All Radiant Spincrystal locations in Mondstadt

Radiant Spin Crystals are special items that can only be used in the Serenitea pot to unlock soundtracks and change the kingdom music Genshin Impact. Normally, Radiant Spin Crystals can be obtained by either purchasing them from the Teapot Traveling Salesman Chubby or collecting them in each region. Players can enjoy Realm Music by purchasing Euphonium Unbound: Winding and Euphonium Unbound: Soaring from Teapot Spirit, Tubby.

Out of 72 Radiant Spincrystals, Mondstadt has 23 unlockable soundtracks; Eight can be found while exploring Mondstadt in Genshin Impact and the rest can be bought randomly from Chubby.


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All locations of Mondstadt Radiant Spincrystal in Genshin Impact

To obtain the Radiant Spincrystal 15, Knights of Favonius, travel to the teleport waypoint above the Knights of Favonius headquarters in the city of Mondstadt and glide southeast to find the wondrous crystal.

From the same spot, slide down to the Archon statue, climb the stairs, and then go to the graveyard behind Favonius Cathedral. Collect Radiant Spincrystal 14, Windborne Hymn from the railing.

Next, teleport to the waypoint near the square and head southeast to the Cat’s Tail Tavern, where Diona works Genshin Impact. Turn right to see Radiant Spincrystal 11, Mondstadt Starlit, perched on a rooftop in the distance. Climb the building and collect it.

Jump down and go northeast to Schulz’s Smithy and run backwards to get the Radiant Spincrystal 4, A Day in Mondstadt resting on a stack of crates.

Now go left to Angel’s Share owned by Diluc Genshin Impactto find the Radiant Spincrystal 16, Angel’s Share, on a stack of crates next to the stairs.

Travel to Dawn’s Winery and face away from the entrance. As you descend the small set of stairs, you will find the Radiant Spincrystal 3, Lone Sojourner, on the left.

Return to the entrance and head northeast to retrieve the Radiant Spincrystal 1, Dawn Winery Theme (City of Winds and Idylls) from the barrels.

Finally, head southwest and go around the building to the back of the winery where there are tables and chairs. Collect the Radiant Spincrystal 19, Before Dawn at the Winery, on top of the barrel.

How to get the rest of the Radiant Spin Crystals in Genshin Impact

The remaining 15 Radiant Crystals can be purchased from the Teapot Traveling Salesman Chubby, who stops by on certain days of the week. Players must always watch when Chubby arrives if they want to collect all of the Mondstadt Radiant Spincrystal. These radiant spin crystals are:

  1. Radiant Spincrystal 2, a cute smile.
  2. Radiant Spincrystal 5, The Prairie’s Edge.
  3. Radiant Spincrystal 6, A Tale of Two Dragons.
  4. Radiant Spincrystal 7, Happy Journey.
  5. Radiant Spincrystal 8, Legend of the Wind.
  6. Radiant Spincrystal 9, busy afternoon in Mondstadt.
  7. Radiant Spincrystal 10, dusk in Mondstadt.
  8. Radiant Spincrystal 12, Moonlight in Mondstadt.
  9. Radiant Spincrystal 13, Another Day in Mondstadt.
  10. Radiant Spincrystal 17, A Lucky Day.
  11. Radiant Spin Crystal 18, Delicate Strength.
  12. Radiant Spin Crystal 20, Whispering Plain.
  13. Radiant Spincrystal 21, A new day of hope.
  14. Radiant Spincrystal 22, Eternal History (Genshin Impact main theme var.).
  15. Radiant Spincrystal 23, Journey of Hope (Genshin Impact main theme var.).

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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