All the Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominations Are Streaming, Here’s Where To Watch

Ready for those Oscar pools? If you want to win big and impress your friends this year in one fell swoop, skip the Gold Derby and start making your own calls. In a rare instance, every Best Picture nomination is available to stream. As of now. From your home. Before the awards on Sunday night. That night, you usually book in advance to say things like, “Who even saw any of these movies?” You. You can see them.

That doesn’t mean every movie is worth watching! However, there are some gems you need to check out before kicking off this Sunday’s Oscar viewing party.

While the Oscars may be taking shape, the lack of a good word is worse, that doesn’t mean this year’s movies are equally disturbing. No more “I just can’t go to the theater to see a movie this year!” excuses. Hollywood’s best and greatest movies are streaming (in most cases, for free) on the biggest streaming platforms, so you’re more than likely to be the oddball out of the crowd. my friends if you haven’t seen it yet The power of the dog or West story. Five more days left, you can beat all 10 if you double on a couple of days. (Or, as we note, omitted Don’t look up if time is running out.)

Want the most for your money? HBO Max is streaming four of the movies nominated for Best Picture, and they’re the best of them all. Also, they’re going to add one more this Thursday when King Richard back to the live streamer, which means you can watch half of the nominees on just one platform. The two nominees — including this year’s lead — are streaming on Netflix. (Again, one is not nearly as good as the other; however, both are equally accessible.)

Take eight bags of microwave-baked popcorn (you’re saving, what, $100 movie popcorn fees?) and open that laptop. It’s time to stream every movie nominated for Best Picture.


Where to stream: Rent from $5.99, Buy from $19.99

Although it started out as one of the top prospects for Best Picture, the hype around Belfast died quickly. After Don’t look upit’s the most skippable title on this list, especially since it doesn’t stream anywhere for free ( Licorice pizzabut you should shell out for that gem) – meaning you’ll have to shell out around six bucks to rent it on Prime Video or iTunes.

It can be said that Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical work is a charming character. The film, which stars Jamie Dornan and Catriona Balfe brilliantly as Branagh’s parents, took home the top prize at TIFF, an award that is said to have some predictive Oscars. Now, Judi Dench’s hopes for Best Supporting Actress have been dashed by Ariana DeBose’s West storywe recommend you to book Belfast near the bottom of Oscar’s To-Do list. Sorry dear friend!


Where to stream: Apple TV +

CODA seems to be going the exact opposite route as Belfast: there’s little hope for Sundance’s darling to win any statues, but after winning several major awards at SAG and BAFTA, we’d love to see him land a statue or two — or three , really— as conversations around the exciting movie continue to soar. Sian Heder’s film is likely to win Best Picture, even more likely for Best Adapted Screenplay, and a statue that almost guarantees Troy Kotsur in the Best Supporting Actor category.

Streaming movies will also be a pretty easy job. It is freely available to all Apple TV+ users; although it’s a less popular service, you can try it for free for a week. Watch CODAstick with Quit and Ted Lasso. (You also get a free year-long subscription after buying major Apple items like a new iPhone or new MacBook, but that’s probably slightly more expensive than the free trial period. Probably.)

Don’t look up

Where to stream: Netflix

The split of Adam McKay Don’t look up is a dark horse in the controversy for Best Picture, but it’s likely to be a bigger player in the Best Original Screenplay category following a big win at the WGA ceremonies. We say it’s worth skipping. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to watch it so you have the right to scream in rage if (when) the sarcasm gets too extreme Licorice pizza and World’s ugliest person.

Plus, it’s an easy stream. Don’t look up is on Netflix, one of the heavyweight broadcasters from their packed 2021 team. Watch it for the big comeback of Jennifer Lawrence, Timothée Chalamet’s seed potatoes, and then… flip over. The power of the dogNetflix’s bigger (and better) 2022 competitor.

Drive my car

Where to stream: HBO Max

Don’t let the three-hour runtime sway you: Drive my car worth streaming. Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s masterful meditation on grief is a key to Best International Film (to be fair, all nominated films are equally excellent), which should make it a contender. bigger in the Best Picture race.

And, luckily for you, Drive my car just landed on HBO Max. If you’re running out of time, skip it Belfast and Don’t look up to spend time on this. The basic premise is a bit convoluted – an actor loses his wife and, after the title’s credits drop to 40 minutes into the movie, he decides to produce Uncle Vanya while a chauffeur escorts him around against his will — but every minute is as stressful as the last. Split it into three parts, if you must!

Sand dunes

Where to stream: HBO Max

If you haven’t seen Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic in theaters when it first came out, Sand dunes is back on HBO Max — even though you missed out on a great theatrical experience. However, why not set up a Dolby sound system in your own home to feel the couch echo beneath you as you watch Timothée Chalamet battle a large space worm?

So sad, Sand dunes isn’t considered a major contender for the top prize of the night, but hopefully it picks up trophies in some of the lower tier (but still equally important!) categories. We’re talking Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, and although he faces stiff competition from Jonny Greenwood, Hans Zimmer has made a strong effort. to win the second Outstanding Score title.

King Richard

Where to stream: Rent from $5.99, Buy from $12.99, Return HBO Upto March 24

Rumor has it that the Academy has begun carving out an Oscar for Will Smith, an absolute award for Best Actor after winning quite a few awards this season. He’s not the only reason to watch King RichardHowever, when he is accompanied by a host of talented actresses such as Aunjanue Ellis, Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton.

The Story of Venus and Serena Williams debuted on HBO Max last fall, but sadly, was removed after its release just a month. Fortunately, King Richard will return on HBO Max on March 24. Eager to indulge in the sport? King Richard also available to rent or buy on VOD platforms like Prime Video and iTunes in the meantime.

Licorice pizza

Where to stream: Rent from $5.99, Buy from $19.99

Licorice pizza has yet to land on a major TV channel, but that $5.99 price stamp won’t stop you from seeing the movie ahead of this Sunday’s Oscars. Think of it this way: you’re saving at least $5 by not seeing it in the cinema, right? (And the equivalent of $15 if you live in places like Los Angeles or New York City.) Paul Thomas Anderson hits his game with this tour de force led by Haim.

However, there is a series of controversies to this film. People are upset about the age gap between the two leads, and moreover, a huge debate has broken out over a scene involving John Michael Higgins speaking in a racist accent. Considering the uproar, it’s unlikely Licorice pizza will secure any prize on the big night. Yet again: it’s worth a look! Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman are the revealers. Get it on VOD platforms like Prime Video and iTunes.

Nightmare Alley

Where to stream: HBO Max or Hulu

Host Amy Schumer cut her horrible joke about Nightmare Alley—And thank goodness, because Guillermo del Toro needed nothing to tarnish his coveted victory. Along Sand dunes, Nightmare Alley is another award that can win technical awards such as Best Production Design and Best Costume.

Bradley Cooper leads this dreamy thriller, an adaptation of the classic 1947 novel. While it’s not one of the most talked about films of the year, Nightmare Alley totally enjoyable, especially for those who live for thrills. Who doesn’t love Toni Collette as a manipulative psychic? Nightmare Alley can be streamed for free on HBO Max or Hulu, a real steal.

The power of the dog

Where to stream: Netflix

The biggest competitor of the year is probably the easiest to watch. Seriously: if you haven’t seen it yet The power of the dog not yet, what are you waiting for? Jane Campion’s West — hailed as a “crazy piece” filled with Sam Elliott’s “gay allusion,” which should have been taken as a compliment — marks her big comeback with the film industry. If she wins Best Director, it will be the first time a female director has won in recent years. (But she would still be only the second woman to earn such an achievement. Sigh.)

The power of the dog available on Netflix, and the Best Picture win would mark a first for streamers (ROMA, you deserve this title). While it will likely lose Best Adapted Screenplay and acting categories, the film deserves every award it can get. This one is for you, Bronco Henry.

West story

Where to stream: HBO Max or Disney +

West storyThe lack of potential at this year’s Oscars is quite shocking. Anyone want to see Steven Spielberg do another musical? Are millions of Twitter threads splitting per capture not enough? Not that Rachel Zegler had a stellar enough performance to earn a nomination — scratch that, an invitation to the Oscars? Sorry, CODA: the real race should be between The power of the dog and West story.

Ariana DeBose is another actress who practically has her hands on the trophy, and rightfully so! All West story performers (sub Tony) kill it at the hands of Spielberg, with Mike Faist, Rachel Zegler and David Alvarez leading the group. West story it’s easy to watch, especially since the movie is now streaming for free on HBO Max and Disney+. All the Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominations Are Streaming, Here’s Where To Watch

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