All of Starfield Concept Art to be released in 2021

While Bethesda won’t reveal Starfield’s gameplay until at least the summer of 2022, it has provided fans with no shortage of concept art throughout 2021.

A spaceship takes off from an arid planet in Starfield

Upcoming title by Bethesda Starfield there is a certain mysterious atmosphere about it. Even though it announced the game in 2018, it took quite a while to really understand the contents of the game. Even now, Starfield fans don’t have a clear picture of what it will play Starfield; Todd Howard said the studio looks forward to introducing the game in the summer of 2022. Although fans have a rather limited picture of the game, the actual world of the game. Starfield becoming more and more familiar thanks to the steady stream of concept art.


This year has been rich with deep understanding of Starfieldart direction of. Between venues like E3 2021 and the 10th anniversary for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Bethesda has provided behind-the-scenes glimpses of her space travel sci-fi game. Thanks to the concept art, fans can get a feel for everything from the game’s most important cities to the untamed alien wilderness of distant planets. Odds are early 2022 could contain even more art, helping Bethesda build Starfield game reveal, but 2021 already offers a lot to see.

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Glimpses at World of Starfield

Concept art of an adventurer in an alien forest in Starfield

Disclosure Starfield Art covers a wide range of concepts, highlighting even the smallest details of the universe and its vast contexts. Lots of art focus on Starfieldthe planets, and what’s been seen so far inspires some hope for the future of games with everything from frozen wastelands to glowing jungle planets. In addition to confirming that alien life exists in Starfield To some extent, the planets seen so far suggest that players will never want variety. Bethesda seems determined to capture as much of the unique globes and terrains in Starfield the better.

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Concept art also clears things up Starfieldof technology. Bethesda explained that they wanted Starfield technology to has a “NASA-punk” feel, which means it relies more on real space travel technology and is more grounded than sci-fi universes like Star Wars. So far, it seems Starfield will capture that feeling, as spacecraft and other vehicles are large and practical rather than streamlined and ideal, while the astronauts wear thick suits very reminiscent of space travel. real spaceflight. StarfieldIts technology gives it a very distinct look that goes a long way to making it stand out.

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Bethesda does not reveal much information about gameplay and plot in Starfield, but the concept art hints at a lot of information that will shape the game’s cast. Just like its diverse planets, there are many different positions Starfield NPCs can appear from. Neon’s drug dealers will be a stark contrast to the government agencies working in New Atlantis, and each Starfield planets can inspire unconventional explorers to chart the edges of the known universe.

Starfield’s Reveals Draw Closer

star field constellation exploration

Even if Starfield the game is a few months away from launch, it looks like there’s more concept art on the way. In late November, Bethesda released a YouTube video in which Howard discuss vision for Starfield with developers who are working on the game. The odds look good when it’s just the first of many videos. Starfield is the first new Bethesda IP in years, so the studio probably has a lot more to say about its new direction. When it was released, Starfield is going to be supposed to be a game that can hold players back for hundreds of hours, so while Bethesda has shared quite a bit of concept art, there’s a good chance there will be more to it.

Starfield released November 11, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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