All Secret Achievements (& How To Get Them)

The idea behind the secret achievement is that it brings up a major plot point. Dodgeball Academy, indeed, there are some achievements hidden for that reason. So, take this as a warning to any readers here, this guide has minor inevitable flaws.

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That being said, there are some achievements in the Dodgeball Academy that should not be covered up. Finishers can earn every item, max out their entire team, fight every battle, and search every chest and still not find these achievements. So don’t feel bad reading a guide to figure out what to do.


Get all teammates (Can’t miss)

Dodgeball Academia Mina and Shoy go to court as friends
  • Scary Student – Let Mina join your team
  • Reach new heights – Get Balloony to join your team
  • We’re a real gang now – Let Suneko join yours
  • The Cat Is Out Of The Bag – Let Shoy join your party
  • Anikis For Life – Ask Kyabo to join your party

Players can argue about Which is the best teammate and which is the worst teammate?, but can’t miss any teammates. They are part of the main plot. There are no secret companions out there and picking them up is part of the main plot.

Complete Episodes (Can’t Miss)

Dodgeball Academia Balloony Heals His Entire Team
  • Let the game begin! – Complete episode 1
  • The tournament is on! – Complete episode 2
  • AI Mayhem – Full Episode 3
  • Troubled Letter – Complete Episode 4
  • Where is our baby? – Full episode 5
  • Spooky Secrets – Full Episode 6
  • The Fellowship of the Square – Full Episode 7
  • The Grand Finale – Episode 8 Complete
  • School Champion! – Win the Tournament

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Between max stats and participate in all optional battles, many people complete the quest to find secret achievements as a matter of course. There are a few of them, but the low result is just beating the game once.

Ouch, my head!

Dodgeball Academy Rolling from the top of the stairs onto the bench
  • Heading while rolling at very high speed

The hardest part about achieving this feat is not having enough speed. It hits the specific head. To do so you need to run into something while going down/down south. Do not save money just save it for agility items to go faster, it can be done in the first episode pretty easily.

Go to the green building by the forest and go up the stairs. Then go directly down and spam the scroll button. Ultimately, Otto will run directly to the bench, completing the feat.

What is your problem?

Dodgeball Academy Throw the ball at pedestrians outside of battle
  • Hit 10 people with a ball while out in battle

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Don’t play nice with outsiders. Slashing the ball with innocent students outside of battle is an achievement. Hit ten of them and that’s the next achievement.

Vehicle-Tastrophy A reverse

Dodgeball Academia trying to avoid a car in the parking lot
  • Win the battle with cars without overturning

Once the parking lot is unlocked, players will be greeted with lots of combat opportunities, each with cars passing by. Win one without being overtaken. Save at the start in case the player crashes in each battle.

This is one of the few times when dodging works better than jumping, so feel free to switch to a character that rolls instead of jumping in at least one skirmish.

First class rookie

Dodgeball Academy Holds two balls as Boris throws one
  • Defeat Boris in Episode 1

Defeat Boris in the first episode is a mountain of achievements. It can be made better on a second playthrough or by changing the difficulty setting. Either way, remember to save up for this encounter first as things can go south in a hurry against Boris.

The basic idea is to never let Boris have more than one ball at a time. Always keep the other two. This makes him unable to use his special moves.

I can feel the power!

Dodgeball Academia Otto uses his shadow move
  • Let Otto deliver his first Balltim

The Balltim move should appear frequently in any game of dodgeball, so most players will get this move without a word. To anyone who beat the game without this achievement: Hats off.

Can’t I have some privacy?

Dodgeball Academia Play a table-style Dodgeball game in the bathroom
  • Beat all the levels of the Bathroom game

During chapter four or later, visit the restroom and talk to the occupants. He’ll want to play a game of rolling ball but a board-style RPG. The easiest way to win is always catch when not holding any ball and always throw when there is ball.

Dodgeball Academy was released on August 5, 2021 and is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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