All Voidrunner Caches In Mirrorsea

Solar ash take place in a vast, diverse, desolate world exists in a black hole called Ultravoid. Ultravoid is filled with various collections to find, including the audio log known as Voidrunner’s cache left by a group of Voidrunners intent on preventing Ultravoid from destroying their planet. The main character, Rei, can find these caches to explore what happened to the rest of her group.

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Mirrorsea region, one of the Solar ashIn later regions, there are six of these Voidrunner caches for players to find. Each contains a diary from Voidrunner, Rei’s colleague Ghozam. Finding all of Ghozam’s caches will unlock his suit for Rei to wear, which doubles her attack power against enemy ruins.

6 In the ship graveyard

Rei looked at a glowing cache on the edge of a ship heading for another island in the distance

The first Voidrunner cache can be found in the first area of ​​Mirrorsea, which is filled with the wreckage of several spaceships. Rei will need Navigate a wide range of train parts, grinding rails and launchers to find the way to the higher levels of the area before reaching the cache.

About three-quarters of the way up, The player can track the Voidrunner on a nearby debris that leads to an alternate path. The sign looks like a solid circle inside a larger circle broken up by a triangle. Take an alternate route to approach deck of a small ship with the first Voidrunner cache at the time of its development.


5 Get on the alien tracks

Rei is facing a cache of blue light shooting from the top of a ruined sandstone building.

To get to the next Voidrunner cache, the player must go into the Mirrorsea sequel after talking to Admiral Ames on his ship. After approaching his first team, Jump over the broken pier to the small platform below, with alien creature that spits out an iron bar when attacked. The track comes out on the opposite side of where Rei hit the alien, so position her attacks accordingly.

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Take the rail to the cliff straight ahead and the clock ticks Voidrunner on the second building. Use a bunch of alien creatures to create three rails that will take Rei to the top of the building. Once there, claim the Voidrunner cache on the roof to unlock the next log.

4 Rotunda’s Campground

Rei faced a buffer zone with pink lights on it overlooking a cliff with a blue waterfall and a crashed ship in the distance.

After activating Cyd’s platform in Mirrorsea, go straight towards large, broken rot in the back area. Once there, go around it to the right and skate around the back of the large cloud tower with mines on its surface.

Behind these clouds, players will be able to see a small building with an arched entrance Hiding on the side of a cliff. The Voidrunner sign can be spotted on the wall just to the right of the building’s entrance. Inside, Rei can find Ghozam’s campsite, Voidrunner’s next cache, and a killer view of the edge of Ultravoid.

3 On top of Rotunda

rei on top of a building with a pink and gray buffer resting on a stone pedestal

The next Voidrunner cache is inside the big gyro across the poison lake from the background of Cyd. Once inside, attack the alien creating a rail for the railing towards the hanging black goo.

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Climb the goo to the second level and stand on the white, bone-like platform lying in the middle of a puddle of goo. Push off the platform and double jump time to get to the next part of the black goo hanging in the middle of the chamber. Climb this goo to the roof of rotunda to find one of Ghozam’s other Voidrunner caches.

2 Behind Poison Falls

rei is standing in a cave with grass on the ground with a cache located in an alcove in front

Just to the right of the gyro at the poison lake, the player can see big cloud tower flying to the sky. Slide up this tower towards the island at the top, but before reaching this island, Slide around the underside of the clouds to find another island, hidden below.

Head over the railing to the main area of ​​this island, then find the first alien that can create a grinding track on the left hand side. There are two more of these aliens in the area to attack, and riding their tracks around one side of the island will take the player through a poisonous waterfall with a hidden room inside. Jump down the rails into this chamber to find another Voidrunner cache.

first On the top of Poison Island

rei is standing in a dilapidated building with a glowing cache next to something, purple rails

The last Voidrunner cache can be found at The top of the island hides poison on the flip side of the cloud tower. Once on the island, use the alien creatures to create railings that lead around the perimeter of the island. At the top, make sure to smash the group that activates the shortcut.

Go around the back of the building at the top of the island to find an alien on another track and a Voidrunner trail on the wall next to it. Hit the alien to create a railing, then run around to the other side of the building to reach the railing. Jump on it facing the building to improve Voidrunner cache on a platform at the top.

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