All new skins of Winter Wonderland 2021

The holiday season is approaching and with a new holiday, new cosmetics are coming in Overwatch. Holiday themed character skins are already part of Overwatch since the early years of the game, and Blizzard has done a lot of testing with the cast of their games, their personalities, their standard designs, and how compatible they are with the games according to their needs. topics related to certain events. It should come as no surprise, for example, that Winston, the group’s muscular effigy, ends up receiving a werewolf skin for Halloween, patterned clothes and all.


Sure, the game of Winter Wonderland 2021 The ending event gives players the opportunity to collect many new skins for diverse characters. Predictably, these costumes have Christmas or winter themes and are tailored to the personalities of the characters.

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Ice Wraith Genji

Overwatch Ice Wraith Genji image

This is the simplest of the new winter gimmick-related outfits. In fact, it’s one of the only themes that doesn’t have anything Christmas related in its design. Genji’s familiar appearance were kept intact, but cool shades of blue and icicles were added to complement the event. Overall, there’s a recurring motif of Genji’s swords and shurikens having a matching pointed tip that now has an ice theme with this skin, and then there’s the aforementioned ice pellets on top of them. While this skin lacks the Christmas spirit compared to other skins, it masterfully showcases Genji’s personality while integrating itself into the theme of the event.

Mistletoe Symmetra

Overwatch Mistletoe Symmetrical Image

even though Symmetra is not famous for romance, whether it’s sarcastic or sincere, the idea of ​​giving her a mistletoe-themed outfit isn’t too far-fetched in reality. The traditional red-blue color scheme is effectively applied to the motifs commonly found on Symmetra’s costumes. It also fits with the general idea that they have a skin around the mistletoe. However, the aforementioned mistletoe appeared only as the skin’s answer to Symmetra’s question of replacing the headgear.

Peppermint Bark Brigitte

Overwatch Peppermint Bark Brigitte image

The Peppermint Bark Brigitte is the weirdest of the new skins, as it’s not entirely based on Christmas or the clichés surrounding winter. Brigitte’s hairstyle is different from the one found in her former Overwatch skin. With her red hair with braids, she’s reminiscent of the Swedish stocking Pippi. Her suit has an ideal color palette for the season, as it’s mostly white with cyan accents. While Brigitte’s new skin doesn’t have anything explicitly related to the season, there are still some subtle themes. Her outfit is covered with candy canes and her weapon has a familiar red and white pattern. However, it takes a keen eye to spot these details right away.

Reindeer Orisa

Overwatch Reindeer Orissa image

This skin is arguably the strongest of the bunch because of how closely it ties to the Christmas theme and because of how well it fits the character. Orisa is a robot with a centaur-like body. Thus, a skin based on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which has four-legged hooves like the lower half of a centaur, is fully compatible with Orisa’s physique. Her four legs help keep her outfit from looking weird, and they give the impression that she’s a regular robotic reindeer.

D.Va’s silhouette

Overwatch Sleighing image

The pun in the name of this leather says it all. Mech signature of D.Va now resembles Santa’s sleigh, and D.Va wears a typical Christmas outfit. Like Brigitte, her outfit features a candy cane motif and her jacket features a snowman with bunny ears. This skin doesn’t have many highlights but still suits D.Va.

Snowboarder Baptiste

Overwatch Snowboarder Baptiste . image

Snowboarder Baptiste is the simplest and easiest to understand of the new skins. It’s not based on anything Christmas-related, nor is it anything typical of winter. It’s simply Baptiste wearing the clothes and accessories needed to ski. While it’s the easiest to understand of the new interfaces, it’s also the least vibrant.

Snowman Wrecking Ball

Overwatch's Wrecking Snow ball image

Wrecking Ball has the most typical Christmas look out of all the characters getting a new skin. The ball of the same name is a character part with a snowman feature. Indeed, the wrecked ball itself is snow-white, with the expected carrot nose, stone smile, and red scarf. Hammond, on the other hand, dresses like Santa Claus, beard and all.

Wooltide Tracer

Image of Overwatch Wooltide Tracer

Tracer has a history of being the most depicted character in the field Overwatch and considering she’s basically the mascot of the game, it’s not a shocker. This event continues the tradition of damage Tracer, giving fans the most aesthetically simple skin of the bunch. Her shirt is mostly white and her pants are red, and her tunic is patterned like a Christmas hat without actually being a Christmas hat. Unfortunately, Tracer’s new skin might be too plain for some, as her latest look is less of a departure from the one worn by Baptiste.

Overwatch Now out for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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