All Pokemon Scarlet and Violet rumors and leaks so far

The new generation of Pokemon is on the way with scarlet and violet. Although few official announcements have been made so far, there is plenty to speculate about. Dozens of rumors about the ninth Pokemon Generation are circulating online, with some leaks even being confirmed by the latest trailer. However, there are still plenty of potential new features yet to be confirmed or denied by either Nintendo or Game Freak.

Before the latest Pokemon Presents, aspects of scarlet and violet like the region’s name, Gym Leaders, lack of bikes, and clothing customization options were only suggested by leaks. That being said, these are far from the only things leakers mention. From parts of the Paldea region to new Pokémon, there are still plenty of rumors to sift through.


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Scarlet and Violet region and gameplay information

When it comes to the region and characters, fans have learned about the academic side of this new journey as well as the fact that their adventure will be based on three different stories. Gym leaders have other jobs or hobbies, like snowboarding, in addition to their current position in the Pokémon League. However, there are still leaks about the region and gameplay yet to be confirmed.

At the beginning there are supposedly three cities and nine cities in the game. Apparently, gyms can be challenged a second time, and a psychic-type female gym leader can be part of the league challenge. As for the Elite Four, leaks suggest they consist of a child of an unknown gender, one of the teachers from the newly introduced academies, a woman, and one of the gym leaders – although likely not the revealed ice-type gym leader, Grusha.

An image has been circulated with red, orange, pink, black, and purple circles meant to represent the types of the Elite Four, with the exception of the champion, which may change depending on the version played. As for the other characters, Nemona, Penny and Arven – the latter two recently revealed – will play exclusive roles in the three stories of Paldea. Penny is rumored to not use any new Pokemon due to her fondness for the Eevee family. Professor Sada will only appear in scarlet and Professor Turo will just be there violetbut the leaks describe them as “not evil,” whatever that’s worth.

The new region also appears to lack fishing, movement reminders, and a daycare center, though Pokemon breeding will still have a picnic-centric presence in some as-yet-unexplained way. Leaks suggest that reminder to move will be replaced with a menu option like in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, from which Mass Outbreaks is also set to return. Finally, DLC and an auction system with NPCs were leaked.

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Rumored Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple

The new regional Pokedex is rumored to have over 400 monsters, including Rotom and Eevee, which appear to be the main subject of a “Binding” sub-quest. Returning to the games are Alpha Pokemon, albeit with a unique approach to size differences, and Overworld Shiny Pokemon; but not all Hisuic forms Legends: Arceus. The only Pokemon that can be driven will be the Legendaries mascot, and players can only be chased by their monsters outdoors.

In a complete shift from every generation since X and Yit looks like scarlet and violet will introduce a list of new Pokémon comparable to the third and fourth generations. The games will bring over 120 new creatures to the table, and even more when you add the new alternate forms, new evolutions for older Pokémon, and DLC. The appetizer is all about entertainers: Sprigatito transforms into a magician reminiscent of clowns and even master thieves, Fuecoco is based on singers and becomes a quadruped, while Quaxly apparently transforms into a dancing peacock. Their final forms will be Grass/Dark, Fire/Ghost, and Water/Battle, respectively.

Leakers claim there are no new fossil Pokémon. Additionally, no third Legendary has been confirmed, but inspirations for rumored new Pokemon include dogs, frogs, dung beetles, flowers, a sushi dragon, and even car engines or bicycles. There are also rumors of Pokémon based on dolphins and flamingos, two popular species that haven’t been properly represented in the series yet.

Tauros and Wooper will receive the only regional variants in the game (the latter revealed to be a Poison/Ground type), while Primeape, Girafarig, Dunsparce, and Bisharp will reportedly receive new evolutions. Meanwhile, Jigglypuff, Amoongus, Misdreavus, Suicune, a pseudo-legendary and an unspecified Gen 2 Pokémon are getting brand new Ancient Forms, while Delibird, Gallade, Hariyama, and another unspecified Gen 2 Pokémon and pseudo- are legendary will receive “future forms”. Volcarona is said to have both an ancient and a future form.

There will also reportedly be “regional fakes,” or Convergent Pokemon as leaks call them, that will resemble old Pokemon but not be the same. Unlike ancient and future forms, they can evolve, with an example being a Water-type Geyser monster that resembles Diglett. There is also evidence that Krabby is getting his own doppelganger. With some of these leaks already confirmed, time will tell if other things like the rumored Grass/Fire-type Pokemon become a reality once players get to experience it scarlet and violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet Released on November 18th on Nintendo Switch.

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