All vehicles on the list want to export/import first (& where to find them)

As with the previous two 3D GTA Game, Grand Theft Auto san andreas allows players to import and export cars for cash. that is a great way to make money, though players will need to wait until they complete the “Quick Customs” quest for Cesar before they can begin. After doing so, they will be able to return to the dock at the Easter Basin and use the crane to move any wanted vehicles onto the nearby ship.

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In total, there are 30 vehicles that want to be exported in San Andreasand they are separated into three different lists. Each vehicle has a base value that will be paid upon delivery, however this will be less than the list price if the vehicle is damaged. Completing the first entry/exit list will also reward players with $50,000 in prize money, meaning players can earn $431,000 if they deliver all ten in pristine condition. If they take any damage, the player can have them repaired at Pay ‘n’ Spray in nearby Doherty to avoid loss.


Patriot ($40,000)


While one is being exported, the player will be able to find a Patriot in the parking lot of Easter Bay Chemicals, southeast of Easter Bay Airport. Additionally, players will be able to find them in military bases like Easter Basin and Area 69, or occasionally during fire truck missions.

Buffalo ($35,000)


The player will be able to find a Buffalo parked outside Catalina’s hideout in Fern Ridge regardless of whether it is wanted for export or not. They also occasionally spawn at the Xoomer gas station in the Easter Basin, although the player may have to return several times before one appears.

Sanchez ($10,000)


The cheapest car on the list, the Sanchez is also one of the most popular. They can be found while driving around in rural areas, especially in Angel Pine. If for whatever reason they don’t show up, the player will always be able to find one outside CJ’s makeshift home in Angel Pine or in an alleyway in the Hashbury area of ​​San Fierro.

Sentinel ($35,000)


Players will be able to find a Sentinel parked on a film set in Vinewood, though only if the vehicle is wanted for export. Occasionally, it also shows up in the parking lot of the Vank Hoff Hotel, which, for those wondering, is where CJ can get in on the valet job.

Stretch ($40,000)


Before being removed from the export list, players will be able to find a Stretch parked next to the race marker at the back of the Wang Cars showroom. They can also be found in affluent areas, or spawn using one of the many cheat codes in San Andreas.

Infernus ($95,000)


Infernus is fastest car in Grand Theft Auto san andreas and can be found in a number of different areas, most notably in Old Venturas and on the nearby Strip. While wanting to export cars, the player can also find an Infernus parked outside a house in the Paradiso section of San Fierro, which is a bit easier to export due to its proximity to the crane.

Feltzter ($35,000)


Like the Sentinel, the Feltzter can sometimes be found in the underground car park of the Vank Hoff Hotel in San Fierro. Those looking for a permanent nest can find them outside a motel in southeastern Flint County, not far from the Back o’ Beyond region. Even so, due to how far away from the crane, most players tend to try their luck at the hotel.

Campers ($26,000)


Those who have completed the Chiliad Challenge will know that a Camper always spawns atop Mount Chiliad. However, instead of going there, players should head to the parking lot of the Gant Bridge Visitor Center, which can be found in the Juniper Hollow area of ​​San Fierro. A Camper will appear in it while the vehicle is being exported, providing a much easier and quicker method of shopping.

Remington ($30,000)


Remington’s are most popular in areas south of Los Santos, although players can also see them driving around Easter Bay airport from time to time. For a guaranteed spawn, the player will need to go to the Unity Station in Los Santos, although a Remington will only spawn there while the vehicle is wanted to be exported.

Admiral ($35,000)


Provided the vehicle still wants to export, the player will be able to find an Admiral in the parking lot or Papercuts, across from the Los Santos Convention Center. They also spawn around the Doherty area of ​​San Fierro near CJ’s garage which, due to their long distance, will probably be considered by most players to be a more viable option.

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