All Poker Apps and Where to Find Them

Following their announcement earlier this year during their 25th Anniversary Event for Pokemon franchise, remake of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls finally released. The games will likely be a trip of nostalgia for longtime players, especially those who originally played these titles on the Nintendo DS. While the gameplay and story are still largely due to the player memorizing them, developer ILCA has updated the game’s visuals while extended certain features like Grand Underground and Ramanas Park.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls also bring Poketch . app, an original device that took advantage of the Nintendo DS and it had a lower screen. The device is designed to function similarly to a smartwatch, providing the player with a variety of applications, each with its own function and purpose.


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Thankfully, the Poketch app is back inside Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remake, given to the player in Jubilife City after talking to a man standing in the center of town and finding three clowns around town. By pressing R on the controller, it is possible to interact with the Poketch application. Naturally, there are many apps that can be found while playing through the game, so here’s the complete list and where to find them.

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl poketch

Digital Watches

As expected, this shows the actual time, based on the Player Switch settings. This is included in Poketch by default.


Another standard application on Smart Devices, this is a simple calculator that can be used to perform mathematical equations. However, it also has a secret function that if the player enters the number of Pokemon in the Pokedex, the creature will cry. This app is used with Poketch by default.

Pokemon brilliant diamond shine pearl calculator poketch faulty not working whole number glitch softlocks

Memo Pad

A blank screen that the player can use to write notes or draw pictures with the cursor.

It can be obtained after earning first badge by defeating Roark from Oreburgh City. Return to Jubilife City and talk to the President of the Poketch Company again. However, the player will find him on the ground floor of the Pokétch Company building on the West side of town.


Another default Poketch app is the Pedometer, which tracks the number of steps taken in the game. This can be cleared by pressing the ‘C’ button.

Pokemon Party List

This app shows the player’s current active pool, their current health, as well as whether they are holding any items. This is another default Poker app.

poketch friendship test

Friendship test

As expected, this app displays the friendship level and value for each Pokemon. By touching and holding the Pokemon, it will display a heart indicating the level of friendship. Zero means friendship does not have to low level, 1 is normal friendship and 2 is high level friendship to maximum. This application is important for some developments like turning Riolu into Lucario, requires a certain level before activation.

Players can add this app to their Poketch by talking to Aroma Lady at the Eterna City Pokemon Center.

dowsing machine

Similar to previous games, Dowsers can be used to locate hidden items in an area. The player can use it to scan the parts that the player touches the app. On the first time entering Route 207 from the Bikeway, Dawn or Lucas will give the app to the player.

Egg screen

Not at all Pokemon Left at an Incubator can be checked through this app as well as whether there are eggs or not. The beauty of this app is that usually, players will have to return to Solaceon Town to check them out.

The Egg Monitor app can be obtained by talking to the man sitting next to the table at Solaceon Town’s Pokémon Incubator after the player leaves the Pokemon at the Incubator.

pokemon go pichu togepi egg

Pokemon History

For those who want to recap their Pokemon exploits, the History app shows the last 12 Pokemon that were hatched, evolved, or captured. Selecting the Pokemon’s icon will emit its chirping sound.

This is another app that can be found in Solaceon Town. Just talk to the Park Ranger to the left of the Pokemon Center.


Tapping the ‘+’ icon on this app increases the number displayed on the screen, although it will revert to 0 if another app is used. Many players tend to use this app less as a random counter and instead count encounters in series when hunting Pokemon shinies or the number of eggs hatched.

Upon arrival at the Veilstone City Department Store, players should speak to the cashier in front of the escalator on the second floor.

Analog Clock

Similar to the default Digital Clock, this app instead shows the time on Poker in traditional clock style with hour and minute hands. Just like the digital clock, it is set to the Nintendo Switch time and is valid for hunting Pokemon at specific times of the day.

The player can obtain this app from Celistic Town after talking to the Black Belt in the house in the Southwest corner of town.

pokemon marker map

Mark the map

This map app displays the Sinnoh area and allows players to set their own markers for points of interest or places to visit at a later date. However, the Marker Map also shows the roaming locations of Pokemon Cresselia and Mesosystem after the player encounters them at Fullmoon Island and Lake Verity.

After getting third badge from Maylene at Veilstone City, players should return to the President of the Poketch Company in Jubilife City to receive this application.

Toss a coin

A 50/50 coin toss app, the player presses a button to flip a digital version of the coin with the Magiccarp symbol on one side and a sphere on the other. Technically, the app can be used to make fair decisions, depending on how the coin lands.

Players can find this after get access to Rock Climb TM/HM Move in and visit a Rich Boy from the Valor Lakefront suites.


Similar to the clock, the calendar is synchronized with the date/time values ​​on the player’s Nintendo Switch. When opened inside the app, it will show the current month and mark the specific date.

To get it, the player will need to Sunyshore City, where Gym Leader Volkner is located. Once there, look for a Poketch developer in a house near Pokemon Rock on the east side. To convince them to hand over the app, players will need to show them a Pokemon of Serious nature.


Dot artist

Similar to the Memo app, Dot Artist allows players to create and draw pixel art by tapping tiles and changing shades. In the same location as the Calendar app, players will want to talk to the Poketch developer and show them a Pokemon of the Naive nature.


Finally, the third app that players can get from the Poketch developer at Sunyshore City is Spinner. It has a spinner in the center, similar to a roulette wheel that can be rotated by pressing the play button, stopped by pressing the square, or cleared to erase the drawings created around the spinner. To get this app, show the developer a Pokemon of a Bizarre nature.

String counter

The Chain Counter app shows the top 3 Pokemon you’ve encountered in a row through the Poke Radar, along with the species and number of Pokemon in the chain.

When entering Ramanas Park, the player should talk to Professor Oak who will hand it over.


Timer in the kitchen

A Snorlax shaped timer, the player can change the seconds, minutes and hour values ​​(up to 100 minutes) before the countdown to the alarm. Many players find value in this app to help find out the waiting time of the honey tree up.

Make sure to talk to the girl at Ramanas Park and show her Snorlax to add this app.

Change color

Similar to the setting in most digital devices, the color changer allows the player to switch the background color of the Poketch. For those who don’t want the green background, they can choose red, yellow, orange, blue, purple and gray.

This application can be obtained from the same little girl as Ramanas . Park after showing her the chameleon-like Pokemon, Kecleon.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl HMs

Hidden moves

The last application may be the most important of the bunch. What’s new in this remake is Add Hidden Moves to Poketch, which allows players to summon wild Pokemon to perform unlocked HM actions such as Slicing, Surfing, and more. Newly unlocked HMs are automatically added to the Poketch, and with it, players no longer need to teach Pokemon specific moves, keeping a free move slot.

While the player will eventually receive this valuable application through continuing the story, it will be given from a Hiker at the entrance to the Oreburgh Gate.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl available on Nintendo Switch.

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