All New Player Homes In Anniversary Edition (And How To Get Them)

One of the useful things a player can do in Skyrim is to own a house. In addition to being able to have a family with one, houses provide the player with permanent storage, a place to display treasure, and sometimes multiple crafting stations and other useful facilities. They are the closest a Dragonborn has to a base of operations.

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Skyrim Anniversary Edition introduces nine new player houses to the game, including a killer’s lair, a dwarven ruin and a cozy cottage just outside of Whiterun. Most of these new houses can be earned through quests, meaning players don’t need to worry about buying them and they can be purchased at any level.


Tundra Homestead

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Player Homes Tundra Homestead

Tundra Homestead is located just north of Whiterun’s many ranches and ranches, east of the city. It comes fully stocked with pretty much every crafting station in the game located somewhere on the vast expanse of land – even a surface for Grilling. The basement contains bookshelves, Weapons and armor on display, and is where Dragon Priest masks and various Claws are kept.

Tundra Homestead can be purchased for 7,500 Gold from Proventus Avenicci, the manager of the Jarl of Whiterun, after the player can purchase properties in Whiterun. When prompted, ask to buy a home outside of the city.


Skyrim Anniversary Player Homes Myrwatch

Myrwatch is located east of Morthal and is co-located with the Tundra Homestead, one of the few fully furnished homes in Skyrim. However, Myrwatch contains every crafting station in the game, including a Staff Enchanter and a Forge that allows player-created equipment usually only available at specific locations, like Skyforge.

Myrwatch is unlocked after the player completes the related quest, also named Myrwatch, which is picked up when the house is discovered. It doesn’t cost anything and offers more than any other home in SkyriNS.

Goldenhills Plantation

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Player Homes Goldenhills Plantation

Goldenhills Plantation is not like a house but more of a farm, where players can grow crops and target animals as part of the Farming creation process. However, there is a small house on the premises, there is an alchemy station and there are several rooms for raising the family or for decoration.

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The Goldenhills Plantation is located just outside Rorikstead in the Whiterun Hold, and although the property doesn’t cost anything, the player must complete the quest The Unquiet Dead to gain access to it.

Fear of the Dead

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Player Homes Dead Mans Dread

The Dead Man’s Dread is a pirate ship moored in a cave on the northern outskirts of Skyrim, and the subject of a quest added during the creation of Dead Man’s Dread. It’s one of the largest houses in the game as one of the large caves it resides in, and it even comes with unique pirate and Guardian themed suits.

The Dead Man’s Dread doesn’t cost anything to unlock, but The player must complete the mission called The Restless. You can see this by reading the book The Restless at The Winking Skeever in Solitude.

Bloodchill Manor

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Player Homes Bloodchill Manor

Bloodchill Manor is a house of vampires built on the side of an alpine face, serving as the perfect place for the dark creatures to establish a base of operations. Bloodchill Manor has coffins instead of beds, lots of Gothic and twists, and also plenty of living space to raise a family (it’s a bit different from raising the undead).

Bloodchill Manor is unlocked by completing the Dinner Guest quest delivered by the Courier once the player reaches Level 12. Be prepared to fend off some, we might say, nasty folk.

Skyrim Anniversary Player Homes Shadowfoot Sanctum

While Bloodchill Manor might be the best place for a dark wizard to call home, Shadowfoot Sanctum is a place built for thieves and those who like to dance in the dark. It is connected to the Riosystem Thieves Association, and contains every crafting station (except the unique ones) as well as a hidden room to display the stolen treasures.

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Shadowfoot Sanctum can be purchased for 7,500 Gold from Vekel the Man after the player accepts the quest also named Shadowfoot Sanctum. This quest begins by passing by the house located in Ratway.


Skyrim Anniversary Edition Hendraheim Player Home Guide

Hendraheim is a Nordic castle built on the slopes of a mountain in the Reach, and it’s one of the few houses capable of displaying almost every unique item in Skyrim. While it has a huge living area complete with dining tables and places to relax, Hendraheim also has multiple crafting stations, Stables, and a display of over 50 unique items like Dawnbreaker or Miraak’s Staff.

Hendraheim is unlocked by completing the quest also named Hendraheim, which sends the player a response to a challenge from an unknown warrior. The mail courier starts this quest when the player reaches Level 10.

Gallows . Hall

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Home Guide for Gallows Hall Players

Gallows Hall is a home designed specifically for advertising people as a place where people “both cruel and misunderstood“has been hanged to death. Not only does the house have some useful crafting stations and facilities in a creepy setting, it also has the Bloodworm Helm, Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw and the Staff of Worms – all equipment was once owned by Mannimarco, King of Worms.

Gallows Hall is unlocked by completing the quest titled Dreams of the Dead. This quest begins with the player reading Naraa’s Diary, which can be found in a set of ruins north of Mara’s Eye Pond in Eastmarch, just southwest of Windhelm.


Skyrim Anniversary Player Homes Nchuanthumz

There are few places more dangerous than the ruins of Dwemer, but Nchuanthumz could be closest thing to a safe Dwarf the player’s house in Skyrim. The house can be rebuilt over time by building autonomous robots in its basement who help repair and upgrade the rubble into a habitable space. Finally, it has all the same amenities as any other house, but is housed in a clock and steakhouse.

Nchuanthumz is unlocked by completing the quest The Sanctuary and The Manufactory, which is initiated by reading the Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts magazine in Winterhold. Quests allow the player to rebuild the house over time, though no purchase is required.

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