All two-handed weapons in the game, ranked

While there are only nine two-handed weapons in Valheim, some of which are the top melee picks in the game. Two-handed weapons may not provide the blocking ability of the shield, but they do have the highest damage in the game.

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Most weapons will have a high enough blocking to keep the player in the fight. Slower two-handed weapons and higher damage is a hack and slash player’s dream. Each weapon is fun to use and provides an enjoyable break for one-handed selection. Offensive gamers will need to forge the best weapons with two hands, but which item ranks as the best in the genre?


Updated January 3, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Valheim continues to be one of the best Indie games of recent years, with thousands of players still logged into the title on Steam (at the time of writing). The developers continue to add new and exciting content with each update, giving players more to discover and craft on their way to Viking supremacy. This includes weapons and other combat items, with two-handed weapon offers some of the best coverage in the game in terms of knockback and AOE damage. But How many two-handed weapons are there in Valheim and Which Valheim’s two-handed weapon is the best for players to craft? To better answer these questions, the following list has been updated and includes more information on the stats of these weapons and how to make them.

Antler Pickaxe

Antler Pickaxe Valheim
  • Basic Damage Types: 18 Piercing / 18 Pickaxe
  • Backstab: 3x
  • Retype: 50

Worst forehand pick in Valheim To be new pickaxe, crafted with 10 Wood and one Hard Antler. While the ax can be used as a weapon, it only deals 18 damage to enemies. All pickaxes deal less damage if the target is not under a melee attack, so are difficult to use against enemies.

Players should only use Pickaxes to mine Copper and Tin. With enough Copper and Tin Ore, survivors can craft Bronze Pickaxes.

How to make an Antler pickaxe

Combine 10 Logs and 1 Hard Antler on a Level 1 Workbench.

Copper pickaxe

The bronze pickaxe in Valheim
  • Basic Damage Types: 24 Piercing / 24 Pickaxe
  • Backstab: 3x
  • Retype: 50

The Bronze Pickaxe has Piercing Damage only 7 times more than the Antler Ax. However, Pickaxe will help survivors better loot ore while mining. The Antler Pickaxe has such a low drop probability on all nodes that getting the Bronze Pickaxe is essential. To craft weapons, players will need to use their Antler Pickaxe to Mines in the Black Forest.

How to make a bronze pickaxe

Combine 3 Core Wood and 10 Copper at Forge level 1.

Atgeir coin

Atgeir coin
  • Basic Damage Types: 45 Pierce
  • Backstab: 3x
  • Retype: 30

Pole is a unique two-handed weapon in Valheim. They also have a better range and damage profile than other weapons made of metal. One of the other benefits of the weapon is the secondary attacks, which can damage enemies in any direction around the character.

The Atgeir Coin is the first Polearm the player can unlock, and it deals 45 damage per attack.

How to make Atgeir in bronze

Combine 10 Wood Scraps, 8 Bronzes, and 2 Leather Scraps in a level 1 Forge.

Iron pickaxe

  • Basic Damage Types: 33 Piercing / 33 Pickaxe
  • Backstab: 3x
  • Retype: 50

Survivors will need to craft Iron Pickaxes to farm both Obsidian and Silver Ore. This ax is a good upgrade from the Copper Pickaxe, providing +8 Pickaxe. Players will need to find metal scraps in swamp codes to craft the highest level Pickaxe. If the Crypt portals are locked, it means the player still needs to defeat the Elder.

How to make an iron pickaxe

Combine 3 Core Wood and 20 Iron at Forge level 2.

Ice Breaker

Stagbreaker Valheim
  • Basic Damage Types: 20 Blunt / 5 Pierced
  • Backstab: 2x
  • Retype: 150

There are only two real AOE weapons in Valheim, and Stagbreaker is one of them. It wouldn’t be possible to fight one-on-one against high-level enemies, but it was a useful crowd control club. With relatively low damage, Stagbreaker is a good weapon early to mid game. After the player defeats the Elder, forging one of the base weapons, Iron, makes more sense on this list.

How to make an icebreaker

Combine 20 Cores, 5 Deer Cups, and 2 Leather Scraps at the Level 2 Workbench.


  • Basic Damage Types: 70 Slash / 40 Slash
  • Backstab: 3x
  • Retype: 70

The Battleaxe is an impressive slashing weapon that deals 75-93 damage depending on Forge level. Players have much better options for a chopping ax, but Battleaxe will cut a decent amount of wood with 40 hits. Battleaxe also has the highest payback rating of any axes in the game. Players will have three different melee attacks when using this ax.

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To craft weapons, the player will need to chop down Ancient Trees in the swamp biome. The survivors will then need to loot the Crypts and get enough Metal Scraps to melt 45 Iron. Only one Scrap Metal and Coal are needed to produce an Iron ingot.

How to make Battleaxe

Combine 35 Iron, 30 Ancient Bark and 4 Leather Scraps at Level 2 Forge.

Iron Atgeir

Valheim how to survive in the swamp biome
  • Basic Damage Types: 65 Pierce
  • Backstab: 3x
  • Retype: 30

Iron Atgeir is the second best Iron weapon. Polearm deals a devastating 65-83 damage depending on the Blacksmith’s level. The damage is higher than all other iron weapons and is a viable option even in late game. The player will need to return to the Swamp biome’s ciphers and collect 30 shards to smelt 30 Iron.

How to make an Iron Atgeir

Combine 30 Wood, 10 Iron, and 2 Skin Scraps in Level 2 Forge.

Iron Skateboard

  • Basic Damage Types: 55 Blunt
  • Backstab: 2x
  • Retype: 200

Although Iron Sledge only deals 55-73 AOE damage per attack, it is extremely effective when fighting multiple opponents. The Two-Handed Club has 200 Knockbacks, which will stagger and slow enemies.

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Iron Sledge is an upgraded Stagbreaker that can deal damage to dozens of enemies if they are close enough to its effect. Users will need to Kill Draugr Elites in the Swamp Biome to collect the trophies needed to forge weapons.

How to make a sled

Combine 30 Iron, 10 Ancient Bark, 4 Ymir Flesh and 1 Draugr Elite Trophy at Level 2 Forge.

Blackmetal Atgeir Valheim
  • Basic Damage Types: 105 Pierce
  • Backstab: 3x
  • Retype: 30

The best two-handed weapon in Valheim is Blackmetal Atgeir. Iron Sledge is awesome, but it’s only useful when controlling crowds of enemies. Blackmetal Atgeir can do it all. The Polearm spin attack is an effective AOE attack, while the stab attack kills enemies one-on-one. A fully upgraded Forge generates Atgeir that deals 123 damage per hit.

The only weapon that deals more damage is the Silver Sword. However, the Silver Sword is only superior to mortal enemies, as they are the only ones affected by Spirit Damage. High damage output and multiple attacks make Polearms the best offensive melee weapon in the game.

How to make an Atgeir Blackmetal

Combine 30 ferrous metals, 10 fine woods, and 5 flax threads in a level 4 forge.

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