All games are free on Epic Games Store in July 2021

The Epic game store had an extensive range of free games in July 2021. Launching the “mystery free games” strategy during the June Mega-Sale, the store offered a wide selection of strategy titles and Fascinating puzzle. It also tends to release two games a week, releasing seven games in total in July. Among these are solo developer mini-games, quirky genre mixes, and works from reputable creators totaling over $135.

The Epic game store The free games for July 2021 are all about solving puzzles and complex strategies, often taking on science fiction or military themes. With Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun shutting down the free games in July, it will be interesting to see what the store has to offer in August after such a theme month.

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Spectrum retreat

Epic’s first free game in July is Spectrum retreat. It’s the work of BAFTA-winning developer Dan Smith, who originally released the project in 2018. Three years later, it launched for free on the Epic Games Store, making a big splash for the month. Spectrum retreat takes its protagonist on an intense journey, stretching through intricate and colorful 3D puzzles, striking a tune somewhere in the middle of a Black mirror exercise and Portal 2. It also pushes the boundaries of a puzzle game, while evoking some elements of horror and suspense. All told, this is an extremely ambitious title that shows the bright potential of younger vocalists in the indie development scene.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

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Next Spectrum retreat is already Bridge Builder: The Walking Dead and Gang. This dual release led to a pattern, with the store releasing two free games a week in a row after that. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead combines complex construction conundrums of Bridge franchise with the deadly threat of Zombie’zombie.

The drama is rife with dramatic logistical puzzles that require some time-sensitive thinking. Similarly, that’s exactly what Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead player request. This game forms a solid marriage of two existing franchises and is a fun addition to the Epic’s Free Games Initiative.

It not only managed to bring Bridge a large potential audience, but it also re-contextualizes a huge television production in a new medium, while setting itself apart from other popular mediums. The Walking corpses Game.


Ironcast - Ripstone

Gang Go with Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is one of Epic’s free games for the second week of July. It takes the triple-match mechanics of many puzzle games and combines them with some steampunk aesthetics and a lifelike gameplay format. It also sets expectations for the rest of the month strategy games. However, other strategy games that are free in July never quite match GangUnique blend of genres.

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Obduction - house far away

Myst and Riven are two series that have completely reshaped what is possible in a confusing 3D space. These classic titles are notoriously difficult and extremely catchy, and Arrest is no exception to this rule. Cyan Worlds channel programmer Wild outside In this game, the player is transported through different alien planets to solve difficult puzzles. As such, it also includes significant consequences for their choices, as the player chooses through the classical-era Earth artifacts scattered across these worlds.

The game also boasts VR compatibility, which adds to the immersion. Although some players reacted negatively to the pace of the game, it perfectly emulates the pace of Cyan’s earlier games. So fans of Myst and Riven should definitely take Arrest while it’s still Free on Epic Games Store.

Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company have Civilization IVSoren Johnson’s lead designer tackled a beautifully drawn sci-fi setting. This title features players taking part in the colonization of Mars. It is not surprising that this involves focusing on market competition and strategizing towards the common success of mankind.

Players are expected to make a small profit in the process. Of course, single-player capital hunting among stars can get lonely, so Offworld Trading Company fully equipped with a multiplayer mode supports up to eight different players, ensuring diversity in the experience.

Guns are not normally fired in this RTS game. Instead, economic arsenals are pointed out between factions vying for space dominance. It plays the same way as Survive on Mars, a previously free Epic Games Store title, but focused on economic competition between different corporations and companies.

Defense Grid: The Awakening

EASYefense Grid: The Awakening is one of two free-to-play end-of-game titles in July 2021. Marketing itself as “the ultimate tower defense game”, the title largely fulfills that promise. This game was previously given away for free in Epic Games Store Sale December 2020.

It revolves around activating and repairing the various parts of a failing defense network of a planet with sparse resources. As with most Tower defense game, an invading army is the central threat. A swarm of aliens attacks the player’s planet, and with 15 types of enemies in the game, each encounter is dynamic.


Verdun is interesting in the context of other free-to-play titles from the Epic Games Store in July 2021, as it avoids all similarities with others. Tough problems, abstractions, and complex strategic decisions are replaced by World War II squad FPS. It has a strong focus on historical accuracy with weapons, battlefields, and uniforms from the era. The game features several game modes, including co-op elements, HQ capture game, and “Rifle Deathmatch.”

Arrest and Offworld Trading Company Currently free on the Epic Games Store. Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun will be free starting July 22.

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