and the background music. The cannons take you inside a skull-shaped structure, complete with teeth, and that’s where you have to go. Look behind, then toward the right cheekbone of your skull (on your right). You will find a small ledge with collectibles.

Diary of Nine: Inside the Skull, Before Release

After you’ve cleared the Sparrow section and gotten the eighth collection, you’ll face a drop. Don’t jump in, though: there’s another collection on a crystal outcrop a little above you. The game hides it behind another set of crystals, but jumps on the ledge to get his log.

Diary 10: Fallen Shield Room, Central Island

After you’ve cleared the Fallen Shield, head to the central island where the loot crate is located. Instead of continuing, lower to the ground and look for this collectible a little ahead of the chest’s location.

Diary 11: Fallen Shield room, inside the turbine

While still in the room where you disabled the Fallen Shield, look for a giant turbine on one of the islands at the back of the room. This collection will be inside it.

Diary 12: Wilhelm-7 .’s corpse

The last log is on Wilhelm-7’s corpse, located in the inventory after completing the dungeon.

After collecting all the messages you will complete the “Richest Man Alive” Win. Exchange it from the menu for the Hraesveglur ornament for Gjallarhorn.

Screengrab via Bungie All Wilhelm-7 Collected Message Locations for ‘Richest Man Alive’ Victory in Destiny 2


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