All the key features Halo Infinite fans are still waiting for

On 11/15/2021, Halo infinityShadows cast a shadow over its free-to-play multiplayer mode and initial fan reactions were overwhelming. Though the game lacked some of the game modes of its predecessors and only featured a few new maps, fans were still impressed with 343 Industries’ latest foray and the developer’s ability to finally create a multiplayer experience that genuinely feels like fun like the Golden Age of gloriole. The praise for the game only continued with the later launch of Halo infinity‘s campaign a month later, but since then a few months have passed and Halo infinity something has fallen out of favor.


In the last seven months, 343 Industries has updated Halo infinity only a handful of times, and for a game meant to follow a live service model, that’s hugely disappointing. While most AAA live service multiplayer games receive a significant amount of new content every few months, Halo infinity got a few maps, a few new modes, and a bunch of new cosmetics, all with their own problems. simply put, Halo infinity doesn’t feel like a full game at the moment as fans are still waiting for some important features.

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Features Halo Infinite fans are still waiting for

Perhaps the biggest missing feature in Halo infinity, and perhaps most notorious, is the lack of any campaign collaboration. Since the original Halo: Combat Evolved The franchise was released in 2001 and has established itself as one of the premier providers of split-screen co-op. Everyone gloriole The existing game allowed at least two players to play through its campaign in co-op – even the real-time strategy Halo Wars Title. So, when 343 Industries announced that Halo infinity wouldn’t get campaign co-op at launch, fans were rightly disappointed.

At the moment 343 Industries is trying to facilitate a campaign cooperation Halo infinity. Just a few weeks ago, fans were able to test the feature in beta, and by most reports it’s working pretty well. But there’s still no official word on a release date for Halo infinity‘s Campaign Co-op, and fans aren’t too optimistic it will be anytime soon.

Another glaring missing feature is the lack of a Forge mode, another staple of the game gloriole franchise that has been around ever since halo 3. The ability to create custom maps and game modes has been one of the most important aspects of casual play gloriole multiplayer scene for years. Game modes like Duck Hunt and Slide have become etched into the memories of countless players gloriole players and only served to extend the longevity of the games. The Forge mode was sorely missed, and again, although 343 Industries is said to be working hard to get the mode working Halo infinitythere hasn’t been any official word on its release for quite some time, although some leaks might indicate that Forge is almost ready to go.

While forge mode and campaign co-op are the biggest missing features of Halo infinity, there are a handful of other elements that fans would still like to see. In the past gloriole Games allowed fans to play multiplayer as both Spartans and Elites, but in Halo infinity, This option is no longer available. In addition to a fairer progression system and more attainable armor customization options, fans also want playable Elites to return at some point Halo infinity.

Halo infinity some fan favorites are also missing gloriole Weapons and Modes. The Spartan Laser, Brute Shot, Fuel Rod and more are still nowhere to be found in either Halo infinity‘s campaign or multiplayer mode, and will be sorely missed by longtime fans. The same goes for some gloriolethe most popular modes of , some of which didn’t make the cut this time.

Halo infinity is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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